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Shelderians... let's get together!




I'm Rory Maeda, 1st Middle at the Lofidi Hybrid Middle School, which means I'm almost 12 and I'm a Hybrid. (Which means I'm half-human half-Sheladi).

(Yes, my skin is red, I don't have any markings - or at least none you can see, and I can also speak Sheladi, but I'll try my best with English).

My assignment is the history of Branny, my city, where I live. It's 895S now and things are quite complex to describe. But my job is to talk about the history...

In the course of this Journal we will explore life in the old Kingdom as if we lived there in those times. I will be your english-speaking guide and I will talk to you in a simplified manner pretending you don't know anything about Shelder, the Sheladi people and their culture, or any specific thing. In fact, I will think of all of you as if I was speaking to a class of schoolchildren, well, my class. (no offence). 

Let's begin with a little context... 

Shelder is a rocky planet, mostly covered in salt water, not too far and not too close to the Shel star, with a temperate climate and a variety of ecosystems, which means LIFE! The origin of this so called "life" can be dated to billions of years ago, but not even the most advanced research can pinpoint the exact moment in history when life came to be. (This is what the Geography textbook says). What is known is that some 10,000 years ago human-like creatures began roaming the land and forming tribes. They are red-skinned people with colourful skin markings ranging from black to gold, they love the woods (of course Shelder's land is mostly covered in the green stuff) and they love community but also independence. These people are called "Sheladi" and are the natives of Shelder, or "Shelderians". But I am also "Shelderian", and I'm a native, because I was born here, and because I'm half-Sheladi. It's complicated!

But back to history...

As these people evolved their culture they understood that tribes together worked better than isolated, so in the year 0S the Kingdom of Shelder was born. That was a thousand years ago. Things were very dramatic during these years. If you think that times are always changing now, things were always changing even before. Things have always been changing a lot around here.


So the Kingdom is born... And a Kingdom needs a King, right? And a King needs a Royal palace, right? And a Royal Palace needs a capital... and... and... and...

Meet Branny!


Branny is essentially the "Douchy of Branny", as nominated after the foundation of the Kingdom of Shelder in 0S by the council of tribal leaders. The Douchy was a division of the Gran-Douchy of Fadalipe, a decent chunk of land in the southern province of the Kingdom. Fadalipe was also the name of the tribe that founded the settlement there, and the community from which the King was elected, and it was also the name given to the Fortress where the King decided to live.

Kingdom of Shelder

Year: 0S

King: S. Sono


This Journal will be focused on the Douchy of Branny, the landscape you see in the picture. This picture in particular is an early rendering of what the land looked like before the Kingdom came to life, really. We will explore this land more in detail later.

So, it's 0S and the Kingdom is born. What happens now?

The Sheladi people from the Fadalipe tribe expand their horizons, they settle along the Rompock river, which is the leftmost river in the picture, and they found Lesteran and Croravorn. They settle at the estuary of the rivers Rompock and Thieren, and they found Puntar and Rese. They settle in the Branny Bay and they found... you guessed it: Branny Bay, but also Dobesmala and Moriva. It's a community of farmers and fishermen. They prosper in the security of the bay, sorrounded by deep forests. 

However not everything is candy. The rest of the Kingom doesn't all agree with Fadalipe, there are some people, especially in the East, that think Sono is only following Fadalipe's interests and not also theirs. Tensions are building right from the start, and messengers from the land bring worrying news. Conflict before had been resolved with diplomacy or skirmishes, seldom warriors went into battle and died, but now King Sono is faced with the potential for an all out war against the East if they are unable to cool down these tensions. As a precaution, he decides to erect towers, castles, and fortresses around the Bay and all over the Gran-Douchy and beyond, with the intention of creating a network of defence and communication, in the hope of being prepared. News arrive of the birth of the alliance of "Ula", a collaboration of most of the lands of the East. This isn't good news at all, this means war is near, and it's probably inevitable at this point.

King Sono keeps going with his project of fortifying the area. In the space of 10 years he commissions the Fadalipe Citadel:


The Main port serving Fadalipe at Branny Bay:


Puntar Castle, and Rese Castle: 


and Forts on the Marupite Strait, which is the main gate of the Bay, as you can see above in the regional picture.

To support the construction of these forts, Sono commissioned two stone mines, one in Lesteran:


and the other at the base of the Vidupe Mountain Range. 


This is what's happening now. As you can see we're quite a stretch back in time, and as expected we're seeing wooden and stone houses, dirt or stone roads, castles, towers, old churches, wooden ports... NO electricity, NO running water, NO mobile phones. There's little to do, you might think, oh well... It's not the case. If you're a little Shelderian then you're probably going to school at the local church, where you spend your mornings and lunchtimes listening to stories of the past, learning about the present, brainstorming about the future, you're playing with your fellow little Shelderians, and you're visiting local businesses and learning from the community how to be a good Sheladi. And in the early mornings and evenings you might be seen helping at the farm, on the fishing boat, at the mine, in the woods, or wherever your parents work. If you're a big Shelderian then you're probably working in some way, and rewarded for your hard work. You might be a woodlandman, going around cutting trees, or you might be a farmer, or a fisherman, or a miner, or a businessman, working in town, using what others have produced to make something useful for others, you could be a tailor, a blacksmith, a market trader, the owner of a bar. 


But what's probably in your mind, if you were a Shelderian, of course, and lived in the Douchy of Branny, would be the upcoming war. Everybody's talking about it. They say Tavulna and Rodi will be marching in from the woods with an army of thousands and they will cripple our weak castles. Others say that Tavulna has probably mastered the sea with massive warships and they are sailing towards the Branny Bay as we speak. Others yet say Elveral is planning ninja assassinations to destabilise the Kingdom. Who knows for sure. We only know that our messengers tell us when they come back from their travels, but most of it is just talk. We need diplomats, we need informants, we need spies. Do you have any clue what the Ula Alliance is up to? If so, get yourself to your local church and speak to the priest, of pay your respects to your local Baron or Baronet. Your information might just be garbage, or it might be the invaluable tool to be prepared when and if the war actually comes...


A first overview of the Douchy, with the names of places in Green, Orange, or Light Blue, the names of towns in White, and roads in Red.



For those of you interested in the history of Shelder you can attend a specific class (coming soon). Or you can simply follow this Journal and learn from here, your choice. If you're interested in the class option, it's basically like a Role-Play, or Drama class, whatever you want to call it. You create a character, or choose an existing one, which is obviously tied-in with the story, and you follow his/her story, providing input and decisions, or you can just read about them here in the Journal whenever they may appear. This RP class will open soon, so you might start brainstorming your ideas. The best ideas might make it into the class and here in the Journal. 


Corrected by my patient English teacher. 







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Yes, nice first entry ! Hiding GUI and pause would improve pictures aswell a bit more of more of zoomed in look !

Minimize Button Remover

SMP Pause remove  

  All would look much better !

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Thank you raynev1, and thank you very much for the tips, kschmidt. I will use them from now on.

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