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Big Orange Country

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New Atkinos: Big Orange Country

Welcome to Big Orange Country, right in the heart of Schulmania! Our newest town and secret military project is on the island of New Atkinos, nestled between the sea and our tallest peak, Rocky Top. The Schulmania National Military has set up a secret facility here, known as “The Big Orange Project.” Of course, when you hear about that, you think you know what it is…


There is one of these visible from a nearby town, just to lower suspicion about the activities going on in the town

The “Big Orange” in question is not the one in the picture above. Rather, it is the orange Kotenok Engineering Works Building. And, what exactly is the Kotenok Engineering Works? It’s the secret facility where Schulmania’s newest weapons are being produced. This large factory is supported by more than a dozen major suppliers and of course all of the support services one would expect in a Schulminion town.


The ‘Big Orange’ dominates the town nestled into the narrow plain between the national park and the shore.


The town has been named Port Orange and is the third town in the Commonwealth of New Atkinos. Daniel K. de Purrton has been named Town Administrator by Gen. Leslie Nielsen Groves.


One prominent supplier is Mr. Blasty’s Gunpowder and More


Curious to know about what goes on in the ‘Big Orange’?

The facility houses nearly 1000 workers per shift, with a total employment of 3152 (including security personnel and support staff). The production floors are humming with machines hard at work producing advanced muskets, cannons and our latest innovation – armored weaponry.


The muskets favored by the military at the beginning of the war are being phased out


New rifles are now being manufactured at this facility


New armor has been developed for our soldiers and allied forces


This town’s placid appearance belies its critical importance to the Schulminion military effort


Nestled right at the base of Rocky Top, the ‘Big Orange’ is one juicy military secret


Elements of the 8th Regiment have been stationed here to provide security, under the command of Colonel Peyton Manning, whose command post is on Neyland Square


Of course, if one was spying on Port Orange from the sea, one would see a placid shoreline like this… without a hint of what is just through the trees


I see a nice crowd is enjoying Pat Summitt Plaza between the church and the Administration Center


And just a few blocks further on, the steep slopes of Rocky Top National Park lead to the highest point in all of Schulmania


Of course, Port Orange has all of the amenities of a modern Schulminion town: shopping, fine dining and entertainment. The Claws ‘n Paws Mega Buffet has an all you can eat Fancy Feast deal for only 99 purrs on weekdays.


Ample recreational and commercial facilities are near the plant as well, assuring workers of a happy commute to or from work… or a nice lunch break


One of my favorite places to go in Port Orange is The Markets at Claxton Place. Bargains and good times abound here!


There’s only one road in and that leads to the town of New Atkinos. Bordered by mountains and sea on all other sides, this is a secure facility.


Looks placid? Just wait till the first stunned Port Oranger sees this coming off the production line and rumbling down the street:


And, please feel free to go back to older entries and read more about Schulmania.


3rXU8c4Lsn1.png <------Click here to see the revolving globe showing Schulmania's visitors!


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Okay, you're gonna need to protect Col. Manning for all he's worth. He just might be the single most important commander in all the realm, and that's if he means HALF as much to Schulmania as he meant to the Colts.

Also, where has Lt. Drebin been stationed?

Also, I was always excited when I was the first to reach the modern age in Civilization and rolled tanks into neighboring empires to destroy their feeble archers and pikemen. Good times, good times.

Rumble forth and wreak havoc, Schulminions! ( <---- this I offer to you as a battle cry ;) )

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Your updates always crack me up... and I love the attention to detail and styling you use in all your cities. If I didn't know they were filled with Schulminions I'd think you were doing realisitic European C.J.'s. ;-)

One quick question: What's the building you're using as the [i]Claws 'n Paws[/i] Mega Buffet? It has just the perfect look for the sort of restaurant I want to plop in an entertainment district of one of my cities.

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[i]NOTE: All replies above this are now added to post count totals for rank and awards.[/i]

[b][color=blue]Escilnavia [/color][/b] [i]Obrigado![/i] Glad you liked it. :D

[b][color=blue]MamaLuigi945[/color][/b] Thanks! LOL… did I make you thirsty?

[b][color=blue]9988[/color][/b] [i]Dakujem[/i]! Go Big Orange!

[b][color=blue]Emperordaniel[/color][/b] Yep! It’s the Mechanical Wampus Cat!

[b][color=blue]NMUSpidey[/color][/b] I like doing that in Age of Empires… so much fun to tear them up with super weapons. And, as for Lt. Drebin, he’s undercover at a California Angels game to protect the Queen…

[b][color=blue]111222333444[/color][/b] Thanks! Glad you like it!

[b][color=blue]Roberto Robato [/color][/b] Thanks. Glad to see you back!

[b][color=blue]Thepokemaniac[/color][/b] Thanks… glad you enjoyed them. :D

[b][color=blue]Mertzigzag[/color][/b] Thanks! And welcome to Schulmania. The restaurant is Mickebear’s Cafeteria Linneus which is part of the Mickebear commercials pack on the LEX at SC4D.

[b][color=blue]Dchotzen-hartzell19[/color][/b] Welcome! Those med style buildings can be fussy. I end up doing the building plop command when I can’t get them to grow where I want or run out of patience.

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[right][right][Volume 3 Update #195][/right][/right]
[right][right]Please feel free to continue to view and comment on this entry.[/right][/right]
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