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About this City Journal

An archipelago in the Green Sea

Entries in this City Journal


In the last entry Populus got invaded and captured by the Socialist Republic Of Kardakia.

Populus, Liberation

The Resistance

As seen in the last CJ entry the Noorderwijk Militairy base went Guerilla against the Occupying Kardakian Forces and formed the Resistance or as they call themselves the PFM "The Populusian Freedom Movement" the PFM first led some loses against the Kardakians due to the old and outdated equipment of the PFM. Their only advance was that they knew their territory of operations with all its ups and downs. But this led to some major "victory's" for example on 21 of June 2012 2 squads of the PFM attacked an tiny army outpost near Noma in Eastern-Populus where they stole 4 Tanks and some Trucks with Weapons and Ammo


The Noma Raid (Kardakians are the grey ones and the PFM Forces are the Blue ones)

After the Noma Raid The PFM became a great danger in the region and many families fled to New Rome were they waited till everything would return back to normal. On the 22th of June just 1 day after the Noma Raid, the PFM camp at Riverside Wood received an American and Schellings Radio signal with the coded message that an Intervention will start within 24 hours

The Liberation

In the early noon of the 23th of june a Medium NATO force landed on the beaches of Northern and North-East Populus.

the only NATO Countries who participated in this attack was the United States (the Marine Corps) and Bundesrepublik Schellingen (Marines and Airforce)

The USMC landed near Hoofddorp were they searched the area for PFM forces and Kardakian Outposts they were ordered to move west after they searched the area to make a sack around the City of Noorderwijk were there is a high concentration of Kardakian Forces.


From left to right The USS Harper, USS Peace, USS Odessa,


The USMC landing forces (these are the first squads sent to search the Hoofddorp Area for PFM Forces and Kardakians.


After the PFM forces and the USMC Squads met up they joint attacked an Medium Sized Forest Camp from the Kardakians (USMC = Green, PFM = Blue, Kardakians = Grey)

The Schellingan Bundesmarine Landed just West of Noorderwijk and also searched the Area for Kardakians and PFM forces and then moved south to participate with the USMC in the sack around Noorderwijk.


From up till down the BMS Jutan, BMS Nagaskien, BMS Suessensee and the BMS Souveraen

In the night between the 22nd of June and the 23th of June just after the coded message was sent out, a large amount of Tomahawk Ballistic Missiles were fired of Various Points on the Bundesrepublik Schellingen Coast and of the USS Peace, BMS Jutan and BMS Suessensee. Some people on Populus guessed that these "Mysterious Light Beams" were Aliens, Holy Lights from God to remove the Kardakians from Populus or Nuclear Missiles. Only the PFM knew these were Ballistic Non-Nuclear Missiles.


Holy Light or end of the world?

On the 25th of June the Kardakian Forces in Noorderwijk Surrendered and 2 days later all the Kardakian Forces surrendered due to Supply problems in Kardakia (after the Invasion all trade was stopped between other countries and Kardakia was soon not far from starvation.

Populus was liberated after nearly 2 weeks in "barbarian" hands

When the American Marines, Schellingan Marines and Populusian Freedom Movement forces marched into New Rome they were seen as heroes due to the horror's the Kardakians did to the city. Long festivities and parades were very regular after the 25th and a new day Heroes Day was placed on the 25th of June.

Luckily no Skyscrapers or High buildings were hit during the war because otherwise the death toll of 2354 would be raised over 10000 due to the slow evacuations after an attack.

So now the country is liberated everything can return to normal.

Cya Guys Soon


As showed in the last CJ entry an unknown airplane flew over "Sweet Lake" Airbase.

This airplane was part of a recon airdivision of the Kardakian Army of the Socialist Republic of Kardakia 50 km's west of of Populus and 100 km's south of Imaginia.

This was only part of a large force near Populus. With the intention to invade the country.

But why do they want to invade this country? for that we have to look at an important part of the history end of the 90's.

The Esternav Troubles

At the end of 1998, a hard Economic and Political crisis hit populus. The people became poorer and at the Parliamential elections of januari 99 lots of populusians voted for the PCP (Populusian Communist Party) with the hope for economical reforms and an exit after a hard crisis. the PCP won the elections with 51% of the votes and didn't even had to form a coalition with another party to get the majority in the parliament. Altough the brains in the PCP wanted to reform Populus harder as expected to more Soviet like reforms. With help of the 5th Infantry and 6th Armor Division they marched to Esternav where they took control over the parliament and the Presidential House. President Connoras, at that time on visit in Bundesrepublik Schellingen declared Populus in State Of Emergency. Altough the PCP had an army the other divisions (1st infantry,2nd Armor,3d Air and the whole Populusian Marine Corps) were still loyal to the democracy while the 1st and second waited till the army of the PCP would move out of Esternav the 3d air and the PMC rapidly moved from the No-Fly zone above Kosovo to their own country. After 1 week the Loyal Populusian Troops had a vicotry over the Traitors. The PCP members and the 5th and 6th divisions fled to the Socialist Republic of Kardakia. They became part of the Kardakian Civilization and the 5th and 6th Divisions became part of the Kardakian Army. They told themselves they would return to Populus.

