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Melikan | The Giant of the UPF

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Welcome to Melikan, the capital of the Boneilan Empire! Melikan, one of the oldest cities on Boneila, is a supermassive megalopolis with over four times as much land area as the entire nation of Spain has on Earth, and has a population of over 1.5 billion senitent beings. Melikan is also practically the only place on Boneila where humans are to be found; in fact, humans are the dominant race in Melikan, making up about 50% of the population, with a further 48% composed of various races of Bouneye, another 1.5% formed from Kaptek adventurous enough to venture into the city to stay, and the remaining 0.5% made up of various off-world races. The Almighty Bunny, the near-absolute sovereign of the Boneilan Empire, governs his vast domains, stretching across several worlds, from his magnificent palatial tower in northern Melikan.


We start our tour of the innermost section of the city over here, at the Furrarium, the headquarters of the Buni Knights, elite members of the Boneilan Military with highly sharpened skills. Over 80,000 Buni are in the central area of Melikan at any given hour.


Buni are renowned across the galaxy for their skills in battle, and are among the best warriors in the entire galaxy. Their chief weapon is a lightsaber, although many wield blasters as a secondary weapon. Their athletic skills are far superior to most ordinary Bouneyes, allowing them to easily jump to a height of 8 meters, and a distance of 24 meters, on Boneila, which translates to a height of 40 m and a distance of 120 m on Earth. They also have extremely quick reflexes, and can run at a speed of 72 km/h. All in all, a Buni is not a warrior you would like to fight, under any circumstances.


Over here we have the central tower of the Supreme Bunny Congress, the home of the legislative branch of the Boneilan government. Across the speedway, you can see some Yalhow grass, the choice grass of many Congressbunnies.


Here is one of four ornate speedway bridges, dating from the 13th century, or over 1100 years ago, that cross over the Grand Canal, an ancient canal, dating from when Melikan was still only an insignificant city-state. Today, what's left of the canal surrounds the congressional complex.


Now we arrive at Sergenoc Base, a relatively small military base located right next to the Grand Canal. In the above picture you can see hundreds of hovertanks lined up on the outskirts, several rocket towers, and a row of X-Wing fighters, not to mention the underground hangars, which contain hundreds of such spacecraft.


Here you can see the three primary fighter craft produced by Boneila; in the top left of the picture, you can see multiple I-Wings, which were the inspiration for the faster, heavier-armed X-Wing, visible on the right. Finally, at the bottom left you can see Tube-Wings, which form the backbone of the Boneilan fighter fleet due to their versatility, size, and relative ease of manufacture.


Several Star Cruisers also operate from here, just one of which packs enough firepower to vaporize a small asteroid.


Many medium-size military transport spacecraft, with a capacity of 4,000 human-sized troops, are located in the central area of the base.


Finally, to close this update, we'll take a look at this formation of X-Wings on patrol fly past our airbus.

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Have I mentioned the close relationship Schulmania has with its bunny citizens?

This is Agriculture Commissioner Zelgadis Junior

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Cool combination of Schulmania and Eden!

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[b]lobsterav:[/b] Thanks! I also like doing this as a break from my main CJ :whatevs:
[b]Schulmanator:[/b] Ah, I remember Zelgadis Junior... haven't seen him for a while though.
[b]hahei:[/b] Thanks :) (I'm basing it off of Star Wars and my love for rabbits though :P)
[b]9988:[/b] Thank you!
[b]MamaLuigi945:[/b] Thanks a lot! :bunny:
[b]k50dude:[/b] Any similarity to Schulmania is purely coincidental. :P
[b]jdnaylor32:[/b] Thank you! I agree that there isn't too much good futuristic stuff on the STEX, but I was lucky enough to find those orange arcologies; [url=http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/13774-capitol-temple/][link][/url]
[b]Inomsim:[/b] Thank you! For the tower, see the above link. :)
[b]Modzplayer:[/b] :) One question gets one answer: [url=http://www.yuhisa.com/cgi/c-board/c-board.cgi?cmd=one;no=46;id=]Here.[/url] (you don't have to register, just press the "download" button in English.)
[b]Terring:[/b] Delicious!

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