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Gentrify Lockheart!

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Lordmungus: Thanks for voting! And its great to see that the downtown area is developing nicely.


TekindusT: Thanks for voting! And will do, I may even put one between them


Schulmanator: Thanks for your comment, and hopefully you will find out soon enough!


OsakaHugger: I hope the list I sent you was good enough, PM if you would like to ask about anything more specific


Simcitymasterman: Hahaha, I’ll think about having a New Years party in my CJ, probably will. Thanks for voting too!


AngelOne: Thanks for voting! Glad to see a lot of interest in my new CJ.


TomMcityfan2: Thanks for your vote! Hopefully I’ll see you around!


In Other News: the proposition to build a new Tram Line has passed with an overwhelming majority, and the project is scheduled to be started within the next month. Projected completion time is set within one year.



Since the Le Grande Hotel was such a luxurious one, I took my time in checking out. I slept in on their nice beds, and had a large Brunch. So, when it finally came time that I left, it was already past 12pm.




It was a short walk to the nearest Train station, which connected Lockheart and LexingtonBay. The tracks terminated in upper LexingtonBay, because they were too high up to go down and meet the tracks in DowntownLexingtonBay.




It was a rather small station, and I heard that the Regional planning authority had plans buried around in one of their file cabinets to upgrade the station into a proper terminus. I only had to wait 15 minutes until the next train arrived, and by one in the afternoon, I was off to Lockheart.




Of course, as the train left LexingtonBay and entered Lockheart, the sky turned from a bright blue to a darker, murkier brown. There were factories on each side of the tracks, ranging anywhere from Woodworks to Plastics production. These factories stretched as far as the eye could see, and It wasn’t until some time later that the sky cleared again and I could see some sort of blue.




When the train finally got out of the industrial district, I noticed that things in Lockheart have changed dramatically, beginning with the missing sawmill that used to be the center of Lockheart, and new neighborhoods of very nice houses.




In fact, when the train arrived at the station, there were an innumerable amount of different things! On one side, high-tech industry had developed, and on the other, Parks and high-end businesses were selling expensive….well…things. Seeing that Lockheart was still a small town, the mayor had invited me to see him, so he could tell me about Lockheart. So I headed down to the town hall. (Which was also new)




It was a short walk to town hall, and when I got to the second floor the mayor greeted me heartily, grabbed his suitcase, and told me we were going to tour the city. I asked him about the town hall, and he said it was built just a few months ago, based on Eastern-European civic buildings. I thought it blended in very well.




Outside town hall, the mayor had two bikes waiting (wait? The Mayor bikes?). He hopped on one and, as perplexed as I was, I hopped on the other one. We rode down to the EscherIndustrial Park, and the mayor explained to me that he was trying to “Gentrify” the entire city, basically. He explained that he was enticing more high-tech industries, as well as making the area more desirable to high-wealth people, by using the dirty industry taxes to create a larger health and education network.




We rode past EscherIndustrial Park and into what the mayor called ‘the ritziest neighborhood inland’, or, the richest place that’s not coastal. Here, Managers and Owners of the various industries that dot Lockheart have houses and live happily, far away from the smog of Northern Lockheart. The mayor told me that a local group of citizens paid the city to have the streets repaved with brick. The little neighborhood was nestled in the hills, with only one way in, so we went back through Escher industrial park and made our way to a neighborhood a little closer to the industries of Northern Lockheart.




The middle-class neighborhoods of Lockheart sit just high enough above Northern Lockheart that none of the smog blows their way. However, if you look into the valley, you can see a brown layer of smog that covers the sky. The mayor explained that he wanted to make these places as attractive as he could, so that eventually residents moving in would push out all the dirty industry that has accumulated in the city.


We biked down to a local coffee shop, and the mayor opened his briefcase and showed me a photo of a small neighborhood in Eastern Lockheart.




Since we could’nt bike on the highway, the mayor told me that even this small neighborhood, which used to be neglected and low-class, was now beginning to see some richer development, and mayor has ordered 3 parks be built to make the area more attractive.



(Initial Proposal)


The mayor pulled out another photo, and told me he wanted to link the small neighborhood with the rest of Lockheart, as well as giving more room to new residents moving in. He said that he is going to propose to the council a development of the area between Lockheart and its satellite neighborhood. He said this will help raise desirability, bring in new residents, and he can allow the logging companies to take the wood in the area. He said his major opposition is going to come from environmentalists, and from people that fear the new development won’t bring rich residents.



(Alternate Proposal)


He also showed me a photo of an alternative plan that he will present to the council, so that if they do not like one of them, then they can vote for the other one. This plan, he said, consisted of rezoning the purple zones to allow taller commercial buildings to go up, upgrading the street highlighted in green to a road, and moving the existing church, highlighted in orange, to a new location in one of the other neighborhoods.


This is where you can Vote!

The Mayor has presented various proposals in front of the city council, and the council has merged them into one vote. There are 4 options:


A)    Build the Initial Proposal. New places for residents means more higher-wealth workers, which means more high-paying and low-polluting jobs! (Pictured as “Initial Proposal”)

B)    Build the Alternate Proposal. New businesses attract their own residents, and help make the area look richer! The Purple will be converted to taller commercial zoning, the church in orange would be moved, and the street highlighted in green would be upgraded to a road. (Pictured as “Alternate Proposal”)

C)    Don’t build either one. The money can be saved for some other time.

D)    Build Both! The city does not have enough money to complete both, however they can merge the two proposals and hopefully have the best of both worlds. This may delay construction time due to politicians bickering over what to merge in and what to throw out.  


The afternoon was turning into evening, so I rode back to Town Hall with the mayor and bid him goodbye. My hotel was just a few blocks away, so I went to check in.




I checked in at “The Cubic” hotel, recently built in a modernist style. After checking in, I went to go get some dinner. Tomorrow, I was going to visit Trenton, and I would spend a few days there, since I haven’t seen the place in a while.



Pardon me for such a short and rather bland update, but I've spent the entire week attempting to return my computer to normal, after parts of my motherboard got fried and I had to reinstall Windows XP. However! The next update will be much larger, and on Trenton! Hope you all have a good week!
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Option B. But the church is fine where it is. They could even build a bigger one. Always nice to keep a licely and diverse streetscape.

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 CTMandR, I forgot to ask you where you got the city hall? It is legit and I could seriously use it     

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