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Rankine Expressway (again)

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Benedict: Thanks for commenting, for your support and for your list! Thanks for being always here!

ggamus: Thank you for commenting, wish I had that marks in my exams!

k50dude: Thanks for your comment, never underestimate the power of GIMP!

Huston: Thank you for your comment! I'm afraid you're wrong my friend, your CJ is the one that inspires me!

mystic_destiny: Thank you for commenting! Question answered in the comments section.

Roberto Robato: Thanks for commenting! I've always been a fan of the flipping efect, makes the pic less "SC4-like".

GreekMan: Thank you for your comment!

gugu3: Thanks for commenting!

TekindusT: I think you should update more, just IMO...

Evillions: Thank you for your comment! I truly love this song, an ode to my Favourite City in the World and the place where I have to go back when I have enough money in my bank account.

cjwillis96: Thanks for commenting!

pielover94: Thank you too!

111222333444: Thank you for your comment!

wswbalvis: Thanks for commenting! It's time to everybody agree on how do we measure city populations, by city inhabitants or by metro area inhabitants...

Gurning_Chimp: Thank you for your comment! Please see the answer to mystic_destiny to get your answer...

The Wrench: Thanks for commenting! When I was in NYC, my trip to the then-standing Shea Stadium on the subway's 7 service has been quite an inspiration for this CJ.

Schulmanator: Thank you for your comment!

Simbourgeois: Thanks for your comment!

Alejandro24: Gracias por comentar! En este CJ, si es triste, es bueno! On this CJ, if it's sad, then it's good!




Now that exams are over, I only have to worry for my part-time job (safety valves are fun!) and revisiting Rankine a little bit. Also, I've been slowly rebuilding my primary SC4 nation (Barnanova) with all what I've learnt since I began, so I'm busy.

And last but not least... See that fancy llama on the homepage? She's called Trixie and wants to be given to a player who deserves it; so go and nominate who you think deserves it the most!! I've nominated 19 people and still not done!

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Recommended Comments

The expressway is too empty, don't you think? Doesn't look like a highway of United States. But I'll not going to deny that the look around is really great.

La autopista luce vacía, ¿no crees? No se ve como una autopista de Estados Unidos. Pero no negare que el entorno alrededor es genial. Te recomiendo usar este [url="http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2315"]pack de SFBT[/url], contiene cosas que pueden ser puestas debajo de las autopistas. No luce muy [i]americano[/i], pero hasta de este lado sabemos que los señalamientos europeos tienen estilo (los de mi ciudad los están cambiando por un toque más europeo, redondos y usan color azul).

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Amazing job. I've recently been to New York (during Christmas), and while passing through the borough of Queens, the neighborhoods were exactly the same as Rankine. I knew this was the best representation of a gritty city on Simtropolis (no offense to Selbring County), but I didn't realize how realistic Rankine was until I saw NYC a second time. I wouldn't give you anything below 5/5 if it was the last thing in the world, now I wouldn't give you anything below Infinity/5. Excellent. :D

P.S. I looked in the responses, and you have a response to yourself. Now I'm scared. :O

P.P.S. I'd take city population over metro population any day. Metro population should at least be mentioned along with city population. City pop. is more justifiable. Why should a city take credit for the population of its suburbs?

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That's a beautiful picture of the freeway, is that actually a bridge or are those ploppable pieces?

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Yes! The new year can really begin now that there's a new T&R update :)

And wow, I just enlarged that image - spectacular!

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