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BAYWATCH - Summer Re-Run Series #1

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Schulmania's summer re-run series continues with Baywatch, a Monkey Island production... original airdate 2007.12.04... ENJOY!

Baywatch: Monkey Island



Welcome to the series premiere!

At Chimpania Beach, highly trained and highly toned lifeguards protect the many happy beachgoers who flock to the resort town on the southern end of Monkey Bay. These nubile young professionals can provide CPR, run in slow motion along the beach, or even provide melodrama. That's multi-talented!


Baywatch is located right off of the Monkey Island Expressway, Exit 1, in Chimpania. Monkey Bay is a safer and better place thanks to these monkeys!


At Baywatch Headquarters, lead lifeguard Bob Boon is sending three personal watercraft out into the bay to patrol for sharks, look for swimmers in danger, and to look cool. Let's pause for a moment to enjoy a musical montage of then cutting through waves and jetting across the water... ... ... ahhh, now wasn't that cool?

Let's see what's happening along the beachfront. Surely no bad guys are up to no good! Though it has been rumored that a splinter group of the Australopithecus Liberation Army might be trying to set up a base camp on one of the outlying islands. Be sure to look for signs of trouble on your patrols!


Everything seems quiet over at Tarzan Resort. Its popular pool attracts monkeys of all ages. So far, so good!

Further up the coast, Monkella sees a young monkey struggling in the surf near the Palm Plaza! She veers off and heads straight over there, wind blowing through her hair, rock music in the background as she races up in slow motion, running through the small waves, ready to scoop up the little orangutan and bring him to safety.


Where the dramatic scene took place...

But, over by the Vista de los Monos luxury hotel, the same baby orangutan got pulled under the water. Luckily, Monkella was nearby and rescued him again!


The baby orangutan's parents were very grateful. They promised they would stick to the amusement park after the latest near-drowning. Monkella ran back into the water in slow motion to the background music of electric guitars and synthesizers. Another dramatic rescue for Baywatch!

Meanwhile, Bob Boon and Bonobo Jones have jet-skied over to Primate Port, the floating entertainment center of Chimpania.


No one was in any danger, so they did cool moves on the jet skis and strutted for the admiring crowd. One young monkey was trying to run in slow motion like his Baywatch heroes. He did not quite have the technique down - but the handsome lifeguards gave him 2 non-opposable thumbs up before they jetted off.

Over here...


...it may look peaceful, but many Baywatch script writers are hard at work lifting plot elements from Scooby Doo for future Baywatch episodes. And, it is not because of the Hollywood writer's strike - that's the usual plan of action for Baywatch writers!

At lunch, Bob Boon, Monkella Gibbons and guest star Monk L. Hastlehoph venture off the golden sand and up by the Tamarin Terrace Inn.


The show's regulars run up the beach in slow motion (as usual, to a synthesizer and electric guitar riff) while the guest star meanders over to another, more lively, area of the beachfront for refreshment.


Sure hope the Hard Rock does not have karaoke today! (Insert shudder here)

As the show cuts to a commercial break, let's head back to the hotel to relax. And, perhaps, watch some Scooby Doo so we can get ideas for future Baywatch plots as well!


Until then, may we all run in slow motion along the beach in safety and glamour until we meet again!

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Very nice! The Baywatch (now with monkeys) looks great!
How did you get your beach to conform so nicely with the water? It couldn't be beachbits...

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Guibanez_   Thanks. I am glad you enjoyed this special summer re-run update. And, welcome back to Schulmania.


Leech10   It was from long ago, when Monkey Island got its first OSITM in Dec ’07. I thought I would pull these out because I enjoyed them and let them see the light of day here.


Simbourgeouis   Merci beaucoup! I am glad you liked this update and welcome to Volume 3!


Sgt Pepper   Thanks! I am glad you liked this special update.


ImVhOzzi   LOL! And that’s just the script writers!


Citiesxlfan42   Thanks for coming by. I used the ploppable beach pieces that are waaaay old. I am not sure if I got them from the STEX of Maxis’ site. They show up right some times and others mess up the shoreline. So, if they mess up, I bulldoze and replace before taking pictures. They work ~75% of the time correctly.


Hester   Moi Aussi!


ImVhOzzi   Moi aussi de nouveau!




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