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Tavlon, The Recovery

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lordmungus: Thanks for your vote! I also think there aren't enough rec facilities in BrookStone. Also, one vote for C!

Schulmanator: Thanks for your comment! Quite an honor to have someone of  your stature visit my CJ! And I'm glad my roads could make the top of a "most likely to swerve" list 3.gif

simcitymasterman: Thanks for your vote! Thats one vote for D!

Paul5: Thanks for you comment and vote! Thats one vote for B!

k50dude: Thanks for your comment, its kinda like my way of keeping this CJ interesting. Also, thanks for you vote! I'll split it up, like you said, and say two for D on red, and two for B on yellow!

Anarcho-X: Thanks for your comments once again! Its really great to see that you can always find great things in my updates 2.gif. hehe, win, hehe, brings back memories. Also, thanks for voting! thats two votes for B!

In Other News: After an extremely close vote, the council has decided to create a regional park and campgrounds of space A, and develop space B. Thanks for all who voted! Construction does not have a scheduled completion date, so the time it takes for this to get built is indefinite.


I got off the train at Valencia, and started going by bus again. Valencia was much the same as the last time I was there, so I gave myself a break and took a nap for a little while.




However, the moment I entered into Tavlon, I realized something was different. It was… oh so slightly hazy, a sort of…heavy fog.




I found out why soon enough. Tavlon had developed quite a range of dirty industries, one of the most notable being “Jason’s Diesel generator testing”.




I got off at the next stop, and walked down to the mayor’s house. He was gonna show me around town again, give me a little personal tour, since I was going to write an article for the newspaper specifically about Tavlon. (I wonder how many of you readers forgot we were following a journalist, hm? Haha! I sorta did myself)




First, the mayor showed me what he said was the richest part of the city. It was a slim block of high-wealth houses. He said there used to be a whole neighborhood like this, but they have since moved out.




Then, he took me about 2 blocks down past his own house, and showed me why all the high-wealth residents were moving out. It appeared that all of the high-tech industry of the city was moving out, and some more low-tech industrial plants were moving in their place. The mayor and his council were still confused as to why this was happening. The mayor was glad, however, of one high-tech company that decided to stay.




LEDPro, an LED-manufacturing company, was one of the large High-tech companies left, mainly due to the convenient location for resources. The mayor said things only got worse once one arrived at New Tavlon, and we hopped on one of Tavlon’s new trams.




We went up the hill, and on the ride there the mayor told me that the city recently renovated this route, and managed to integrate the tram into the road. He told me they had to do this because otherwise retaining walls would be needed, to combat landslides. With the tram integrated, they could allow a more shallow slope, decreasing the chance of landslides.




Soon, we arrived at the top, and I realized just how bleak the situation for Tavlon was. Despite the new tram system and new parks, slum-like apartments had been built, there were smokestacks on the hill above, and trash was piling up in the streets.




I asked the mayor why there was so much trash, and he explained to me that there was no flat land to create landfill with, and the residents are opposed to an incinerator. The only option was to ship trash out of the city. However, Valencia is too small to have a waste disposal center, and so it Quentin. The only option is to send it to Calgary. This is where the next problem arises, Calgary already takes trash from LexingtonBay and Lockheart, so they are running out of ships and trains to send trash away with. The bottom line is that Tavlon can only afford to send Some of its trash out, and the rest is left within the city. The mayor says it’s a quickly escalating problem, and contributes to the poor state of the city.




The mayor took me up another hill, and showed me Tavlon’s industrial sector. I was nearly choking on the air, so I decided to hang out in the tram.




The mayor told me he and his council deemed that this was one of the prime reasons for Tavlon’s overall poverty. He also told me that they found out this is the economic foundation of Tavlon. That’s where all of their problems originate from. They can’t exactly encourage industrial development, because it will eventually lead to the implosion of the city, from residents moving out. However, they also cannot destroy the industrial sector, because it too will lead to residents moving out, form lack of work. The mayor said that they must isolate the sector, or Gentrify the area as a whole.




This is where the council is voting on. There are multiple options, all of which will do the same thing, although some might do it better, and that is what is they are voting on. The mayor showed me an overview of New Tavlon, and I bid him goodbye, and good luck, I had to go to another city to spend the night.


This is where you can vote! 

The council is deciding on what method it should use to improve the conditions of the city. The council can only carry out one of these, however, it may have the funds to carry out option A as well as any other one. It is up to you, the public, to decide what improves the city!


Option A:

Ship all of the trash out to Calgary. This is quite a large task, as it involves politcial obstacles as well as monetary ones. The council and mayor would have to convice Calgary to take trash into the city, as well as fund more trains to ship it out. However, it may be one of the most effective strategies as well.


Option B:
Install a network of Algae houses (pictured above) You might have seen these before installed in Calgary, and now their back! Installing a network of these around slums and industrial sectors will dramatically reduce pollution, and encourage higher wealth businesses and residents to move in! However, this is a costly option.


Option C:

Grow trees. Just like Option B, except far cheaper! Planting trees around slums and industrial sectors decrease pollution and raise desirability, however the major drawback is that they cannot proliferate into the neighborhoods, creating pockets of pollution.


Option D: 

Entice higher wealth factories by creating plazas and tax breaks for them. This one is a cheap proposition, but is also more likely to fail. Without an educated public, high-tech factories may not want to move in, despite incentives.


Option E:

Introduce higher education to Tavlon. doing this takes up valuable real estate, but also is very likely to attract rich businesses and residents. It is in the middle of the cost spectrum, as well.

I took another bus out of the city, and into Calgary. This is where I would spend the night, and the next few days, I would participate as one of the councilmembers!

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Recommended Comments

Few things:

First of all, I've noticed that your Tram/Light Rail doesn't have any nice stations on the roads! Perhaps download this: I just figured out how it will work, so I can help.

Secondly, I really like the story. Keep it up 

Third, I vote for D. If it fails, increase health care, or option E!

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Congratulations for your 10,700 views!
Your view count just keeps exploding and you deserve it because you're CJ unbeatable.

My vote goes to option E. It's the most efficient way to have a prosperous economy in your city.
Of course, you also have to find a way to get rid of the garbage, maybe a local disposal center.

I strongly disapprove 1999mnfr's idea.
The goal of this CJ is to show the development of a realistic region.
A money tree is way too far from reality to consider putting it in BrookStone.

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I also vote for E and B.  Ultimately, an educated workforce will lead to higher salaries, which means more desirable industries and wealthier residents moving in.

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o u should put a poltergiest manor(peg) in one of your cities, the all find it as a nice one but then in october all the ghosts come and the ghosts where the ones whos ship crashed way up on that mountain but the house just appered there to, all spooky

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