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Not long ago, massive attacks against Schulmania looked to give Queensferry strong momentum toward ultimate victory…

But, all is not lost. The spirit of Schulmania may be saddened by these losses, but it is not broken. We WILL prevail. And, bold action taken months ago (see “Insertion” chapter) has borne fruit and delivered a significant and improbable victory to our feline friends. Back in the beginning of the year, a plan developed by Admiral Hestorb and Governor-General Franciflora and executed by feline privateers set in motion a series of events which culminated in the events described below…

Privateer Captain George, A.K.A. “No Beard”, the daringest cat on the Devonshire coast, was heading into the biggest adventure of his career.


That’s “Captain” George to you, landlubbers!

Only Cap’n George had the courage to brave the heavily armed enemy ships and punch through to the open ocean. George was selected by the military planners to spearhead a breakout and insert an elite military team at a strategic point behind enemy lines. Operation Gumshoe Challenge was a calculated gamble – the royal navy sacrificed ships in order to position troops beyond the enemy positions. All of this was to establish a secret military basein the Admiral Islands, which lie beyond the Queensferry blockade and have been essentially cut off from the mainland during the war. And, more importantly, the islands are unknown to Queensferry.


The Royal Claw Works is Schulmania’s first full scale factory and provides armaments for all branches of the military. It provisions a squadron of ships and has allowed Schulmania to stockpile weapons.

The impact of this new base was profound. As shown by the two maps below, the Royal Schulmania Navy has been able to curb its losses and increase enemy losses dramatically. (Scenes of some battles may be seen in the “Sea Lions” chapter.)



Now, this turn of events seems improbable enough, but tonight word has reached Schulmania of an even more improbable event which is sure to hearten Schulminion and outrage the enemy. Cap’n George led an assault group to conduct Schulmania’s first amphibious landing in wartime. A well-armed force of over 200 landed on the coastline of the south end Occupied Zone at a lightly guarded area near the East Atkinos-Devonshire border.



The group’s objective was to storm a prisoner of war camp located near the coast and rescue any felines being held there. There was no hesitation when the boats hit the shore. Now is the time for honor. Now is the time for victory.


Intelligence reports indicate that over 400 prisoners are being held here and being forced to mine uleic acid to make Oil of Onimay


With steely resolve, the TRT teams moved quickly to their positions and engaged the enemy


The compound was quickly overrun and the prisoners located and released. Luckily, they appeared to be in good health.

Time was of the essence; the felines needed to retreat before reinforcements could arrive. Most of the prison guards did not survive. One, obviously their leader, put up quite a struggle before being subdued.


Colonel David Eulabro won’t be “all hailing victory” anytime soon, thanks to the Tactical Response Team!

Perhaps equally important as the prisoner release and the morale boost for Schulminion forces, this improbable attack gives Schulmania its first enemy prisoners and, more importantly, will serve to curb enemy advances as they redeploy forces to defend their rear flank. This respite will allow Schulmania to continue to build up its military and continue to keep up the pressure on Queensferry. And, needless to say, will enrage the evil BuggUla.

The expedition force, released feline captives and new prisoners of war retreated to waiting boats offshore only minutes before dozens of enemy attack helicopters arrived on the scene. Cap’n George directed the ships not back to their port but to a seemingly odd location. Why? The prisoners will be kept in a new, highly fortified position in The Wirdleplex. The ‘Fortress of Peace’ will be revealed soon… and will be essential in our quest for liberation and victory.





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[i]NOTE: All replies above this are now added to post count totals for rank and awards.[/i]

[b]Usfighter15[/b] Woo hoo! This is not of huge strategic value, more like the Doolittle Raid. But, if the prisoner has useful information, it could be essential.

[b]100000000000000[/b] Yep! You go C. G. !!

[b]Westy177[/b] This really helps after the bad news from earlier. Thanks for your support!

[b]Zeldafan[/b] Thank you for your kind words. And, welcome to Schulmania!

[b]Benedict[/b] Woo hoo! One for the good guys!

[right][Volume 3 Update #234][/right]
[right]Please feel free to continue to view and comment on this entry.[/right]

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[i]NOTE: All replies above this are now added to post count totals for rank and awards.[/i]

[b]Emperordaniel[/b] It sure is nice to see that we can deal a blow to them like this. And I hope there will be many more improbable victories in the months to come.

[right][Volume 3 Update #234.1][/right]
[right]Please feel free to continue to view and comment on this entry.[/right]

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