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Diamond Harbor

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The Mickah Air Force Base is to the west of the Capitalis International Airport. Although the base itself does have short runways for SimPlanes, Simerican military aircraft also use the Capitalis Airport runways.


The Diamond Harbor Naval Base is famous throughout the SimWorld. Futher information on why it is so can be found elsewhere. Various memorials of a certain event are scattered among many places, but one notable one is placed on the ruins of the USS SimArizona, a battleship that was in port here.


Aligned with the remains of the USS SimArizona is the USS SimMissouri. It had historic roles in past warfare and is now a public museum.


Diamond Harbor is still one of the most strategically important places in the SimWorld, in a military perspective. Paradise's location and the geography in and around the harbor are almost ideal. All of the other military installations on Community Island are meant to support the naval base here.


All three lochs and virtually all of the surrounding land is owned by the Simerican Navy. The west loch is an ammunition depot.


The middle loch is used to store old, decommissioned ships.



The east loch of the harbor is used to service surface ships and submarines.


Dorf Island is in the middle of the east loch. It had a lot of military usage as an airstrip in the first half of the 20th century. Today, the island is a landmark.


A rectractible floating bridge, owned by the Simerican Navy, connects Dorf Island to Community Island.


Tarava is a small neighborhood at the mouth of the Tarava Valley. A small industrial park and State's largest prison are also here. However, the most controversial facility here is the P-3 Freeway. The P-3 is the third and newest roadway that cuts through the Ko'orau Mountains to serve the Windward City. Further information will be in a future chapter.


'Aiea is a suburban residential neighborhood that stretches from the mountains to the shore of Diamond Harbor.


On the southern edge of 'Aiea is the Paradise Stadium. It is a 50,000-seat State facility, that hosts numerous sport events, concerts, school events and the largest swap meet in the islands. It was built as the SimWorld's first transformable stadium, to handle both Simerican football and baseball configurations. Its stands could be moved. However, due to a materials flaw, the steel in the stadium is rusting, when it was designed not to. The stadium is now locked in the football configuration. A lack of maintenance money is to blame for the loss of its movable stands and overall degrading state.


Vaiparu is the original name of an area that is now also called Diamond Ridge. Towards the mountains, suburban homes snake up slopes of the Ko'orau. A small cluster of highrises fit between the P-1 Freeway and Poanarua Road.



On both sides of the Kapetapeta Highway, there are shopping malls. The Diamond Ridge Shopping Mall is the second largest in Paradise. A small farm in the area is reminiscent of the farmland that used to dominate here.


Diamond City was originally a small neighborhood that supported a military installation on the peninsula to the south. It was greatly expanded after the second SimWorld War and then later in the Capitalis boom years.



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I likey it, it looks realistic and attractive. :D
Have you looked at any street tree mods? I think all those streets would look even better with trees!

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(x+x²)²/x:  Thanks very much!

Cobra_nVidia:  Thank you.  I have considered street trees, other than the default Maxis ones.  Basing off what's the practice in Honolulu, low-traffic residential streets don't have street trees (owned by the City or State), and major residential and commercial roadways have landscaping (planted or natural).  On many old streets in town, trees have grown to create canopy that covers over the roadway.  For example, Kapi'olani Blvd:

I don't know of any street tree mod that is like that. 

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hey! you update it! great! well it very look like pearl harbor (some parts) xD

If you want to know sumwonyuno, my CJ will get update this week-end if you want to visit! well it's always nice when you have updates xD

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Blakeway:  Yeah, the lochs of Diamond Harbor (Pearl Harbor) ended up in skewed positions, but each loch is accurate by themselves.

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