These events became known as the "Esternav Troubles"

End 2011 the Populusians in Kardakia could persuade the Kardakian Governement to invade Populus and on the 13th of June 2012 the plan was started.

The Invasion

followed after a reconnaisance by Kardakian Jets the Kardakian Marine launced an Ampibhious Assault on the beaches of Kervers Island.


Kardakian Ships supporting the Populusian Invasion


Kardakian Troops just landed in Settlers Town-South and are fighting the Populusian (Blue) forces.

Later the Kardakians took control over the Island of Kervers and Sweet Lake Airbase were captured this was a disaster for Populus because nearly all of the material of the Populusian Army were stored in Sweet Lake.

In the afternoon when Kervers got captured, President Savon gave a Speech for the people of Populus

President Savon's Speech

Dear Citizens of Populus.

Our Country is in grave danger.

13 years after the Esternav Troubles a large force of Kardakian and Populusian Communist troops have attacked our peaceful state.We can't stop them, they occupied a large amount of our arms and took over Kervers Island

I have ordered all our armed forces to surrender immediately to the Kardakian Mastery.

Please, people of Populus, return to your homes and for safety reasons stay there.

I've asked the international community to take action against this violent and foulish attack on our peacefull archipelago.

Dear Citizens of Populus, help each other during these dire times for our nation.

Good will always prevail.

But, the soldiers from the "Noorderwijk Military Base" went guerilla and looted the War Reserves of Populus in Noorderwijk and then went south in the Eastern Hills were they formed "The Resistance" altough the battle was unfair because the resistance was armed with weapons from the Vietnam and Korean Wars (OLD!) against an army equiped with the latest pieces of Chinese and Russian Technology.


After the invasion the UN came in Emergency Session Together where the USA, UK, The Netherlands and the countries from the continent of Borealia (Imaginia,Bundesrepublik Schellingen,...) asked for an intervention or No-Fly zone in the region because those countries are tradingpartners, but Russia and China were against and used their Veto to stop that.

After a week of intense sessions,meetings and news reports Bundesrepublik Schellingen could persuade Moscow and Beijing to allow an NATO liberation of Populus.

-Will the liberation finally come?

-Will the Kardakians be removed from Populus

-Will i stop talking like this?

We will all see it soon.


Hey Guys.

As i promised in my last entry, today i will show you guys the Island of Kervers and the Big Changes the Island made in the last 82 years.

Kervers, The History

Kervers was during the Papal arrival part of the Nova Roma colony and the Lush Forest on the island was used for building the Nova Roma Colony and Buildings Ships, Tools,...

On the east of the island there was only a little port and some houses for the woodcutters. The port was used for transport to Nova Roma at the other side of the Street of Kervers approximatelly 1 mile from the Tiny Port (Now Settlers Town).

Things stayed like this till the beginning of the 1930's when an earthquake of magnitude 8.5 struck the sea east of Populus and later a tsunami overspoiled Kervers and the South of New Rome. But the damage there was little when u compare it to the damage in the Inner Sea.

As u probably don't know The Populus Archipelago has a main island Populus which has an O form with an outer and inner "Sea" only in the South East of the O there are 2 Sea Streets so the Inner Sea is connected with the Green Sea. The landmass between those Streets is Kervers. The flood even became stronger due to the water in the Street of Kervers moving west. when the Flood arrived in the Inner Sea it flooded several coastal cities killing 35.615 people. it was one of the heaviest disasters in the region at that time and also one of the heaviest death tolls of an earthquake and/or tsunami after the San Fransico Earthquake of 1906.

in 1932 people found out earthquakes were supposed to happen east of them on the borders of 2 Tectonic plates and for that the Street of Kevers got a dike called the "Kervers Dike" now the only waterway from the Green Sea to the Inner Sea was The Street of Zeus in the southern part of the O

when the dike got build a road was built between Nova Roma and the tiny port who was renamed to Settlers Town and people who worked in New Rome started to live there. in 1938 when tensions rose in Europe and a Great War was near. The Populusian gouvernement builded an airbase "Sweet Lake" on the other side of Kervers near the Inner Sea. Families of the soldiers and pilots who worked on the airbase moved to areas around the Airbase such as Settlers Town and the Newly formed town of Sweet Lake City.

In 1965 the Dike was widened for the construction of a highway between Esternav and New Rome via the Southern part of Populus.

