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A Nation Through Its Flags

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The Principality of Barnanova is a nation with a long and rich history, which goes back to the Phoenician expansion on the Mediterranean Sea.


During all this time, this settlement has been ruled by Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Ostrogoths, Franks, Aragonese and finally, the Genovese until the Barnanovese independence. All of them left some of their influence here, but Barnanova had no flag (other than the Roman SPQR ensign) until the Aragonese rule, when the territory was annexed to the Crown of Aragon.

The standard worn by the Aragonese during its Mediterranean expansion in the 13th century, which became the de facto flag of that city called Barnanova was this:


The decline of the Aragonese rule all over the Mediterranean came during the 14th century, helped by the Black Death. At the same time a new powerful nation was rising, the Republic of Genoa. The Aragonese flag was well-rooted all over Barnanova at that time, the Genovese decided to add their own motifs to an existing flag. Also note the slight change of colours overall:


The Genovese rule over Barnanova lasted during about a century. The war between the tiny Barnanova and a powerful Genovese army and navy lasted during a long time, until the Genovese realized that they couldn't keep Barnanova attached to the Republic. This is known as the Independence War.

The first flag of an independent Kingdom of Barnanova was this:


The blue stripe symbolizes the Mediterranean sea and it is also the family colour of the Vallhonrat family, which took the rule of the nation after the independence; their rule has lasted until our days. This is currently known as the Imperial Flag, which is used in some cases we'll see later on. The anthem of the nowadays Principality of Barnanova

Also, note that the blue colour in the Vallhonrat family coat of arms is darker than the flag blue stripe (there will be more details about this coat of arms in following updates).


The Kingdom of Barnanova expanded all over the Mediterranean Sea, becoming one more of the thalassocracies that ruled the Mediterranean during the History. This was the beginning of the Empire of Barnanova, which lasted until the 17th Century.

The Imperial Flag has been the longest lasting flag in Barnanova's history, two and a half centuries. The time the Empire lasted until its decline and destruction. The Empire became the Principality of Barnanova, due to the fact that there was no King anymore; and the First Constitution was enacted.

The Principality brought many changes. The whole nation's mentality changed, but also did it's flag. An official national Coat of Arms was established, and worn in the newly designed flag according to the First Constitution. Note that, instead of a

royal crown, a mural crown is used. This would be an incorrect design under an heraldic point of view, due to the fact that Barnanova wasn't a village but a region or province, but it has kept unchanged until our days.


Until then, the Principality had had no Coat of Arms different than the Coat of Arms of the City of Barnanova:


During the 18th century, new ideas leaked in Barnanova after the French Revolution. After much turmoil, the Principality was over, the Constitution was reformed (making it's Third version) and the flag changed again to suit the new national spirit.


The Republic lasted for twenty years, until the comeback of the Vallhonrat family to Barnanova. The mural crown was never added again to the flag with the intention of keeping "something" of the Republic. This flag lasted until the World War II.

During WWII, the Axis forces took Barnanova and the whole island of Corsica and used it as an airport, outpost and a kind of puppet state. All personal liberties were suspended and the nation fell in a permanent state of emergency. The Vallhonrat family were thrown out of the nation and exiled in Barcelona. The Axis changed the flag to show the Barnanovese people they were part of the Axis then:



This flag is by far, the most hated in the history among the Barnanovese, being instantly removed when the US marines entered in Barnanova and defeated the Nazis in the whole island of Corsica. It symbollizes a time when Barnanova was ruled by a despotic regime with the only interest of using the nation as an airport for the German Luftwaffe and the Italian Regia Aeronautica. The establishment of Nazi policies in Barnanova led to a very serious political repression during the Axis dominance over the nation.

During 2 years, Barnanova stayed without an stable goverment, ruled de facto by the United States. A new flag was designed to be used by the USA authorities during their goverment and also, as a symbol of greatfulness towards the United States.


The Vallhonrat family came back to Barnanova two years later the WWII was over and the Fourth Constitution was enacted. The Principality flag was restored and it lasted until the 1990s, when taking advantadge of the new Fifth Constitution, the whole design was revisited to give a more modern feeling:


The national Coat of Arms and the Royal Standard were also revisited:



These symbols are in use since then.

Other flags

The flags recognised by the Fifth Constitution are:

The Civil Ensign, used in private-use vessels.


The State Ensign, used in state-owned vessels


The War and Navy Ensign. The Barnanovese Army and Navy kept the Imperial Flag after the fall of the Empire as their own ensign. They are unused since the nation's Demilitarization during the 2000s, only worn by supporters of the A.E. Ciutat de Barnanova and followers of the right-wing ABCD political party.


The Naval Jack, worn at the head of the ship, is only an squared version of the national flag.


Montserrat Island flag, a Barnanovese overseas territory in the Antilles.


Barnanovese Antarctic Territories flag:


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Recommended Comments

The Imperial Flag looks really familiar, was that in Alarconia too?

Also I missed your last update, you had some epic shots in there :) Nice work as always.

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Nice! Flagariffic, in fact! I think you actually have more flags than me!


BTW, on an unrelated note, I have a favor to ask of you... I will PM you soon to ask it.

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[color=#ff0099][b]Cool flags .. love the national coat of arms and royal standard one.. very regal.[/b][/color]

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