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2-23: Townsend's Inlet

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Jetty Jockey



In today's update , we move back offshore to the Townsend's Inlet tile.



Townsend's Inlet seperates Ludlam's Beach Island from Seven Mile Beach Island. On the northern shore is the Townsend's Inlet section of Dennis Township. South of the inlet is the northermost section of the incorporated borough of Avalon. Ocean Drive ( County Road 619) connects to Sea Isle City to the north and to downtown Avalon to the south. There are no connections to the mainland from this tile.


Aerial view of Townsend's Inlet, the town (looking south).


Sim version, also looking south.


Built in 1939, the Ocean Drive Bridge over Townsend's Inlet links the two islands. The bridge is aging and has some structural issues. While being repaired in 2009, a barge doing the repair work was diven into the bridge by the high winds of a winter nor'easter. The bridge was further damaged, forcing it to be closed even longer.


North end of Avalon, looking east . Grace O'Brien Park occupies the center of the island from 8th Street to 12th Street. An upscale marina is conveniently located to access the Intracoastal Waterway , the inlet, and the ocean.


Same area from 6th Street to 11th Street. The streets had previously run to 1st Street, but the Ash Wednesday Noreaster of 1962 changed the landscape. For three days, hurricane force winds drove 30 foot waves on to the island, submerging it for four days. When the flood waters finally receded, six blocks of the northern part of the island were gone, washed into the Atlantic.



A rock seawall was built on the northern end of the island to attempt to stabilize the shoreline. Between that, annual beach replenishment ( sand is pumped in from the ocean bottom offshore to build up the beach), and an artificial reef system, Avalon's shorelines have remained fairly stable, but at a high cost to taxpayers.


Seawall, looking northwest towards the bridge.

Finally, I'll leave you with a mosaic of Ocean Drive from 81st Street in Townsend's Inlet to 12th Street in Avalon.







As always, comments, questions, requests are more than welcome...they're encouraged ! Want to see something in more detail? Just ask !


Another excellent update. :)

BTW, I hadn't even seen Vivapanda's link. I was referring to the bird's eye view in the game. That regional view looks SO MUCH like real-life Cape May County. :D

Thanks ! I'll probably be doing another "Reality Check" update once I finish Seven Mile Beach Island.

I love the road through the wetlands - reminds me of similar places along the North Carolina coast where I've visited. Great recreations once again - and I laughed at your 'finding truck' pic - cheers to spying on oneself with satellites.

I thought it was pretty funny too. I looked for my truck at home in Woodbine, but didn't see it. So that's where It was!

Really really love the Scotch Bonnet photos-- so unique!

It's an interesting part of the county, one of the last remaining developments in the wetlands. There once was a similar settlement in Grassy Sound, along the North Wildwood causeway, but it was bulldozed when they upgraded that road to a 4 lane.

So amazing

I'm glad you liked it ! Thanks !.

Cool again!

At my parents' house in SE MI, they have an updated satellite image on Google Earth where you can see my old Subie parked out front. There was a winter image of my old apartment in Toledo (it's different now) where you could see my even older Impreza wagon in the driveway. I love finding myself on Google Earth. All the great stuff we can do, and we all look to see if we can see ourselves hahahah!

I'm becoming a fan of Google Earth. I only hope they expand thier street view to include much of the county that they're missing.

name='blunder' timestamp='1347418852']

I love all the little docks on the back of the houses. very nice

Thank you ! Nearly all the waterfront homes and businesses have a dock of some sort. Considering the traffic snarl that the region's roads can be in the summer, it's often a faster ( and more scenic) way to get around. When I get to phase 3 of the journal ( my vision of improving the problems I've seen living here all my life) I'm considering establishing a water taxi service to utilize the region's many waterways.

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You should take your vision of the solutions to a regional planning board meeting and see what they say. Should make for a few interesting follow-up posts, at least.

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I like your use of the nbvc riprap - it looks just like the RL picture :)
By incorporating more MMPs, I think you definitely add to the realism of the recreation - each entry is getting better.

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How did I miss your CJ? :) Shame on me.
You have earned your ben's-top-ten rank fairly, since you recreated those towns so accurately...
You do use Maxis a lot, but it dosen't damage the CJs style. But way to go! Making maxis towns look so original is seen seldom in here.
I love the wooden short piers, in the last picture - Are they from the PLEX?
To sum this review up - I would start to follow you from now on. :thumb: 5/5 +1

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