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In Doug We Trust

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Part 1: A brief analysis of Earth

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There are many questions which seem to be destined to forever be unanswered. Why are we here? How did we get here? What happens after we die? Why do bugs fly into our nose when we inhale?

And why does it feel like someone is watching me?

We can be in the cities.



We can be in the suburbs.


We can be in a large crowd.


We can be on a farm road in the middle of the night.


We can be in our office.


We can be in the darkest nights.


We can be in the dayest days.



We can be at one with nature.


We are being watched. It does not matter what we are doing, or where we are, or who we think we are: We are always under their watchful eyes.


But what are they? Are they gods? Overseers? Really nosy neighbors with fancy telescopes, long-range tracking systems, satellite surveillance and one of those very nice cell phones which takes pictures and plays funny sounds? The government?

It is none. It is Doug.

4.gifAnd Now, A Word From Our Sponsor9.gif

That is right, it is that time of the year of again: It is time for me to create a journal which may or may not be completed. Fortunately, as this really has no planned proper ending, that will end up working out OK for me.

As always, comments, critiques and questions are not only welcomed, but encouraged.

Take care.

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Hey, MrC,

Woo hoo, it's that time of year again!  The time when a person starting listening for birds singing (yep, there they go), when you think, "Hey, the grass is getting a little green," and when Doug starts inspiring our trust...wait a minute--who is Doug?  And why should I trust him?  Is he related to Howard?  (You know, Howard be thy name.)  And what happened to your region?  I hope these questions are destined to be answered.  I guess they did always get answered sooner or later in the Presence of Being.  Which by the way, ended up quite satisfyingly for all the worrying you did over how it would come out.  BTW, I can't remember if I told you that, there in the end.  Oh, well, Doug willing, I guess we'll see where this one goes...

Bye for now.

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Zelgadis: That last shot is actually a region I created for Stranded (I think each city was used as an introduction to each of the characters. I recognize one area as ThatMonkeySims "homeplanet" before embarking on that little journey. Yeah. I reused regions and such - whatchagonnado!!??!!

Livin: It's also that time of the year when every major league baseball team in technically in first place! (how quickly that ends).
Don't worry - the region in the last picture will not be the main region - that one has yet to make an appearance...in this journal. The region I will be using will actually be Barsheer, the huge region I had used in Presence. I figured there was enough unused space there, I could use it easily here

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Hamster TK: I've always liked that movie. Might have to use it somewhere.
And, I am very much liking the new setup, myself. Dirk did an excellent job.

haljackey: Thank you much. In region shots, I am assuming you are talking of the second to the last one - that is actually a shot from one of my old journals, Stranded (you can see a city near the edge that had been "lost", resulting in my premature end for that particular journal).

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That region looks perfectally fine to me...   if other people think it is 'horrible' they obviously don't have appreciation for Doug's Creation.

Love this pic...

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