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Chapter Interlude: Assassin Interrupted

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Theme Song: Stalker- Louis XIV



“… Approximately 1.2 million are still without power as the severe winter storm that swept through the Central Plains region continues to make its way across the Northeast and Tennessee Valley areas. The storm has dumped as much as 3 feet of snow and up to 2 inches of ice in Maine and New York, and has so far accounted for nearly 27 deaths.

As for the weather here in the Timbervale Metropolitan area, the highs are expected to reach around 29 today, and we’re still seeing a few isolated flurries across the city as the last of the storm makes its way through the region. We’ll have your full forecast in 20. Let’s now go to Jean with the traffic. Jean?

Well, it’s going to be slow going throughout the city today as the DOT finishes clearing the streets. As for accidents and congestion in the city, expect slow going on the I-627 Expressway as a non-injury 3 car pileup  on the Murphy Bridge has traffic down to 1 lane going north, as well as some slow going in along US-81 as construction crews are working to repair a burst water main near the Federal Parkway. We’ll make sure to keep you informed as other traffic issues develop. Back to you guys in the news room.


We have breaking news coming  in to the station as we go live to Marcy Lee on scene at a major accident downtown at Central Plaza and North Federal Parkway. Marcy, what can you tell us?

Well Katie, I’m here on scene where a massive 15 car pile has literally shut down the east downtown area. It looks like a Metrolink bus was also involved in the crash and is laying on its side, and the bus also appears to have hit a pedestrian while involved in the accident. And we’ve also gotten unconfirmed reports that Tricomm CEO Brian Handover was involved in the crash.

We have here James Goldstein, an MBA here at the one of the buildings overlooking the scene, who witnessed the events. Mr. Gordon, what happened?

Well, can I give my boo a shout out? Hey Alexis, I love you for real girl! And a huge wassup out to my boys up in Aspen, C-Ooooo! You dogs be crazy up on them slopes! 970 fo’ life! Wooh!
Um… ok… anyways sir, what was it that you witnessed?
Well, I was standing here waiting for a taxi and that real pimped out black car there ran the light, crossed the lane and hit that minivan there head on. It flipped in the air all crazy like and crashed into that blue car there. Then that red car got rear-ended by that green SUV, which almost hit a girl getting ready to cross the street. Then that bus there hit a guy, like wham yo, trying I think to like help out the people in the accident and s…
Sir, you can’t say that on the air…
Aight…. Well anyways, then the bus got t-boned by that semi and I don’t really remember what happened after that. I just got on my cell and called 911 and got some co-workers to come help those people there.
Marcy, are there any reports on how many people were injured from the accident?
Well, Gary, the police so far haven’t given any official numbers, but on scene witnesses told us that there were anywhere from 35-49 people pulled from the bus wreckage and at least another 20 people from various vehicles. Police have shut down the Federal Parkway bridge and a 1 mile section of Riverside Avenue as they continue to clear the area, and are diverting traffic to the 15th St and Pine Road bridges. We’ll try and get more information to you all in the news room as we get it. Back to you Katie.
Also breaking news in to the station are gunshots heard from the Tricomm building. We’ll get you more information on it after a short commercial break…”
Turning her attention away from the television, Rin Kazuki set her cup of coffee and bagel down as she looked back down to the cell phone as another message from her employer.
Picking up the phone, she pressed the accept button and read the message on the screen.


Sighing, she tossed the phone back onto the table and resumed eating her breakfast.
“Doesn’t he realize just who I am?” she mumbled to herself, grabbing a pen from the cup on the table and writing out her plan on the legal pad in front of her.
“You don’t threaten a world class assassin, nor do you underestimate her. Oh, Rin make sure to take care of the little hiccup in the plan. Granted, it will take a couple of months of planning, but I will get it done. And as for the loose ends, I can take care of them as well. And, hell, I’ll even slice Gaston in the end too, since he’s been so rude.”
“And for the cute blonde boy in the car,” she continued musing to herself, “… he is going to be Rin’s little bonus in the end. Such a fine specimen and Rin really does need a new toy to play with. She just doesn’t know how I go through them so fast!”




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Love how you threw Stalker in there, such an awesome song, and Louis XIV is an awesome band. Never saw the video though before, is it fan made? Not on Youtube. And awesome city man, really looks good. Love how you're incorporating a Real, Serious story to the whole thing, awesome job.

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