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Update 3: Shopping Terror in The City

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And now, back to the story of Follomer.

Update 3: Shopping Terror In The City

Government Quarter, St. Krist City

The clouds began to disperse over the capital city as the snowfall ceased about an hour ago. The ground within the city was nicely coated in white while the outskirts and outer regions were blanketed. Non of it melted for the current temperature hovered just over 14 degrees F, one of the coldest days on record for the city.


After the attack on St. Krist and the following battle in the city, clean up crews and reconstruction teams went to work on the "New City Center" proposed by Chancellor Tristan and Representative Lerra of the Nekoleeri. Large skyscrapers would be built, replacing smaller structures that were reminders of the bad past. The trees and grass, paved over with plaza's and planted ElmEvergreens. New "Concrete Parks" as they're called were built around the Virgin Shores Embassy building which survived the battle. Now the new City Center is finished, and the citizens of St. Krist can enjoy its many plaza's and casual "hang-outs".


The skies over the city cleared more, letting the crisp, blue sky filter through to the snow on the ground, turning it a bright white. It was a winter wonderland as Chancellor Tristan sat at the large table on the top floor of the building. Tessa just arrived when she came up the lift and walked through the lobby and into the Chancellor's main meeting hall.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Daddy!

Tessa ran, her tail swinging in the air behind as she jumped into her father's waiting arms. He was smiling just as wide as she was.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Sweety! It's so good to see you back. How was your trip state-side?

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Kinda okay. The Governor of Washington was a nice person, kind of gunhoe Pro-American though. It was hard to sit there taking in her going on and on about the war and the American part in the war. Goddess I wanted to smack her.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Hahaha well, I'm glad you didn't or it'd be another 29 Hour War all over again....Tessa I'm glad youre finally home. I worried about you every minute.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: You don't have to worry about me dad, I had my bodyguards. Though I think one of em's accent was Californian...

Tristan chuckled and hugged her once more before taking something out of his pocket. He pulled out a thin, gold card with a bar code on the back and handed it to her.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: I got you a little late Christmas Present. It's a Visa card with about 350 AFDs on it. I know how much you love Willow Place. Thought you could go there with one of your friends on a shopping spree. You've earned it.

Tessa's eyes instantly lit up at the shimmering gold card in her hand and could restrain herself. She lunged into Tristan's chest, her tail flying around behind her.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Oh my gosh thank you dad! You are THE best!

Tristan grinned and gave her a squeeze before patting her mid-wasit.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: Now go on, go have fun. I actually gave your friend Jensa a call, she's waiting for you down in the main lobby.

Tessacat.jpgTessa: Sweet! I wont be gone long dad, I'll be back before dark. I love you!

And then she turned and ran off to the doors and then the lobby. Tristan just stood and smiled at his creation, wondering where the time went.

tristan2.jpgChancellor Tristan: I love you too, Tessa...

Tristan then turned to the large windows showing out over the rest of the government quarter. For the first time in years, his baby sister entered his thoughts.

Willow Place Shopping Center

The walk to Willow Place was short. It was built along with the rest of hte City Center, and was one of the top places to shop, and to lounge around in the food courts or plazas. Tessa arrived with her friend Jensa. Jensa has been Tessa's friend for about a few months now. Ever since they met, they got along great, and Jensa, being full Human always envied Tessa for her ears, thinking they were, and I quote, "Totally kawaii".

jensa.pngJensa: Can't believe your dad gave you that much money to spend. Well, I mean he IS the Chancellor, I'll give him that, but still, $350 at once?

Tessacat.jpgTessa: I know right? I'll be sure to get him something really nice as a thank-you.

Tessa and Jensa walked off into the shopping center, heading to one of the several shops to go looking for something for Tessa's dad. The crowd inside was noisy, but no amount of ambient noise of the people could block out the loud thump-thump-thump of twin rotor blades.


The next sound however did over-come the noise of the crowd. It was the screaming and gunshots that came after.

Within seconds, people started to die.


Next Story Update: Return of Terrorism

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Pitching us right into the blood and guts, I see.  :P  You're just evil to your characters.  How do you sleep at night?  Wait a minute...  :P


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