In 1978 traffic problems in New Rome became worse and a solution was found. The Towns of Settlers Town and Sweet Lake City would become one town with appartements and skyscrapers but also suburban one-family homes. For that most parts of the Lush Kervers forest had to be cut down only sparing the Far Western and the Northern parts.

And today Kervers has a population fo around 180.000 inhabitants.

That's Enough History now some time for Pics!!!! :party:


Sweet Lake City "Redfield"


Sweet Lake City "Student Appartements"


Sweet Lake City "Business District"


Settlers Town "Westfeld Interchange"


Settlers Town "Yahale Bridge"


Settlers Town "Yahale"


Settlers Town "Yahale Industries"


Settlers Town "Little Italy"


Settlers Town "Guardian Monument (WW2 Memorial)"


Sweet Lake Airbase


Sweet Lake Airbase-North


Sweet Lake Airbase-South

Wait Wait that isn't an Populusian Bomber! and it is flying very aggressive! What is this?!

To Be Continued...


Hey guys,

Today i'm starting my CJ.

It's about the United Archipelago of Populus.

Today i'm gonna show u guys the history of my island


The archipelago is located 100 km of the South-Eastern Coast from Schellingen

History of Populus

It all started for populus in 1563 when Populus got discovered by Signore Luca Populusus who was an explorer working for the Papal States. In 1562 he got an order from pope Pius IV to explore new fertile lands west of Europe (America and the Atlantic) for the Papal states. During those times there was a heavy drought in Italy and people in the papal states were near starvation.

Signore Luca Populusus set sail for the atlantic in November 1562 and arrived in America in Januari 1563 where he found only spanish colonized lands. When he and his crew returned they encountered an unexplored and uninhabited but very fertile island somewhere between Spain and the Americas. The island was uninabithed altough they found strange ruins in the south-western woods of the island. The fleet marked the island on the maps and Signore Luca Populusus set sail to Rome to tell the awesome news to the pope.


(Captain, Land Ho!!!!)

In 1564 Signore Populusus returned to Populus where he found a little Papal colony on the eastern part of the Archipelago made by the people who stayed in Populus to guard it from any other colonists. when he returned he became Count over the colony "Nova Roma" (New Rome) and gouvernor of all Papal territories on the island (they only possesed the South-east and east)

Rumours of a new island in the atlantic spread trough Europe and around 1600 both France and the Netherlands send fleets to populus with one main objective. colonizing it.

The dutch colonists landed in the north in 1601 and started the Colony of Noorderwijk while the French arrived in 1603 and settled in Porte De Zeus not far from New Rome.

Things stayed peacefull till the end of the 1700's when Napoleon came to power in France. He immediately ordered the French Army to attack and take over Nova Roma and then march to Noorderwijk. Their first objective to take Nova Roma was accomplished but to do the same in Noorderwijk never happened. when marching north the Dutch ambushed the French near Troza and 3/4 of the French Legion got killed in the battle for Troza.


(Dutch in Grey and French in Blue)

After the battle of Troza the dutch forces rapidly marched to Nova Roma and sieged the city. The french were so angered about their loss at Troza they had plans to kill all Papal citizens in Nova Roma, but the dutch interrupted those plans by rapidly attacking the town and saving the papal citizens. A very interesting move during times that the Catholicism of the papal states was enemy number one of the protestantism of the dutch. The pope (Pius VI) gifted Nova Roma to the dutch due to their heroic behavior at Nova Roma.

The leader of the Dutch Militia on populus, Peter Rijnermans was beatified in 1865 for that heroic deed.

After the Napoleonistic wars Populus was united under Dutch flag buth when time passes more and more colonists want to become independent from The Netherlands. This worked in 1856 when Populus became an independent country.

The Archipelago became an union of the Dutch,Papal (italian) and French colonies from before the Populus War with each ex-colony having its own parliament. There is also an National Parliament and Senate. The Head of The State is The President of The United Archipelago of Populus

The first president of Populus was Thomas Rijnermans (ruling from 1856-1864) grandson of Peter Rijnermans

During the 1st world war populus supported the Allies but during the second they attented in the war and landed on the beaches of Normandy. The Populusian Army lost 2585 soldiers during the whole war of which 131 died at the beaches in Normandy. In '46 a monument got build for the dead soldiers.


(The Populusian Second World War Monument)

In 1945 Populus joined the UN and in 49 the NATO

In the 20's,30's,40's and 50's lots and lots of europeans came to Populus from all parts of Europe: Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Ireland,...

In 1962 the Populusian governement made the ligua franca to English cause of language problems between the Dutch and French. Also because of it's major bussines partner the US and the UK and Commonwealth were of course English

In 2006 the Populusian population was around 2.500.000 people

That's it for now next entry i will show you guys the island of Kervers south of New Rome see u guys then.


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