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Chapter 5: All's Fair in Corporate Warfare

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Theme Song: Why Did We Fire That Gun?- Waldeck



“…Regenra can be known to cause low blood pressure, fever, vomiting, and serious skin reactions, along with bleeding issues at the site of injection. All medicines have benefits and risks, and there may be other options, so consult your doctor. Regenra: It’s time to live to its fullest. NexGenics, A Tricell Company.


What do you say to exceptional handling and first class safety features? To truly advanced technology and a rich interior design? What do you say to the lowest cost, and only fully electric car in its class?  To winner of five different awards from JD Power?  Say hello to the future. Introducing the new Quantum QX1000e. We’re thinking at the speed of Quantum.


Catch Governor Palin and Secretary of State Clinton face off at the third presidential debate, tonight during the continued coverage of Election 2012, here on CNN.


…Welcome back to the news room here at CNN headquarters in Atlanta. Markets are opening high today with trends up in every market today as the communications sector sees yet another acquisition by Tricomm of the Windsor Park owned Interlink Communications. After FCC and government regulators gave the final approval to the Timbervale company, markets have continued their upward climb. 


Also making headlines, the technology sector has seen a boost with the merger as Tricomm has officially announced the release of the much anticipated Evo 2, produced in an unheard of venture between Apple and Samsung. Release of the phone is expected to be this week, after finalization of the two companies’ merger.


Also making headlines in the tech sector….”


As Carmine turned his attention away from the small flat panel in the break room, he focused back on the tray in front of him, stirring the creamer into the coffee as his mind drifted back to the troubling conversation he had overheard his boss having to some man on the phone the evening before…


“… Good. And so how did you set it up? Ah, good. You did after all come highly recommended. And did you set the car up exactly as I wanted? And it’s in the correct spot?” Duceppe Gaston asked to the person on the phone, looking out the window, the ever present evil smirk on his face.

“Um sir, I have some, uh, papers from the CEO for you to sign if you aren’t too terribly busy?” asked Carmine in a whisper, the fear of the man easily heard in his voice as he poked his head in the door.

“Hilton, you continue to prove your stupidity to me every chance you get, don’t you?” Gaston snapped, turning his angry glare to the blonde, “If you ever interrupt me on a phone call ever again, you damn imbecile, I will personally see to it that you suffer for it. And trust me, I will MAKE you suffer. Am I clear? And where the hell is my lunch? I ordered it 5 minutes ago. How about you get off your lazy ass and do what I tell you?”

Knowing better than to reply, Carmine slipped back out the door, forgetting to completely close the door. Trying to calm down before he made his way to the cafeteria for the man’s lunch, he stood still, breathing deep as Gaston’s voice carried out the door.

“Oh, that was just the bumbling idiot that they hired to be my assistant. I’d fire him and replace him with some proper eye candy, but then I’d have the board on my case. So you can guarantee that it will be done exactly as planned then? Good. I’ll send the other half as soon as I see the proof myself. I expect you to send me photo proof of it, understood? Goodbye then.”



Taking his coffee mug with him, he walked over to his desk, surprised to see that the desk across from his was empty of the young blonde that usually occupied it. Didn’t Lukas usually arrive before him, he wondered as he sat down, logging into the computer in front of him and checking the mail that needed to be sorted as the sun slowly started to peek through the flurries of snow slowly covering the city.

Personally, he was slightly envious of the kid. The kid really was a looker, and it was slightly unfair that he got the nicer guy to work for.

Huh…. and for that matter, wasn’t the company head supposed to be here as well? Carmine continued to wonder to himself, his attention turning to the small icon on his desktop flashing to notify him of an urgent memo.

Opening up the file, he scanned through it, his eyebrows rising as he realized what its contents said. Terrible loss of the CEO in a car wreck, deepest sympathy from the new interim head of the company? Merger expected to be rescheduled for this afternoon instead of this morning?

“What the hell? The merger isn’t until this afternoon!” Carmine blurted out under his breath, bewilderment playing across his face, “That can’t be right. Someone must be playing a joke. This is just nuts! Even the time code is wrong…”

The shock continued to set in as he finally looked at the letter head and signature on the memo. His attention turned to the muffled sounds coming from the office behind. Getting up, he turned and walked into the office behind him, startled to see that his boss was yelling into the phone with his back turned to him.

“I don’t care. We had an agreement. I told you that I wanted that bastard Handover dead, not his little street ----- of an assistant. No. I don’t care what you have to do; you are going to take care of the problem. You listen here, I don’t care if you have to shoot him yourself, but you ARE going to make sure he is dead. Don’t give me that crap; I’m not paying you for doing a half ----- job! Don’t you call me back until it’s done!” Gaston screamed, slamming the phone into its cradle.

Swallowing, Carmine slowly started backing out of the office, reaching for the door knob behind him as the man in front of him began speaking in a low voice.

“So, I guess you didn’t get the hint when I told you to never interrupt me when I’m in a phone call. I swear, good help really is so hard to find.” Gaston said, reaching out the table against the glass window in front of him.

“You’re a monster. And I’m going to the cops with what I have.” Carmine said out loud, his voice gaining an edge on the discovery of what the man in front of him was doing.

“Ah my dear, dear Carmine, you truly underestimate how much smarter I am than you. You really think I wouldn’t have a plan on how to deal with any problem that arose?” Gaston said, giving a sickly smile as turned around, bringing his hands behind his back. 

“You know what, you don’t scare me. I know you’re going to go to jail for a long time. And if I could give YOU a word of advice, don’t drop the soap,” Carmine retorted, his cheeks flushing as his voice quickly gained volume, turning to walk out of the room.

Hearing a loud clicking noise, Carmine froze as his mind quickly processed what made that sound.

“Well let me give you a word of advice too. As my father always told me, all is fair in corporate warfare…” the man said flatly, pointing the gun at the blonds’ back, “Oh, and never, ever, turn your back on a man when he has a gun pointed at your back.”

Gulping, Carmine could feel his face draining of its blood.

“You won’t get away with this...” he began, as Gaston pulled the trigger, sending out a loud bang in the office. Sending blood across the carpeted floor, Carmine slumped to his knees in agony as the bullet ripped its way through him and out his chest.

Walking over to him, Gaston began to laugh as he bent down placed a second gun in Carmine’s hand, as the blonde struggled to breathe, blood gurgling out of his chest.

“Oh yes I will…” he replied, as he kicked Carmine fully to the floor as he stood up before he continued, “In fact, I’m going to make sure you help with my alibi.” 

“And if you could do just one more thing for me before I terminate your employment? Give our former employer my regards…” he said, smiling as he emptied his clip into the back of his former assistant, dropping his cell phone into a puddle of the man’s blood.








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Hehe, MacBook touch... :P  The Onion made a parody news story once about a MacBook Wheel... a laptop with an ipod wheel instead of a keyboard...

Anyways, I always love a CJ with a story behind it, and of course pretty pictures.

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