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Watersauga, Improved. | Results of Improvements You've Suggested.

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Today is August 24, G.Y. 2

----FIRST, before we begin, let's reply and address to those who commented in our last meeting (Thank you those who did!)----

To Counsellors Samerton and 13orthr:

The problem is, much of the residents (over 100,000) are commuting to the countryside (the Towns of Rexdale and Commercium Bay) industrial parks for job sources, bringing much traffic into the countryside and extensive delay (recall Entry #14). Therefore, Counsellors Raceman95 and _marsh_ have suggested to relocate jobs. As such, some jobs are now relocated back into Old Watersauga proper. How that'll improve traffic, only time will tell and will be certainly covered in a future entry.

The QEW line, built several game years back, is already up and running along the corridor. The line stretches from Downtown Angus Glen, following the QEW, and into Downtown Old Watersauga.

Thanks for your suggestion, a greenbelt has also been invested to minimize environmental damage.

High speed rails have also put into consideration, and is now awaiting approval from the city council.

To Counsellors iowndiscti, CIUU96, and BloodySoap:

As per consensus, in the last meeting, and also in Meeting #5, land reclamation projects have been put aside, and will only be put into place in absolute needs.

Once again, thank you for your input!

Beginning our meeting now:


Remember Meeting 5 (Say NO to Urban Sprawl)? Exactly 6 months (half a year ago), we've asked YOU to suggest changes to the City of Old Watersauga, so we can improve the city, increasing in population and population density, while not doing any harm to the environment and avoid sprawling into the countryside. You've spoken, and we've heard you!

In case you've forgotten (or too lazy to check Meeting 6), we've made the following decisions for the City of Old Watersauga, and it's time to look at the result of your input.

Before improvements:


Figure 1. The City of Watersauga, dated November 2009.

Suggestions you've made 6 months ago:

Elevated Rail: Will be demolished. A subway line will be first built under the current alignment before the demolishment begins to avoid inconvenience for transit users.

Train Capacity Problem: Like we suggested in the last entry, we will add more train stations nearby to divert commuters.

Highway Interchange: Futher debate is needed. Stay tune for future updates, but we are leaning towards keeping the traditional interchange.

Movie Studio: The problem will be set aside until we absolutely need the land.

Heritage communities: Will be kept as per consensus.

Land Reclamation: Some land will eventually be reclaimed. The current project suggests the ocean space just outside Pacific Place and the bay outside of the Humber Community. However, this will be further investigated in the next entries.

Urban Sprawl: Per consensus, yes. We will divide the farmlands into priorities, with the ones closer to the Hurontario and the Rexdale Tertiary Corridor first, then work inwards. The development would last for the next 100 years. Work has been started in parts of the farmlands. More on this later.


Figure 2. The City of Old Watersauga, dated July 2010.

1 Elevated Rail Problem

The major East-West elevated corridor (just north of the QEW By-Pass) has now been demolished. Recently, our regional chair has visited the City of Ottawa in Canada, and therefore, experienced the Transitway. The regional chair has given high ratings to the Transitway, and therefore implemented in the City of Old Watersauga, over the past elevated rail land.


Figure 3. Transitway built on the previous elevated rail track, with designated bus stations and interchanges to subway stations. (Sorry for the graphical glitch of the turn-left lane)


Figure 4. Another part of the transitway, built on the previous elevated rail track. Also with designated bus station and interchange to subway.


Figure 5. Not all parts of the elevated rail has been demolished. The section for connection near the suburb municipality, Angus Glen, is kept, due to lower traffic.

And not all land has been redeveloped over the elevated rail track.





Figure 6a & b. The former elevated rail interchange has been demolished, but until now, nothing has grown or built over it.

2 Train Capacity Problem

We have immense problem in rail capacity, and station service quality, 6 months ago, and today. Now, it is still a major problem waiting to be solved. Anyone has any ideas to solve this?

We've built more rail stations, but we've got this:


Figure 7. 532% of the station's capacity!

Even worse than before:


Figure 8. Station capacity before more train stations were built, at 495% capacity.

As a result, not only stations were clogged, rail lines are also jammed with congestion.


Figure 9. And therefore, we doubled our tracks. But this does not do the job very well. Still, portions of the rail are congested.

Once again, I would ask: Any solutions?

3 Highway Interchanges


Figure 10. Traditional, big interchanges, are still kept in Midtown Old Watersauga, as per consenus in the last meeting.

4 & 5. Movie Studio and Heritage Communities

These facilities / communities are still kept. Unfortunately, our Imagery Department has no pictures of that currently. But you can be ensured that they are kept.

6. Land Reclamation

This is a MAJOR topic of this CJ, rather controversial. But with the opinions we've got in the last meeting, it is best for us to set these project aside. However, during this 6 months, several land reclamation projects have been completed, and became new districts of our city, as follows:


Figure 11. A newly reclaimed piece of land just outside of the historical community of St. Dennis. The new land has been used for high density residential as shown...


Figure 12. ... And also used for medium density residential.

Note that much of these reclaimed lands have relatively flat landscape and a very flat (rather than ragged, natural) shorelines.


