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War is Coming!



A lot can happen in 14 years of peaceful kingdom. Things we can see…






And things we can’t…



I present you Tesu Sami, a young boy, son of a farmer family.




Tesu was with his father at the cabin, cutting woods, when he heard weird noises and decided to step out and have a look around, while his father kept on going with the work. It was more like a playful break. Least did he know that those noises came from mounted scouts, hasting through the woods, surely not from Fadalipe or any of Carte’s great army. Tesu recognised the insigna they sported as Ula’s army. What were they doing so far into Fadalipe’s territory? Such a trespass could cause trouble.

Worried, he hussled back at the cabin and found his parents slaugthered. He didn’t have time to sorrow, because the cavalrymen spotted him and chased him through the woods. He had to endure the entire night outdoor in the cold, in a small cave by the Korani lake, before he could walk back downhill to the hometown of Balupite…






The village people at first did not believe him. He stole a horse from his uncle and left in a hurry, while his uncle and aunt checked out the cabin. Later they would join him in the trip towards Fadalipe, because the army would come through the village to pillage it. What you see there is what was before the army came by. What is left now is a pile of rubble…



Tesu’s trip with his uncle and aunt towards Fadalipe was long and exhausting. They had to travel through the woods on

Brindham Road

to Brindham, anoher small village leading to the Thieren river, and from there a long stretch to Keranino, galloping by the mighty MusidomaCastle…





This is only halfway, but a number of days was passed already. Tesu wished for a faster way to travel. Remember, in those times they didn’t have railway of airplanes. Horses were the only way to go, if not maybe boats, but sometimes boats weren’t an option. In Tesu’s case, travelling by ferry would have been too expensive.

Once at Aloravorn, on the Rompock river shore, they did board a ferry though,  to cross the river to Croravorn…





From there, a final stretch into the woods brought them finally to the mighty city of Fadalipe, sorrounded by strong walls, although not finished…





Little Tesu knew that, by the time they arrived, King Sono was already dead. The city of Fadalipe was locked down, and they could not enter. They had to stop just outside the gate, in the village of Vidupe, to rest and wait to find out what was going on. They waited for two days. Then finally the Supreme Court announced the details of the death of the King:



“King Sono left us five days ago at the hands of a member of the royal court, in association with the Grandouchy of Tavulna. This person is now in prison and we cannot reveal his or her identity. It is with great sorrow that we must announce new elections for the throne as Suni Sono left us no eligible heralds. This even also marks the start of a war with the East”





So here we are, on the first day of war. Tesu would come back home orphan, to live with his uncle and aunt, in a house of rubble than needs rebuilding, in time of war, which means they will also have to serve in the army very soon. The call of duty could come in years or tomorrow…











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Nice story,  Gameplay is very impresive !  Simtropolis attachments are quit limited, better use Photobucke, Imgur or any other photo hosting site to link to your CJ , no restrictions so bigger more detailed pictures, well done !

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What do you mean with "Gameplay", kschmidt? Do you mean as the style natural growth I play with? Or else? Thanks for the advice on pictures, I will take that on!

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I'm thoroughly enjoying this story and the graphics. The writing style is natural to the art of storytelling.   The use of SC4 graphics here to tell a story is amazing.    

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Thank you RandyE. I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'm having a lot of fun doing this too. Learning a lot as well. There will be more to come, and hopefully, in a shorter time. 

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17 hours ago, kim026 said:

What do you mean with "Gameplay", kschmidt? Do you mean as the style natural growth I play with? Or else? Thanks for the advice on pictures, I will take that on!

Gameplay ? Statistcsl can be, but I refer to use of Bat´s Lot´s and MMP´s,  how to make use of and arrange them in such a nice way !

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     Interesting little story you have going on there . Keep it up , looking forward to the next entry . I have to agree with kschmidt , An image hosting site can give you a better way to post your images (larger /more detailed) Take your time posting entries ,it is easy to burnout posting too frequently and review other City Journals for tips and tricks . You are doing pretty good so far . Until the next time . :thumb:

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