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Quentin & Gertmond

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lordmungus: Hey, thanks for your comment! I really like that Idea actually... *Tinkers around a little with the HSRP mod* hey, thats looking good...I might just do it...you'll have to wait and see! 3.gif

dimipol006: Thanks for your comment! hope too see you again!

panoz360xbox: Ah! you've discovered my secret plan! foiled again! Haha, actually, thats the only unfinished tile (No trees) I haven't gotten around to completing it, but I mgiht just keep that plain there. 2.gif

simcitymasterman: Thanks for you comment!

k50dude: Thanks the PCC Tram, found Here. Also, thanks for your comment, hope you continue to follow my CJ!

Anarcho-X: Haha, thank you very much for your comment, I always await them when I update. I'm glad many people think highly of my maps as well!

Paul5: Thanks for commenting!

naftixe: Thanks for commenting! I think you'll like how Lexington Bay and Trenton are going to turn out, they sound a lot like when your describing.

and now, the feature presentation!


The tram ride back was uneventful, however after the line ended, I had to board a bus (maybe I should think about renting a car) and started towards Quentin. Soon, we were headed into the mountains, and the road got steep.




After around 45mins of riding, I encountered civilization. But this was new, it seemed to be a settlement on the edge of QuentinCity lines, however I didn’t want to waste time to get off, so I only saw a small bit of it.




As the bus continued, we passed over a creek and a couple of shops passed by.




However, these were an odd bunch of shops, because they seemed to be in the middle of nowhere! Well, no matter, there must be some sort of traffic around here. Farther down, a small grouping of houses appeared.




They looked so…desolate, compared to where I was just a sly hour ago, in Trenton. Up on a hill near them was another small creek i've never seen before! It merged with the one I passed over as well, I can't believe I missed it the last time I was here.


Soon after the houses, I past Quentin city lines, and a small sign that said “Gertmond” passed by.




Now all those small development in Quentin made sense, they were all because the developments in Gertmond were expanding too quickly, and people had to live outside the city!




Farming certainly seems to have become a big part of the city, as a saw a whole lot of farms suddenly appear. I hopped off at the next stop and went to take a little ‘self-tour’ of the area.




Wheat and peanuts seemed to be the most prevalent crops, although there were some corn and flower farms present.




For a place like this, the houses looked real nice!




I walked down the road a little, and then loomed in front of me an impressive sight. Two massive wind turbines, each at least 70ft tall. These were truly behemoths, and they looked as if they could supply power to the entire area! There were many rural streets about, so I decided to turn down one.




Off the main road, sounds died down and things got greener and more peaceful. I passed by a culvert, and suddenly felt very calm, after the excitement of seeing the turbines.




I walked out of a grove of trees, and saw a pond. It was so pristine as well! I had a pressing urge to swim in the waters, which looked extremely crisp and refreshing (Like coca-cola, you know?). However, I resisted the urge, and turned back towards the main road, where I caught another bus into town.




I stopped by in town, and there were many general stores, along with some houses. This area didn’t look so different from when I last saw it, so I decided to keep walking.




Just outside the town center, I saw this great road going down into the larger city. I stood on my toes and took the photo above, and I think it came out quite well!




I went down the road, and it was then I saw the other side (literally) of Gertmond. It brought back memories of Lockheart. Many, many factories, although there were a few modernistic ones, there were still too many, enough to clog up the air.




There was so much smog and pollution that Gertmond put in a water treatment plant-the first in the entire region. Near the treatment plant, there was the council building, I stepped in, and after a small conversation found out that Gertmond had allowed a company to open a second open pit Iron mine, which in turn led to more smelting facilities, which led to more manufacturing facilities. The growth was so rapid that the mayor couldn’t pass zoning laws fast enough, and much of flat land in Gertmond was taken up by farms or factories.




It was a rather unfortunate fate for Gertmond, but I must admit the farms looked beautiful. While I was in the building, I got a see an overview of Gertmond as it is now. Apparently the mayor offers incentives for businesses that build up instead of out. Also while I was there, I saw a new proposal that the mayor put up.



This is where you can Vote!

The mayor has put up a proposal on what to do with the remaining developable space. He wants the input of the city, so he has put up 4 options. The red indicates areas in demand, and yellow indicates areas that can be developed.

A: Don't develop the area, its great in its natural form!

B: Develop it, it'll be great for the economy, and the budget!

C:Create some parks! maybe even a pond, that'll be a great stress reliever for the entire city!

D:Create a regional park. A campsite and a ranger station would fit perfectly!

These were the only areas that have potential to be developed. Currently, nothing is allowed to be constructed here, as they are strictly wildlife areas. However, the mayor would like to put it up to vote for the entire population as to what should happen to this area. There are multiple options, and Red is the area that has demand to be built on, while yellow is area that can be built on, but there is no demand for it. I didn’t have the time to read anymore, as it was getting late. My trip through Quentin and Gertmond had taken all of a day, so I turned in at a local motel.




The next day, I rose up bright and early and took a train out of town. I was headed towards Tavlon, since its been at least a month since I’ve been there. Until next time!

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Recommended Comments

 I like the narriation to this and I like how you are allowing us all to vote (your giving me ideas for my CJ that is under construction).

On the voting, I would split it up. You can't build a pond (lol) and a regional park wouldn't fit because they are generally pretty big. If you extend the red area out, I would put option D out in there. In the yellow, i would keep it the same size and vote B.

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I felt warm when I read this update.
I guess it's because I'm proud to see that even with CXL launched, at least one SC4 CJ is still awesome!
But it's also because this update was full of win.

On the voting, I'll have to say B.
But I'd like to mention that it shouldn't be large development.
Maybe some light suburban sprawl with a couple of parks to make it nicer.

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