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Feyvil | The Beginning



Despite what the wonders of its modern technology may lead you to believe, Boneila wasn't always so advanced. We will now go back about 1,500 years, to the early days of the modern Boneilan civilizations, which were forming at the same time as the Vikings were raiding northern Europe on Earth. At this time, several large spacefaring city-states had formed, including the city of Melikan, the City of Canals, but most of the Bouneye population was still living in small villages scattered across the countryside. We will focus today on one such village, located at the historic heart of the Bouneye civilization, the Northern Hills. The village's name? Feyvil, after the five hills that dominate the immediate area.


Although Feyvil is a relatively recent town, it has already grown large enough that the local elderbunnies have deemed it high time that a bridge was built to cross the Baunt Swamp which extends from the lakeshores. Because of its awkward location, a long detour around was needed to get to the other shore of the swamp.


Bouneyes are often hungry, so the whole community pitches in to help with growing the crops needed for their survival. Some of the plants have been imported from other planets that grow Earth-food, as these particular bunnies are very fond of foods like corn and lettuce.


Here is the village itself, which is almost entirely populated at the moment by a single extremely extended family, consisting of around 700 members. Work is currently ongoing on expanding the underground tunnels, as well as expanding the current level at the surface. The elders are also considering adding a second level to the village, higher up on the hill.


Here is my first mosaic, of the southern end of Garthil Lake, which is the chief place of recreation for the Bouneyes, although none of them like to swim too near to rowboats, fearing that they may get whacked with an oar. Near the bottom you can see the endpoint of the pathway that the new bridge is part of - The local pier, used for sport fishing, as well as diving and boating. Hoverboats are a recent addition to the village's collection though, and only one is possessed by by them so far. Due to inexperience with such matters, most of the locals fear to take the boat higher than 20 meters above the surface of the land or lake.


There was once a thriving antimatter research facility in the valley not too far away, and it supported a community of over 10,000 Bouneyes. However, one of the scientists, while tinkering around with his colored crystal collection and a power pack near to one of the antimatter containers, accidentally set off a chain reaction that obliterated the entire facility, as well as about 3,000 bunnies. After that, nearly all the remaining inhabitants left the area, leaving only a few remaining behind to live at the edge of the new Glowing Lake, which soon dried up. Fear of the location from that point onward prevented any Bouneyes from returning to the area, and after a few years, all traces of the locals who had decided to remain behind suddenly disappeared.


One evening, after a long day of working in the fields, the Head Bunny of the tribe had a dream. A dream that would change the destiny of the planet forever.


As he dreamed, he was flying over his village, which was having some sort of evening celebration. He tried to decrease altitude, but found that he had no control over his movements. As he watched further, strange creatures from the East came and invaded his peaceful domains. The Bouneyes were vastly outnumbered, and apparently knew nothing of the danger. He tried to warn them, but found that he could not. Then, just as the strange beings came over the hill, a beam of colored light emerged from one of the villager's hands. He at first thought it was a blaster, but the light beam did not fly away as he expected. Then suddenly, the creatures at the top of the hill opened fire, but his Bouneyes were somehow able to repel their attacks with ease. Just then, something from behind hit him and he woke up. As he sat in the darkness pondering what this dream could mean, he knew one thing: He must find out what those strange creatures in his dream were, if they were real. He decided to set out for Melikan the next day.

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[b]NMUSpidey:[/b] Thanks! It may not be the best mosaic around, but I like it :)
[b]10000000000000:[/b] Thanks, glad you like the lake :) The pier you requested is here: [url=http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/16690-marrast-beachfront-pier/][link][/url]
[b]MamaLuigi45:[/b] Thanks! :yes:
[b]111222333444:[/b] I guess you could say that... :P
[b]klr650:[/b] Thanks!
[b]Johan_91:[/b] Glad you think so :)

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[b]jigsaw:[/b] [url=http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/26541-wmp-abteibruecke-cloister-bridge/]Click here[/url]! :)

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