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Shuijing wan citylink part 2

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@K50, escilnavia, 111222333444, NMUSpidey, MrCortez, Gugu3, ee99: Thank you for your great comments, guys!

@Janslaven: SC4config. and thank you!

@TD: GREAT video, thankya for the Link!

@heitomat: Thankya and yes, only the grassy puzzles with flora on them.

@Bwong: The station is a combo of 2 stations that fit together (6track terminal + 2 track through)

@Bugs Bunny: Too many to tell them on the spot. Everything asian :D

@randomuser2349: Why not? I like drawing western ones. But never say never. I might draw an eastern as well sometimes... somewhere....

@Dragon in U73:Scene 04 bottom left.

U74: Shuijing wan citylink part 2

Heya and welcome to the seventyfourth update of my CJ Dragon Islands, today we're going to follow the second part of the streetcar line right through the heart of shi Shuijing wan.












I hope you've liked this update, greetings, Skimbo!

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@ Keder: ..is 3 stations in that picture :whatevs: But top to bottom; SimFox's glr station, a rail station from Bripizza, Cercanias glr station by JEC ;)

@ Skimbo: Love the Cj, spent a couple of hours last night going through all updates and I must say :drool:
Wondering where to get that Glr terminal in pic 6 myself :uhm: EDIT: Found a similar looking one for heavy rail in a Jap. site.. is this the one you are using, and if so; did you relot it for glr??

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@Skimbo - Can you tell me where you got all those buildings and houses? I need to download them, Thank you!


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Skimbo where did you get the heavy rail station in the second-to-last picture? I want it :P

Great entry, this might be one of my favorites so far, there isn't one thing somewhat odd, it's all great :)

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Your rail and GLR look always amazing!!perfectly integrated into the landscape(urban or rural)!!! :thumb: according to me you are the MASTER of railways!! :thumb: and about that GLR terminal...where did you find it?

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I always enjoy looking at your city journals...lovely use of custom content, and I love all your railroad/tram networks!

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Another stunning update. Your Asian cities are really impressive! Thank you for your answer on my last question, here is a new one..: Are the Tram-In-Road stations (pic. #3, 4 and 5) available for download? I can't remember seeing them before.

Anyway, fantastic touch of realism with the tramsheds in pic. #6! Also, they blend perfectly with the surroundings. Great work!

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Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove to see the light rail in action. Another fabulous update and another generic "Nice job!" comment to add to your stash. 5/5!

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hei, fantastic city but... the transport BAT (photo 1,tramvia) could I download this BAT¿? what page¿? thanks

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