Figure 13. A newly reclaimed piece of land just outside of Midtown. The land has been used for a European style of architecture of medium density to high density residential.


Figure 14. Another reclaimed piece of land south of the QEW alignment. Note that it's used for commercial purposes for more job sources.


Figure 15. A sandbar has been constructed, about 1 - 2 km south of the current shoreline. This is the proposed new shoreline of the upcoming, MAJOR reclamation project, proposed to house 100,000 extra residents and more jobs.

However, due to the comments we had recently about land reclamation, this has been put off indefinitely. Is this a good idea?


Figure 16. The new topographical map of the city shows the sandbar. Any land in pale peach colour are pieces of land that are reclaimed. Naturally, the topographical map of the City of Old Watersauga, in terms of land colour, should be GREEN.

7. Urban Sprawl

Not the perfect option out there, but with continuous urban growth, this is inevitable. And as suggested by some of you previously, this is no doubt, the only good option remaining for us.


Figure 17. The two new Simon Towers are built as a part of a new community in the recent sprawl into the farmland. Notice the contrast with the farmland behind.


Figure 18. New urban sprawl communities into the farmland, featuring more high-rise residential developments, to minimize urban sprawling effect. This is all in part of the SMART GROWTH technology that we use.

8 Demographic Data

Finally, we will leave you with the demographic data crunched out by the Census Repository Department (CRD). This will help you to make decisions on behalf of our residents.


Figure 19. Demographic Information for the region (City of Greater Watersauga) and the city proper (City of Old Watersauga). Notice about 90,000 commute out-of-town for work, and 50,000 commute in-town from outside the city. We're trying to change that and balance the two numbers. Already, the number commuting out of town has been reduced by 10,000.


And that's all for the meeting!

Please be on time for our next meeting. You can do that by SUBSCRIBING the journal.

I know I am jumping around between topics, but for your general idea of where are we going next:

NEXT UP: Third-Priority Corridor (Dawson River) >>


The regional chair


We are now online! (Along with other regions of mine). Check out http://gravenhurst.wikia.com

Currently, Watersauga only has 3 articles out of the 146 articles. The other articles are about another region.

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Constructional comments AND answers to the PINK QUESTIONS are appreciated!

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Recommended Comments

To improve the train capacity problem, I'd suggest major station upgrades (custom high capacity rail stations)
Also, I'd triplicate/quadruplicate the lines.

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I would make the lines a triple line with one kept for high speed traffic and the other two for local for example

------------[           ]---------------
------------[           ]---------------
------------------------------------                Both of the    [            ]  s is one high capacity station and the other line might have around 3 stops in a large city.    Also use nam pieces to create viaducts on any roads which are used a lot and create tunnels for the high speed line so that it does not stay in the way.     I would also recommend making stations on the high speed line out of town and creating industrial areas   /  Industrial Parks. I think in the future when intercity transport is being used you can duplicate the high speed lines and create a better subway system to handle the increase in the usage of the local lines.   In my region for example most people use rail to commute in cities as i make subway lines from a housing estate straight to a high speed station and to nowhere else.   Btw use normal rail for the high speed rail.   Also you could the junctions on railways larger so that it can handle more traffic and make lines around the station on your local train lines so that people can bypass the station as it is a frequent problem that sims get off at every station, wait until the next train and get on that one.

I would also reduce rail intersections on your lines which are unnecessary such as the ones on the picture you provided   do something like this

                 /                                          \
-------------------[                    ]-----------------------               I would also recommend making an aritificial square flat island of the coast with beaches and parks on the sides and appartment complexes ( High rises) in the centre with a single monorail line ( as its the fastest) or subway line to connect it to a major interchange station ( Bus train and subway), from where sims can easily commute to different parts of your city... I would also recommend you making a parking lot in your high rise residential areas near transport networks to help sims use them ( such as in my reccomendation about the offshore appartment complex)

Thanks for making such a good CJ its amazing!

However i dont like the tiny buildings next to the skyscraper ( I would advise you to replace it with parks ).

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I am going to make some rather controversial comments here.

The Interurban Station.

Is there the possibility of replacing the whole rail track with subway, or some higher capacity mode of transport?

Additionally to reclamation, YOU SHOULD RECLAIM. Lets take a case study : Singapore. Singapore increased the amount of land it has today by almost two-fifths, which is ALOT. But they managed to keep farms, and etc in the northern area. Well, although maybe citizens of Watersauga may disapprove, that is the way to go for now. Well, if you are worried about your coastline, follow Dubai. Dubai built Palm Jumeirah, Deira and Jebel Ali away from coast. Well, if that is possible, you create the possibility of creating satellite towns in the middle of the sea. However, should you embark this way, do build high-density. Large amount of your land is wasted on medium or low-density areas, which increase your urban sprawl. (Asian cities have large amounts of high-density areas, thus less sprawl more population, whereas North America is just one whole large piece of land filled with low-density areas, but more urban sprawl. You get the idea.)

