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Populus, Invasion



As showed in the last CJ entry an unknown airplane flew over "Sweet Lake" Airbase.

This airplane was part of a recon airdivision of the Kardakian Army of the Socialist Republic of Kardakia 50 km's west of of Populus and 100 km's south of Imaginia.

This was only part of a large force near Populus. With the intention to invade the country.

But why do they want to invade this country? for that we have to look at an important part of the history end of the 90's.

The Esternav Troubles

At the end of 1998, a hard Economic and Political crisis hit populus. The people became poorer and at the Parliamential elections of januari 99 lots of populusians voted for the PCP (Populusian Communist Party) with the hope for economical reforms and an exit after a hard crisis. the PCP won the elections with 51% of the votes and didn't even had to form a coalition with another party to get the majority in the parliament. Altough the brains in the PCP wanted to reform Populus harder as expected to more Soviet like reforms. With help of the 5th Infantry and 6th Armor Division they marched to Esternav where they took control over the parliament and the Presidential House. President Connoras, at that time on visit in Bundesrepublik Schellingen declared Populus in State Of Emergency. Altough the PCP had an army the other divisions (1st infantry,2nd Armor,3d Air and the whole Populusian Marine Corps) were still loyal to the democracy while the 1st and second waited till the army of the PCP would move out of Esternav the 3d air and the PMC rapidly moved from the No-Fly zone above Kosovo to their own country. After 1 week the Loyal Populusian Troops had a vicotry over the Traitors. The PCP members and the 5th and 6th divisions fled to the Socialist Republic of Kardakia. They became part of the Kardakian Civilization and the 5th and 6th Divisions became part of the Kardakian Army. They told themselves they would return to Populus.

These events became known as the "Esternav Troubles"

End 2011 the Populusians in Kardakia could persuade the Kardakian Governement to invade Populus and on the 13th of June 2012 the plan was started.

The Invasion

followed after a reconnaisance by Kardakian Jets the Kardakian Marine launced an Ampibhious Assault on the beaches of Kervers Island.


Kardakian Ships supporting the Populusian Invasion


Kardakian Troops just landed in Settlers Town-South and are fighting the Populusian (Blue) forces.

Later the Kardakians took control over the Island of Kervers and Sweet Lake Airbase were captured this was a disaster for Populus because nearly all of the material of the Populusian Army were stored in Sweet Lake.

In the afternoon when Kervers got captured, President Savon gave a Speech for the people of Populus

President Savon's Speech

Dear Citizens of Populus.

Our Country is in grave danger.

13 years after the Esternav Troubles a large force of Kardakian and Populusian Communist troops have attacked our peaceful state.We can't stop them, they occupied a large amount of our arms and took over Kervers Island

I have ordered all our armed forces to surrender immediately to the Kardakian Mastery.

Please, people of Populus, return to your homes and for safety reasons stay there.

I've asked the international community to take action against this violent and foulish attack on our peacefull archipelago.

Dear Citizens of Populus, help each other during these dire times for our nation.

Good will always prevail.

But, the soldiers from the "Noorderwijk Military Base" went guerilla and looted the War Reserves of Populus in Noorderwijk and then went south in the Eastern Hills were they formed "The Resistance" altough the battle was unfair because the resistance was armed with weapons from the Vietnam and Korean Wars (OLD!) against an army equiped with the latest pieces of Chinese and Russian Technology.


After the invasion the UN came in Emergency Session Together where the USA, UK, The Netherlands and the countries from the continent of Borealia (Imaginia,Bundesrepublik Schellingen,...) asked for an intervention or No-Fly zone in the region because those countries are tradingpartners, but Russia and China were against and used their Veto to stop that.

After a week of intense sessions,meetings and news reports Bundesrepublik Schellingen could persuade Moscow and Beijing to allow an NATO liberation of Populus.

-Will the liberation finally come?

-Will the Kardakians be removed from Populus

-Will i stop talking like this?

We will all see it soon.


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