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Populus, Kervers Island



Hey Guys.

As i promised in my last entry, today i will show you guys the Island of Kervers and the Big Changes the Island made in the last 82 years.

Kervers, The History

Kervers was during the Papal arrival part of the Nova Roma colony and the Lush Forest on the island was used for building the Nova Roma Colony and Buildings Ships, Tools,...

On the east of the island there was only a little port and some houses for the woodcutters. The port was used for transport to Nova Roma at the other side of the Street of Kervers approximatelly 1 mile from the Tiny Port (Now Settlers Town).

Things stayed like this till the beginning of the 1930's when an earthquake of magnitude 8.5 struck the sea east of Populus and later a tsunami overspoiled Kervers and the South of New Rome. But the damage there was little when u compare it to the damage in the Inner Sea.

As u probably don't know The Populus Archipelago has a main island Populus which has an O form with an outer and inner "Sea" only in the South East of the O there are 2 Sea Streets so the Inner Sea is connected with the Green Sea. The landmass between those Streets is Kervers. The flood even became stronger due to the water in the Street of Kervers moving west. when the Flood arrived in the Inner Sea it flooded several coastal cities killing 35.615 people. it was one of the heaviest disasters in the region at that time and also one of the heaviest death tolls of an earthquake and/or tsunami after the San Fransico Earthquake of 1906.

in 1932 people found out earthquakes were supposed to happen east of them on the borders of 2 Tectonic plates and for that the Street of Kevers got a dike called the "Kervers Dike" now the only waterway from the Green Sea to the Inner Sea was The Street of Zeus in the southern part of the O

when the dike got build a road was built between Nova Roma and the tiny port who was renamed to Settlers Town and people who worked in New Rome started to live there. in 1938 when tensions rose in Europe and a Great War was near. The Populusian gouvernement builded an airbase "Sweet Lake" on the other side of Kervers near the Inner Sea. Families of the soldiers and pilots who worked on the airbase moved to areas around the Airbase such as Settlers Town and the Newly formed town of Sweet Lake City.

In 1965 the Dike was widened for the construction of a highway between Esternav and New Rome via the Southern part of Populus.

In 1978 traffic problems in New Rome became worse and a solution was found. The Towns of Settlers Town and Sweet Lake City would become one town with appartements and skyscrapers but also suburban one-family homes. For that most parts of the Lush Kervers forest had to be cut down only sparing the Far Western and the Northern parts.

And today Kervers has a population fo around 180.000 inhabitants.

That's Enough History now some time for Pics!!!! :party:


Sweet Lake City "Redfield"


Sweet Lake City "Student Appartements"


Sweet Lake City "Business District"


Settlers Town "Westfeld Interchange"


Settlers Town "Yahale Bridge"


Settlers Town "Yahale"


Settlers Town "Yahale Industries"


Settlers Town "Little Italy"


Settlers Town "Guardian Monument (WW2 Memorial)"


Sweet Lake Airbase


Sweet Lake Airbase-North


Sweet Lake Airbase-South

Wait Wait that isn't an Populusian Bomber! and it is flying very aggressive! What is this?!

To Be Continued...


Recommended Comments

Nice update! Picture 4 is my favourite, and my only complaint would be that you didn't use the ortho-to-diagonal wall transitions.

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[color=#ff00cc][b]Great work .. love the student apartments.[/b][/color]

[color=#ff00cc][b]You could add more trees in the downtown and along those highways as they wouldn't look out of place, and would help the environment too[/b][/color] :P

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Looking good. I like the night shot. One suggestion I have is to maybe add a little more custom content, particularly in your low density housing. There's a lot of good ones available on the STEX

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Love the down town highway exchange. It looks very seemless with the tall buildings.

What are the red apartments in picture one and the "student apartments" in picture 2 called??? I like those complexes

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I like how you went from suburban to big city and then back to the suburbs. Adds a nice touch.

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As a city planner I would be afraid that those historic buildings would fall into water. When was your last 100 year rain?

Other than that it is nice, pretty maxis, but nice.

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