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Development Update



Hi all,

It's been a busy couple of months, and I've been slowly developing the city, but haven't felt like there was anything really complete to show you, until I remembered that this was a WIP MD, so development pictures were par for the course. I've yet to get around to plopping all of the things that I need to (like the park areas and such), but it's coming along nicely. This will be a very picture heavy update to capture the progress that I've made so far in the areas surrounding the downtown. All overviews are looking north unless otherwise noted. Click on all pictures for full size!

1.First, an overview of the developed portion of the region:


2.We start at the western edge of the city, in Point Loma:


3.Some nice gridbusting, I think. The winding road is CA Rte 209 to the Point Loma lighthouse. Looking north:


4.Downtown Ocean Beach. The businesses are still in development; the farms are primarily job placeholders. The blue trolley line runs in the street by the coast. Looking north:


5.Some less expensive Point Loma homes:


6.A close-up to illustrate some of the variety of the homes that you might find here. They're all custom built, so each house is unique:


7.All of the non-canyon areas will eventually be filled up with residential. Looking north:


8.Skipping over to Lindbergh Field (and passing by West Field, since there's nothing interesting in that community yet), we come across a highway junction, a rail line, and a municipal airport.:


There's also been some heavy work done on highway realignment and restructuring: All facing north.









10.Looking north:


10.5 An absurdly long commuter train. I seriously doubt this train would move very fast in Real Life with that many carriages. The locomotive in question is not particularly noted for being speedy in the first place. The area surrounding it is a definite WIP. Looking south:


11.After our brief drive through Lindbergh Field, we move on to North Park, which, interestingly enough, lies just north of Balboa Park!


There's still a lot of undeveloped land. Mostly it's because I'm wary to use the grid pattern that North Park is comprised of in Real Lifwe, simply because it's uninteresting and not very fun to build on. The main roads are there, and you can see US 395 heading North, while construction of US 80 East is underway; the Texas St overpass has just been finished in this photo. Looking north.

12.A closer shot of some of the development in Hillcrest, which is technically defined as being West of Park Blvd (the northbound avenue on the left), as well as the Red trolley line, which runs north to University Heights and then turns East toward Normal Heights. Looking north.


13.Some of the homes along the cliff that have a view over Mission Valley and out to the ocean, which is but 4 miles west (to the right) as the crow flies. Looking south.


14.Downtown Hillcrest. It's still mostly a WIP, as the development hasn't quite captured the feel I'm going for. You can see the 395 on the right as it goes down the hill, and the RD-4 that goes north is 6th Avenue, which pretty much ends at Washington Ave (east-west). Looking north


15.In Downtown San Diego, progress has been slow, but I have been working on details and controlling development.


Some highway realignment:





17.Some slow progress. It may not look like it, but there is a major rail, highway, and main road realignment present in this image. The slopes were a pain to work with, but it makes a little bit more sense now. The next step will be to work on the waterfront, and finish developing the hills with residential homes. Looking east:


18.Some night shots of downtown to finish off the entry:


19.By the SimFox towers in Bankers' Hill:


20.An industrial sector at nighttime:


21.The Santa Fe train depot at night. The art deco styling really comes out at night.


22.A small mosaic of Little Tokyo. It's not very big, as the Asian communities in San Diego are more "suburban" in nature. We'll be seeing more of them in National City to the south, and in the northeast of San Diego. Looking south:


23.A brief venture into photoediting. I'm not completely satisfied with it, and if I try it again, there are quite a few things I'd change or do differently. Still, it was good practice, though I did spend an inordinate amount of time trying to find example images, mostly with little luck. Any ideas on where to find good example pictures is welcome.


24.Government Center at night:


25.Finally, we'll finish this picture looking down onto Key Tower and the Emerald Towers. It won two rounds in the SC4Devotion Picture Competition (so close to the HoF, too!), and I think it turned out rather nice.



That's a nice-looking railway bridge, furthermore good grid-busting to.


Nice teaser :)

Do you know what's the name of that building that looks like a portal?

I believe that's the Census Repository Building, available somewhere on the STEX (and the LEX, I think). Also, you don't need to comment on all of my CJ outlets, you know (not that I mind, of course :P).


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wow very nice i really like how you are working with the natural hills and such hard to make perfect curves and such but when you do they look so perfect to the land great job

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I also love the low density housing.  You did an amazing job working it in with the hills, and the grid buster streets are really great.  Some pics its hard to even tell if its straight vs diagonal vs far.  Really good job.  Also love how you got so many diagonal facing houses to develop by the diagonal roads.


So many amazing pics, but if I had to choose I'd say my favs are 3, 13, and 16b.

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I like how you also use descriptive at the street level too. I like when street-level details are provided here and there in a cj.  I can say ive visited West Park . I like too, how you work with the terrain.  if there's hills, you build  on it , letting the simnaturalness of your landscape provide some depth to the view instead of an all-flat city.


Did  you say Us 80 is north south?  Do you have a major East-West?  There's' a "collaboration" going on started by one of the CJ Members where Hes promoting Interstate 20 East West Accross CJS..  If you are interested, you pick up I-20 from the East end (where the last cj has I-20 exiting to their city's west border.


The owner of this collaborated project is on vacation in Hawaii right now and his CJ is on hold but, thought if youd like to join in.


Also,  be looking for upcoming United SimNations Announcements (jmsepe)   (ok back to your cj - sorry about the sidebar:   I like the peacefullness and not 'over busy'.  


And "T E X A S !  Wooo Hoo!

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