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Ring of Fire

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Replies & Hiatus

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40. Replies & Hiatus Announcement.

Hi everyone!

Welcome back. I didn't want to let your comments go without a response for too long, so here we are. Also, life has been busy the last couple months and i'm out of posting material. And since i want to take some time to work on some custom content, there won't be any time to keep this thing updated for the near future. If you're ever curious to see what i'm working on, you can always head over to simpeg.

Although i will probably use my CJ to plug some custom content, i wouldn't expect regular updates again until december or january, just so you're warned.

From the wayback machine:


Good old meadowshire+C.P. trees.

Thanks again for stopping by, everyone. And a big THANK YOU!!! again for all your comments and support. Here's to future updates.


@Blakeway: Thank you, sir!

@grstudios: Thanks! But don't feel too bad for them; they're only sims, after all :P

@ggamgus: Oh well, i guess you just must be a little bit evil at heart. :evil:

@hammysonata: Thanks for your comment. Ah yes, new jersey...... aye yi yi....

@Schulmanator: Thanks a lot! It took a long time before i felt comfortable trying something like that in photoshop: i'm not real big on using it.

@Simul8ter8: Thank you for the comment. :D I know, i have to get back to building actual cities. Well maybe with only a little nature detour now and then....

@evillions: Thank you! Yeah there isn't much in the way of destruction but oh well. Yes the only photoshopping i did was the shaking blur in pic 3, i overlapped some pics to make more fire for pic 5, a slight touching of dust in pic 6, then of course the tsunami wave in 9 and 10.

@Hazani Pratama: Thanks a lot for dropping by with a comment!

@Kruness: Thank you! That's good to hear because it's not something i ever practice.

@NMUSpidey: Thank you, sir! Yeah i watched quite a bit too, it was fascinating. I remember watching the live newsfeed of the helicopter over sendai as the wave rolled through; it was terrifying (and late at night here). National Geographic Channel did a special on it later with all kinds of incredible footage. I think the thing that struck me the most is, right at the beginning of the show, they showed 6 straight minutes of earthquake footage where stuff was shaking violently. Now watching it at home, after awhile you're like: "wow this has gone on forever, isn't it about time for a commercial break?" and then they tell you that the amount of time you just spent watching the quaking was the actual amount of time the shaking too place in Japan. Holy mackerel it must have been quite the experience.

And we do get some science/history channel stuff on these things too living on an active techtonic margin. Tsunamis here have decimated the native coastal population in times past too.

@gugu3: Thanks for your comment, my good sir!

@jerontje: Thanks, i aim to please :D

@urbanconstanta: Thanks for the comment. Yes we are; i wonder where that map came from? :P

@Harbin91: Thanks. Well the construction workers that laid it down sure weren't local city construction workers, that's for sure. :rofl: But from what i've seen, it seems like the roads and stuff survive these things quite well (once the mud is scraped off)

@Uzil: Thanks a lot! Realism is what i go for.

@111222333444: Thanks for commenting! I'm sure they can rebuild soon; they have a magical save state in the backup region folder :thumb:

@B.C.builder: Thank you. A combination of tweaking the sealevel in reader and with photoshop.

@Efkin: Thanks for commenting. I'm not sure it's a happy end but you certainly nailed their reaction.

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Well, it's an amazing CJ! Hope you will return here soon (yet I will check simpeg ;) )
And what a wonderful picture you posted...

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I have heard that the Pacific Northwest (and BC in Canada, too, I imagine) has a few things to worry about with tsunamis and earthquakes, and Alaska has gotten some serious shaking in the past, too. If I remember correctly, there is either one or two earthquakes up there stronger than the 2011 Tohoku Megaquake.

Anyways, I will cry myself to sleep and always be looking forward to any of your new updates! One of those is a lie ;)

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great nature! (your photoshopping is way better then mine, i just got photoshop for two weeks or something, so i need to figure out :D)

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Oh my goodness, wonderful forest! :O 1,000,000/5.

BTW, guessing the tsunami, it's not that I'm evil (I am evil though), but it's that I've watched a TON of documentaries on the Cascadia subduction zone and the 1700 earthquake... (thanks for forcing all that into my brain, History Channel) :P

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