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The Spire

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41. The Spire

We interrupt this scheduled hiatus for a brief news update....

Just a little bit of a story i whipped up, because i felt like it. It's not really supposed to make a lot of sense or anything; it just is.


1. The fourth Zeppelin Exploratory Mission surveys the forested coast of the western continent. The three dirigibles fly in wing formation, scanning the ancient taiga. The expedition left civilization behind weeks ago and now ride the winds over empty and distant lands, masters of all they see.


2. Flying above the cold evergreens something looms on the far horizon. It's straight sides clearly make it artificial, it's extreme distance make it colossal.


3. The zeppelins close the distance and inspect the unknown spire.


4. Impossibly ancient, unfathomably advanced, the Spire was clearly built by an advanced civilization. But there are no other advanced civilizations, and this structure has weathered the northern storms for a long, long time.


5. Dense conifers obscure the ground and any secrets it may hide. The Chief Cartographer makes an executive decision: this structure is too important not to explore. Having nowhere to land won't foil the crew: The zeppelins take position offshore and each releases a pair of zodiacs into the frigid waters. The rubber boats manuever through the surf and onto shore. As the zeppelins move down the coast in search of an adequate landing site the team prepares to set up camp and explore the spire.


6. Everyone is too excited to sleep so the crew continues to explore the abandoned tower, playing with things they don't understand. From hidden reserves of power the spire comes to life...


aaaaand that's it. Just posting something for the sake of posting something, really. Please don't expect a return to regular updates yet as I'm still working on other things. But by all means feel free to comment and +1 if you wish to, I'll probably make replies in this post in a week. If you want to see a couple little extras that don't always make it to simtrop feel free to take a peek over at simpeg. Thanks again for stopping by!


As I said, I'll try to make replies in the comments since i have no idea how long it will be before i post again. But anyways! on to last update's:

@grstudios: Thank you sir! I like where your CJ is going too.

@ten trillion: You know, i never really thought of that. It's been much too long since I've used UDI, but the last time i did, children died, so i'm not sure you want me to do that. :P

@NMUSpidey: Hello, kind sir! Yeah Alaska had like a 9.1 back in the ....60's? Something like that. Incredible pictures, well worth your time if you can find some.

@Kruness: Thanks! I'm not very good at PS myself, so if i can do it, you can do it :P

@gugu3: Thanks a lot for your comment!

@ggamgus: you mean the history channel still has history-ish stuff on it?! when did that happen?! I'm so sick of their quasi-reality shows....

@hammysonata: Thanks for your comment! I like what you're doing with your CJ too and look forward to your updates.

@wcraig: Thanks, but i can't make any promises.

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i think its build by aliens! o_O it really exites me, im always really into the Maya's and abandoned city's and towns like Tsjernobyl and Hashima island. great job! :D

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*First look at the spire*


Anyways, Looks very mysterious.

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Way to go, blunder!
I believe that a mysterious cult of crab people resides at this spire, planning to take over the world by taking the forms of celebrities and convince our species to stop procreating... hehe

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