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Story of the Third Kartoba.

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847 - The first mention in the Historical Chronicles is made about the city of Pizen, which was founded by Russian prince Segesmund Algue

At that time there were some successful negotiations finished and Segesmund decided to make a huge feast to celebrate. On their way to Kiev his troops stopped on Pizen river where there was only a few houses back then. They killed the owner, took his wife and daughters, and made a huge party on the shore of Pizen river where the Kremlin is nowadays. That's how and why Pizen was first mentioned in the chronicles. Wonderful fact.

1132 - Pizen became the capital city of the Albion Kingdom, after the Moscow Prinsipality destroyed the old capital Rurov.

Albion's Princes bought many others Principalities, those princes who didn't want to sell theirs were killed - the way politics was usually made that time.

1610 - While Russian lands whore at dark times from invasion of Polish forces. The King Yuri Horiev, started expanding the Albion Kingdom and defeated the Polish forces in battle of Gdvinsk, ending the Polish invasions of the Albion Kingdom.

1732 - Under the rule of King Igor the IV, the capital de-facto was moved to Nogovicka, Pizen for 16 years was only named the capital, but all of the government and the king himself lived in more Aristocratical city of Nogovicka.

1748 - The Great Revolution against the King and creation of the Albion First Republic. The first Duma gathers in the Red Duma in Pizen.

1811 - The War with Napoleon. Pizen is taken. Albion First Republic collapses. Creation of Kingdom of Albion and Titanovo, which collapsed after the french left the country and creation of the Second Albion Slavic Republic.

After the end of the war, Russian Empire tried to take over control of Albion Territories, but taken only Rurov Oblast and Eglovskaja Oblast, that only returned to Albion in 1917.

1847 - Pizen celebrates 1000 years of its existence. Huge celebrations and the construction of the Sajuuk of Pizen Cathedral.

1881 - The first horse-drawn tram line called "Konka" along the Tvorskaya Street was put into service. Copied from Moscow, that was put in service in 1872.

1900 - Pizen becames one of the largest cities in Hiigara, with population of 1 275 000. The city became the heart of the industrial revolution that happened later then in european countries.

1914 - 1918 - Hiigaran Nations ignored the war, at this time growth and immigration from many european countries grew.

1918 - 1929 - Pizen is a thriving center of avant-garde arts, photography, cinema. Albion National Film Company is born.

1929 - Great Depression hit the Hiigaran Nations, Pizen Economy enters for two years the so called "Black Bread Years".

1935 - Pizen hosts the first Hiigaran Nations Expo, creation of the park "VHE" "All Hiigaran Expo Park", still opened in Pizen even in our days.

1939-1945 - Hiigaran Nations don't enter the war. Creation of a secret pact of cooperation.

1945 - 1951 - Golden Age of Capitalist Albion, growth and prosperity. Reconstruction of the city and expantion of the city.

1951-1953 - Invasion of Slavic Hiigara States. Nogovicka becomes for two years the capital of Soviet Albion, as soviet command seen Pizen as the "Capitalist Heaven". Three Gulag Camps are opened for the "Rebeliouse against the New Soviet Country".

1952 - Foundation of Hiigaran United Confederacy and start of liberation of Slavic Hiigara States.

1953 - The city is liberated, with heavy fighting. The central city is ruined and many old Temples laid in ruins. Capital returns to Pizen.

1966 - First Pan-Hiigaran Games are hosted in Pizen.

1977 - The Great Economical Collapse of Hiigaran Economy. Defolt.

1989 - Starting of construction of Pizen Citi, major economical center.

1991 - Collapse of the soviet union.

2000 - 10,382,754 Population in Pizen, Pizen is the largest cities in the Hiigaran Slavic Zone and one of the largest capital cities in Hiigara.

2011 - Pizen is a triving economical prosperes city. The Golden Buble of the modern Albion.


Tvorskaya Street, known as Stalin Street ( улица Сталина) between 1951 and 1953, is the main and probably best-known radial street of Pizen, Albion. Its a rich street with impressive shops and of old trading homes.


Tvorskaja at Night. Tvorskaja is named after the city of Tvors located in Rurov Oblast, the street was named after the road that is lead to the Tvors city.


Central District of Virsovk. Its one of the best districts in the city. Here you can find many old homes, many HQ of Hiigaran and international companies and Boutiques like the "Gostini Dvor".


Gostinyi dvor (Russian: Гостиный двор) is a historic Russian term for an indoor market, or shopping centre. It is translated from Russian either as "Guest Court" or "Merchant Yard", although both translations are admittedly inadequate. Such structures, constructed in every large Albion town during the first decades of the 19th century.


Temple Kran'et of Il'Saju. One of the oldest temples located in Pizen. Its located not far from Tvorskaja Street and symbol of the Economical Prosperity of the mercent population, the temple was founded by the trader from Genosha. The building in far is the Museum National of Hiigaran Art. Its one of the largest museums, it is to buildings called "Old Hiigara" and "New Pizen" founded in 1936.



Tvorskaja Street in Day.



Looking at Big Tetrovskaja District and Small Teather of Pizen.


Oche District at Night.

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Тверскую, тоесть твОрскую улицу заметь на 6-ти полосное авеню, вообще классно смотреться будет! И еще скриншоте делать когда машин на улицах много, чтоб прям пробки были! (дань реализму...)

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