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i basically agree with what marakh said i have an idea for the rail lines ( i hope this diagram isnt screwy, i never tried 1 b4 ): 

             \                                                                                /         \
               \                                                                             /            \
----------]  \    [-------------------------------------------------]   /    [--------------------------
                   \             /                                                          /
                     \          /                            ______                /
---------------------------------------------|             |----------------------------------------------

the Middle line is the regular Heavy Rail, the outer two lines are rails that are more commuter friendly ( I.E. GLR or BTM or HSR) commuters will regularly use the outer lines more simply because it is less congestion, and since the commuters aren't using the Heavy rail line anymore, it will become an industrial route to transport finished goods directly into downtown ( via rail). the box at the bottom is a station the  /// and \\\ lines are transitional rail pieces while the ] and [ are tunnels. with very few transitions on the heavy rail its congestion will drop considerably.
 you can use this (  http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=14406 )to service all three lines at once
also addressing the congestion concern.

i see that problem alot in big cities who are commuter train dependent. i think your problem is that you dont have a station big enough to support your population.

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I think that for the Interurban Station problem we need to build a very large transit hub for rail, the new Transitway and any subway systems or any other type of transit, or maybe just even a very large rail station like the one iowndiscti mentioned. About the rail congestion issue: If we just upgraded both tracks to HSR which has a high capacity and has fast transit times, or just use the layouts mentioned in the above posts.

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@iowndisciti     The problem with Charing Cross station is that it is one way which means it is mostly used as a terminus in the centre of town from where people can commute to the centre. This is traffic in rural areas where you wouldnt want a massive station spoiling the looks of the countryside.    Also the origianal maxis trainstation only has a capacity of 2000  ???    which is useless in commuting. I would recommend a station from the rural stations pack  .  (Forgot the link)         Also these stations would fit in to the countryside.

Also i think that  the centre line should be a fast rail ( HSR )  and the other two lines being two normal rails or 1 normal and 1 tram.  Normally the fastest trains take the centre rails so as not to interfere with the platforms. Also i would only recommend placing HSR stops in rural areas very sparsely because otherwise the whole point of it being a through rail which can travel at high speeds to go through stations that dont have the priority and usage to be able to use it efficiently. Therefore the HSR should only be used in cities and towns on a main rail line

@Samerton.    seeing that the picture of the problem is in the rural areas a large transit station with subways wouldnt look very eye pleasing would it.    I  also dislike HSR due to the lack of flexibility and the choice of stations. HSR is only used efficiently in intercity commuting. Not for rural commuting.

Btw sorry for being so harsh but making so many interchanges for each trainstaion is a bit pointless and also  making realistic tunnels on a rail line take a lot of time. Using the slope mod which i use(which is really realistic- i think its ennedi's)  it takes around 10-15 tile spaces for a train to go down 15 metres ( sunken  ) which would make each stations interchanges extremely large.

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Oh    @tingmelvin.  having subways in rural areas are costly and also i would advise not having things like dubai in a city like this firstly because sim city has a grid system the islands would not look pleasing at all, and they are expensive to maintain bridges or tunnels to and from these islands. However islands very close to land with has efficient planning might be able to produce a cost effective was to produce homes in a commutable distance from the cities commerical and industrial sectors

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Well first i would like to say: Ty for letting me on the committe. Im honored.

  1.   First you may want to invest in bigger stations.
  2.   LESS switches and MORE rail lines.
  3.   I suggest starting to use Road Top Mass Transit (I can supply links if needed, also im part of the team)
  4.   Make rail connections to suburbs (if any are present)
  5.   Also put more bus stations, subways stations, and u can even do underground rail if needed.
  6.   Most likely sims are using the rail BECAUSE of road congestion. 
  7.   I suggest u make more BIGGER and HIGHER-CAPACITY stations u could even do Multi-Transit Stations. This will also reduce congestion on rail.


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Well that's the downside of Simcity. Unless you'd would want a palm shaped island (the crown prince is mad), then a nicely terraformed island is just alright.

Ah, subway. Of course subway is rather expensive. Is it possible to build a monorail into the rural area and link it with high-capacity train stations you can get on STEX instead?

I don't really know what to say, the people have to commute from one end to another. Is it possible to get them out of the rural area to move into the urbanized areas? After all, it is rather tedious for them to travel two ends of the corridor for work and back home.

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Well that's the downside of Simcity. Unless you'd would want a palm shaped island (the crown prince is mad), then a nicely terraformed island is just alright.

Ah, subway. Of course subway is rather expensive. Is it possible to build a monorail into the rural area and link it with high-capacity train stations you can get on STEX instead?

I don't really know what to say, the people have to commute from one end to another. Is it possible to get them out of the rural area to move into the urbanized areas? After all, it is rather tedious for them to travel two ends of the corridor for work and back home.

I don't know if I'm double posting now, but I'd would just like to add on something. You say you'd build more rail stations. This is the point. Yesterday I chanced upon Omnibus, and they said something about if you have 5 stations A,B,C,D and E, and people all get off at E, if you build F inbetween lets say B and C, you would not lessen the load, but actually increase the capacity of people going to E, if they intend to.

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Demolish the rails and build monerails.they go faster and are more effitiont.But they cost more to build but to fix tat proplem get the money tree.

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