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  1. Commute Time Issues

    I found the patch z put out. It seems I can't use this patch on my old cities with the problem. Thanks for your help though!
  2. Commute Time Issues

    It did reappear actually. I zoned a new community and they all became zots as well.
  3. Hey! So I recently started a new region and installed NAM 32 (I uninstalled my NAM 31 so I could have a fresh install). After starting up cities in the new region I began to notice the ugly "no briefcase sign" and abandoned buildings. This is extremely uncommon for me. I began to try to install a bus network to see if it could alleviate some of the commute time but it unfortunately did not. I also made sure that there were enough jobs spread out throughout the city. For example in the city I am going to show you, there are around 40,000 residents with 60,000 commercial jobs and 10,000 industrial jobs. Any idea what could be the issue? Could it be an error with CAM? Thanks http://imgur.com/JyHcy0J http://imgur.com/AF7ZaZI
  4. I forget what the application was called but it took all the plugins and compressed it into a single file.
  5. How to un-install SC4 patch?

    I was just doing some de-bugging and I have found out that it wasn't the patch that was causing the problem at all. The problem was the euro road texture mod by SFBT I downloaded recently from sc4 devotion. Thanks everybody for the suggestions and everything it is greatly appreciated!
  6. How to un-install SC4 patch?

    My machine's specs are: AMD Phenom 9600 quad core EVGA 9500GT Graphics Card 4gb DDR2 Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit Sounds fine. Have you played on this machine before? How much virtual space do you have? with four cores, I would like 8 GB for the swap file. With that huge machine, what else was running? Some virus checkers have been known to kill the game. Nothing else was running, I have been playing on this machine for 3 months and nothing like this has happened. After I installed the patch it gave me this error. Also this is my properties for the game: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps\SimCity 4.exe" -CustomResolution:enabled -r1920x1080x32 -CPUCount:4 -CPUPriority:high into the file extension
  7. How to un-install SC4 patch?

    My machine's specs are: AMD Phenom 9600 quad core EVGA 9500GT Graphics Card 4gb DDR2 Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit
  8. This is just shock and awe. I have been trying so hard to make American suburbia but this, this is amazing!
  9. Hey everybody! I was wondering how you un-install the patch at Simcity.com http://simcity.ea.com/update/index_update.php?product=EP1&x=31&y=16 .After I installed this patch, the game started to give me a lot of graphical errors such as smudging smearing etc. Thanks!
  10. aTx_NationalArtCenter

    Looks pretty good nice job!
  11. Nekita Growth of a New Township

    There is good news. Nekita has now began construction. The road system has almost complete. The new highway system. has began with a main junction leading to Sparto Centra. Sparto Centra will also begin transformation as a result. Sparto Centra will become the main hub of all transportation. These are some pictures of Nekita. This is the main junction for Nekita. South leads to a new future industrial city, east leads to Sparto Centra, North leads to the Gromgoring basin and east leads to the township of Nekita. This is the other side of Nekita. This area will contain most of the residentials areas. This is the interchange leading North and South. This is the entire area of Nekita. This is the perfect to build the first true suburb. Now we will expand and we will come out stronger because this is ..... SPARTA!
  12. Introduction

     I love that downtown.
  13. Sparto Centra Grows

    Sparto Centra has grown expotentially. It now has a population of 30,000 people! The city is becoming more and more crowded and the land is being bought at such a fast rate. Trinity has made the first commercial skyscraper in the region. It stands as a symbol of their power and might. There is an estimated 100,000 extra people who are settling near Sparto Centra. This means Sparto Centra could become a commercial center. Here are some pictures of the on going progress: As you can see, streets are tried being made evenly. This is Town Hall Lane and Town Hall business center. This is Princesa Medical Center. This is Tower Group 1. Most of the Sparto's electricity is produced by wind power. The entire area of Sparto Centra. This is the industrial center. It is still under construction. A beautiful community surronded by a man-made stream. This is the governmental house where discussions are kept and high court cases are held.
  14. The New Government

    The government has changed. It was once a republic but due to the lack of power to the executive office, the republic became a constitutional monarchy. This is how it revolves: Governing Head (King) Executive Office (elected every 20 years can override head of state powers) Head of State(Senator) Legislative Branch, Common Branch (The lower middle class branch) Head of State(Senator) Legislative, Wealth Branch (The high middle class and the high class) Each Senator is chosen by an electoral body. The electoral body is chosen by the House of Greenush, which include 25 representatives from each city/region. Due to the fact that the empire is only one city strong, the 25 representatives will have to chose a political party. The house is elected by the people. Each party than nominates a two senators to run for both offices. Then senators will be chosen by the people. The king has a passed down crown which means it goes to his oldest son/daughter. If the king cannot do his duty, the Senators can overthrow him and call for an emergency election ,where both parties pick a noble family trustworthy of the job. Official Language Latina-Anglais (A mix of English, French and Latin) Official Relgion None freedom of relgion A new flag as also come as a result of the collapse of our empire: