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Lexington Bay and The Office Invasion

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TekindusT: Thank you, Congratulations on your Trixie too! Also, thank you for giving your opinion on my CJ!

lordmungus: Thank you for your input! I never quite realized how important the landsacape and natural areas of my CJ mattered, I think it has become clear though, after these last few updates!

AngelOne: Thank you for your input! I am in the process of trying to fix the loop, but I think a lot of the residents that moved in are here to stay.

simcitymasterman: Thanks for your input! option C is one I am seriously considering as well, it would be nice to have update this CJ every once in a while.

k50dude: Thanks for your input! I like the idea of keeping this updated until I can start my next one.

In Other News: I have decided after much deliberation that I will continue the BrookStone Region, at least until I can start my next CJ. (I've already got the region started off, i'm very excited to introduce it! soon!) I may even continue the BrookStone Region after that, although updates will be much sparser as I will be focusing on my new one. Thanks to all that have followed this CJ and commented! It's also anyones guess how this region will develop in the future.


-Authors Note: I am working hard on trying to Rectify the Eternal Commuter loop, however it seems that these big buildings are here to stay! I think in the next update all the commute things will be ok.

            Early in the morning I checked out of my hotel in New Calgary and made my way across the road to the nearest subway stop. Even though the new high-speed rail line is in place, it still takes some hours to get to LexingtonBay.




The subway took me to the Rail hub, and by the time I was on the train and on my way, the sun had come up over the horizon and was shining into my window.



 (A box? Preposterous! I can't beleive I missed it!)

After a few minutes, I passed by the newest development in Calgary. The area was supposed to be a nice waterfront marina with high-rise condominiums and fancy office buildings, but no developers wanted to construct there, there was little demand in that area, it was all back in New Calgary.




Eventually, the land was sold off to a housing developer, and now the only things that exist are track houses and a half-built marina, along with random apartment complexes. I thought that this area should rebound sometime, if not soon.




After a little while, the train entered Lexington Bay City lines, and I was greeted by a pencil-tower, which I would later find out to be ‘loft seaside condos’. We were nearing the last stop on the line, so I started preparing my luggage….what little luggage I had.




The last stop on the High-Speed rail line was another transit hub, as it was also the end of the line for the slower ground trains, as well as the Western Terminus for LexingtonBay’s Light Rail line. I took my baggage and hopped on the Light Rail…or Tram.




On my way to DowntownLexingtonBay, I passed the Amguard Consulting complex, two buildings built across a plaza. I read in the newspaper that these were completed recently, and were planned to have a skywalk connecting them. However, when construction was nearing completion the skywalk fell, and that part of the project abandoned.




I arrived in DowntownLexingtonBay, and proceeded to try and find city hall. As I was walking around I noticed that the rampant development and expansion has really cut into the hillside, which, along with the development of suburbs, has taken away the last of the ‘small town’ feel of the city. LexingtonBay is no longer a small development nestled away in the hills, it has risen through the ranks and solidified its position as a global economic contender. I find that the magnificent towers contrast the dwindling hillside rather well.


Anyway, back to finding City Hall. Eventually I arrived, and, once again, just in time! I squeezed my way in with some other media people, and the speaker announced that this was the most pressing issue for today, and could not be put off any longer.




This is where you can vote!

Due to the Recent explosion of Commerical Office buildings and large condo's and apartments in Lexington Bay, The city's transit system has been overloaded, and is nearing breaking point. City planners have proposed an expansion of the 2-line route that runs through downtown Lexington Bay, and recommend having the line go to the Eastern residential neighborhood. The expansion will also put 4 tram lines, instead of the traditional 2. The vote is pretty straight forward; Build the line or not?

Also, planners have recommended a phase II, which has yet to be voted on.



Looks like with all the new development, all of LexingtonBay’s transit options are running above capacity. The photos on the chalk board were quite self-explanatory, and I hardly needed to listen to the speaker. Afterwards, I made my up the hillside, and onto the area where LexingtonBay’s Ritziest residents stay.




However, no matter how rich this area is, it’s still amazingly congested. Maybe because the only road through the hills is this one. Regardless, I continued on, and a little while later I noticed that LexingtonBay was starting to attract more high-tech industries.




These industries built themselves into the hillside, and because LexingtonBay and Calgary are growing so much, there seem to be more of them every day. Sooner or later, they may have to go _into_ the hillside….or somewhere else…or something. Eventually, I reached the bottom of the hill, opposite to DowntownLexingtonBay. This neighborhood was where I was going to stay the night. Tomorrow, I’ll be going to Lockheart, as a small stop on my way to Trenton.




My hotel of choice was the prestigious _Le Grande_ Hotel, which housed many of the famous people that went through this area, including….well…I’ll remember sometime later. The hotel itself was very nice, it was situated at one end of the commercial area, and very near some suburbs, which made the hotel a very quiet one, but also very near high-end shops and the like. I checked in and looked out my window just in time to see a huge car crash. I think the city is going to need that new Tram line.



Hope you all have a great New Years! Look forward to a few more BrookStone Region Updates! See you all later!

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