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The city of lost girls...

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Pre-plague Pizen. The relic was sold to Corporation leader Arseny Goudiev, demanded by the New World Order, that risen in the pre-plague world. The group "Red Kalashnikov" tried to elimanate the relic. At this time the relic location is unknown. Many point to great temple in the city of Yri-Laim.

Pre-War Tzargrad.


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Tzargrad, once the window to Europe, now layed in ruins. The new city called Tzargrad-3 or as many called it "Neo-Tzargrad", was located on two islands in the old center of the city. The city was not heavilly harmed by the first plague, the government has time for evacuation...



As the city had only hours away from plague reaching them, orders were reached to block the center of the city. Queen of Ascadylea and of Lesov-Kushan, has left with her sons on one of the ships, leaving Romulus, alone. Many believe that after this the Tsar lost his mind. He orders that all who tried to swim across the river to be shot.

Many started prepering for the start of the evacuation and many hoped that they would be soon let passed... sadly now only the graveyard is located, where there last hopes remained with the plague...


Avenue of Segesmund. Entrance to city "Tzargrad-3". Graveyard of cars.


Temple Avenue. Defended by the "Imperial Guard", many just call them the bandits.

The Tsar taken total control over the city, killing all opposition and destroying the "Emergency Council". His bandits rule the once magestic center of Tzargrad, not seeing the horror what happening near them. Many still believe that the Tsar waits for his love to return...

Tzargrad is now only reachable by the sea. You need to pay off the guard with meat or with anything usable. We welcome you to Tzargrad-3.




The high command lives in the central distict called "Palace Zone", here stands the Tsar palace, where the old elite of the city lives in the dark glory of the old city. Entering the palace you will see dust all over and the feeling of loss in the air.

The new officials constructed homes and tents that should defend against the plague. Walls around the city and security all the time. The great temple is used as a look out point against the plagued.

Many say that girls that are kidnapped are broth here for the fun of the elite... the most happy are those that find them in the rivers. This is the prise of security, no one wants to go to the plague, no one wants to starve.


The market distict, the home of the lower cast, those that serve. Here the civilization survives at some level of normality. No one asks the high command or the guards anything, you can live peacefully.

The city lives off the imperial guard going on raids against the towns that defended against the plague, burning them down taking what they can and bringing back Tzargrad. You don't ask where food comes, nor where does the clothes come. You buy them, for something of yours. When you are here you don't need to work, you just need to robe and sell.


As we go trow the city, we find maps of how to reach Constantinople (Istanbul) and to reach other destinations before we reach the Relic. Neo-Tzargrad is nothing of the old rich capital, its the lost city... Does human civilization deserve to live in filth and degredation?

After we left the city, two days passed. We got messages that the Tsar meet his wife, when the walls collapsed. Love returned to the city in death.

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