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The Eternal Commuter Loop

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Shulmanator: Thanks for the comment!

Stef42: Thanks for your comment! I hope you stick around, at least until I can get things sorted out!

AngelOne: Thank you for your comment! I'll consider it when I can finish sorting things out and getting back to playing, but I was only on the line about "Natural Growth". This CJ was never really intended to follow strict guidelines, I just take peoples suggestions! Also, thanks for voting!

V_ware: Thanks for your comment! I'll definitely consider that when I work on my cities.

k50dude: I never really counted, I think the cash tags were to better gauge which option would be better, because it was a little more specific than "a lot of money" or "a bit of money". However, thanks for your vote!

simcitymasterman: Thanks for your vote! I have been considering making a ski resort, however I'll have to find a good space.

In Other News: With an overwhelming majority, the council has voted to execute a complete overhaul of the area. However, construction has not been scheduled due to a recent discovery, and the project does not have a definitive due date.


Good day! or, evening to those of you reading after 12:00! Unfortunately, shortly after the previous update, I discovered that my region has gotten an odd muation of the dreaded Eternal Commuter Loop! Dun dun dunnnnn!!!! For those of you who don't know what the commuter loop is, its where commuters will go out of a city, to look for work, however in the city they go to, it is simply easier to go to the next city to look for work, and so on and so forth, therefore, after a while, people will go from City A -> City B -> City C -> City D -> City A, never finding work!

The commuter loop does not have any know fixes, and causes tremendous traffic problems since  you get commuters going through roads two, three, even four times at once! it also creates a false sense of work, so that new residents move in when there really is no work to have! So, this is why I experienced dreadfully slow development, followed by booming skyscrapers and massive amounts of traffic, it was because a loop was started, and created an artificial bubble of work.

Even worse, the loop has been lingering in one city for quite a time, and has only recently spread to other cities. At this point, every single tile in my region has the commuter loop or a mutation of it, excluding Jeffory and Karling. This is terrible, since I will have to break the loop in every tile I enter, and I don't know how that will effect the local economy, or any neighbor deals, or any side effects.

For those of you who want to read a little more on the commuter loop, I found a thread in the forums Here.

I found out about this a little while ago, and was nearly about to give up, however, being nominated for a Trixie was really great, and I have gained interest once again in The BrookStone Region. Thank you to all that nominated me for a Trixie! I never thought I could be rewarded with one!

However, that does bring up a new question: Should I continue this CJ? Which is where you, the trusty reader, can have a say!

A) Discontinue the BrookStone Region, and start another CJ.

B) Continue the BrookStone Region, and fix the eternal commuter loop. Like nothing ever happened!

C) Continue the BrookStone Region, and start another CJ! Though, doing two CJ's may slow down updates.

once again, I would like to thank everyone that has read this CJ, and nominated me for a trixie! I hope we can continue to follow our journalists footsteps around The BrookStone Region, if only I can fix the Commuter Loop! As well, this is such a big decision I simply cannot leave my readers out of it!

Have a good day/evening everyone!

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Recommended Comments

I know I have never commented this CJ, but first of all, congrats for your Trixie! I don't really follow many CJs, but if you keep your work; I'll stick on yours! I think you should keep going with this CJ but it's all about your feelings with the region...

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I guess continuing the region would just mean that more and more buildings are built thus slowly ruining the landscape. It regrets me to say this but ending the cj would be the best option for brookstone. Well done for your trixie award and I look forward to another cj from you. All good things come to an end, as they say. So if you haven`t figured out I choose option C.

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Congratulations on your Trixie.  I read the linked thred and your situition does not seem hopeless.  I am confident that, with some patience and rumination, you will find a solution.  I vote for option B.    

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hmmmmmm, i love bridgestone so not a, lets see, b would be good but it would be allitle wacked out, and i think you could do a great job with another cj, so ultimantly C is my anwser would love to see whatelse you can come up with, but i dont want bridgestone to end

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Do A, unfortunatley (I love this CJ!) but keep updating this until you make the first update with the new one! 

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