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Chapter XVII: Victoria Harbor Remastered





Hi there folks! I'm quite sure many of you do not remember this CJ, whose last entry was dated November 2015, but as you probably guessed reading the title it's completely not new! My work with the marvellous Cities: Skylines has been very intense three years ago and I published many chapters showing the city of Aurora in 2015 on Simtropolis.com, being feautured 13 weeks in a row in the Ben's Top Ten and, since I've resumed it from about one month, I want to share it again and again!

I do not know if it's usual here (maybe sure it is!) but when I decided to get back play Cities: Skylines, with many new DLCs released by Paradox and a new and really more powerful PC, I made up in my mind to complete the job I interrupted for a thousand reasons, no time being the first...  After downloading the game again and buying several DLCs I reloaded my saves but... woohoo!! About nothing worked properly and OMG there were so many new mods out there to try and make use of to get to the usual, almost unattainable achievement: realism! Realism at all costs!

But, to be clear: Aurora is not at all a real city, it's just my city. Based on the original real challenging New Caledonia map by MrMiyagi that I think is no more available, since it has been completely renovated too (it is only downloadable in its 2018, flattened, version), this map asks you to build a city that develops on several different coves connected to a central mountain massif. Reminds, a bit, Hong Kong. I fell in love with it in 2015 it and I still think it's really amazing to try to build a realistic metropolis in such an enviroment!

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is an aerial view of the map taken from my very first CJ entry dated August 2015:



Believe me, it's almost shoking to me see this map empty! As you can read in that old entry linked above the masterplan was great and I am proud to say that it has been almost completed and not only that: I went ahead starting the phase II that I will show you as soon as this series of entries, dedicated to the renovation of everything was already shown (and you can see all the previous entries here), is completed.

I know you got tired of reading, but let me say one last thing before publishing pictures as if there were no tomorrow: the conformation of the city, its neighborhoods, the road network remained exacty (almost!) the same, that's why I'm talking about a remastered version of the city instead of a remade one. What has changed are definitely the buildings and the level of detail allowed by all the great additions released on the steam workshop in these three years.

So... let' start! I will try to follow the same order of the 2015 entries first introducing the location through an old photo (remember you can check them all through the above link if you want!).



Victoria Harbor already was one of my favourite parts of the city: a seaport completely located on an island it's something uncommon...



But look at it now! The same location looks absolutely different: the unrealistic Ibiza-like southside beach has gone replaced by piers, that allow ships to dock on both sides of the island. The seaport now also hosts a ferry terminal, with two lines serving the surrounding Hellfire Bay.


Everything it's still in its place: the cargo train terminals, the passengers train station adjacent to the Port Authority Hedquarters tower and all the factories of the seaport industry, the main Control Tower and the gargantuan Logistics Center that serves the whole region.


Also the west security checkpoint is still in its place, as well as the east one that we'll be shown later. On the southwest side of the island there also is a very large composting center near to a large water treatment plant, not forgetting the prominent lighthouse and the ferry stop.



As I told you Victoria Harbor is on an island, that obviously needs to be connected to the mainland. On the west side it is trough a large bridge, that in the old version wasn't much landmarky...




Well... this is the new one! Just slightly better i guess. And no, believe me it's not the most impressive in the city, but for sure it's the most used by lorries!

And before leaving the harbor and closing this first entry of my coming back, a pair of aerial screenshots showing the whole harbor island.


Before leaving, just a teaser of what will come next! Feel free to leave comments and... keep followin' and you'll be surprised!




Recommended Comments

I love the re-mastered images! It's amazing how far things have come along since Cities Skylines was first released! 

The bridge is a true landmark gateway into the port from the city. I'm also loving the lighthouse on the corner. 

Keep it up! 

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