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Voices of Pizen, Moscow Inspired City



People living in Pizen

" "Secretary" "


Rosumanova Lina Azumatova, was born in 1983 in village of Roslovk. She moved to Pizen in 2001 and became a secretary in "GasProduct", she still works as a secreatary. Lets ask her, how she likes living in the big capital. Blonds are usually they're just as smart as people with other hair colors, but some of them act dumb because they think the whole "dumb blonde" thing is cute or something. Lives with her "Husband", never married.

1)Where do you live? - Like, I live in the cuttest apartment, both by my poppy puppy darling.... I can't remember the adress... HAHAHAHAHA. (We found that she lives near the center and Poppy Puppy Darling is her 42 year old husband)

2)Your favorit place to visit? - Ohhhhhh I Love to shop, darling honey pie loves when i go to shopping malls, my favorit places for shopping is "Market Hall", "GUP" and "MEGA", i always don't have anything to wear. I also love cute cafes in central city, my girls can meet me there, my puppy Ferdinand IV loves to eat. HAHAAHAHAAHAHA.

3)Are you happy with your work? - Yes, i do a lot of work, when my prince calls me to make Tea or Coffee, its soo much work..... HAHAHAHAHAHA

4)What would you like to improve in Pizen and your stands on women rights? - OHhhh. many things, i would like to take all the ugly people out and all depressing homes, we need more arty places. All ugly people outside the city.... they depresse me. :cry: Women Rights? Whats that?

5)Whats your religion - Oh i love Buddhism, its sooo amaaaaaaazion.


" "Art Critique, Student forever!" "


Volkov Sergey Timurov, was born in 1985 in Nogovicka, moved to Pizen with family in 1988, believes to be Pizenvite. Works in "Winefactory Art Gallery Hiigara" also is a student in journalism in the "People Friendship University of Hiigara". Lives with his partner, married in 2008.

1)Where do you live? - I live near 1953 Year Station, street of svobodnaja in apartment number (we can't give information) and my phone is (we can't give information) if you would like to meet me you nauty people, call me b..... (we can't and won't give more information)

2)Your favorit place to visit? - I love to visit clubs, bars and night venues...... ohhhh..... i have seen it all. I love to go to the VHV (International Hijaran Expo park, build for the exposition of 1961), its a wonderful place to meet people, arty people and different. Also the national art gallery is one of the best places, i just sit and think there.

3)What would you like to improve in Pizen? - Hmm transport problems are horrible, subway is always crumed, we need to expand the city roads, which wore expanded only in 1982.... we need a new improvement in the city. The city also needs to control the expantion of the modern constructions.

4)What are your stands on LGBT movement in Pizen and the country? - I believe that even if the LGBT movement has made a lot victories in Nogovicka, Pizen (Major Cities) there is still problems in Christian regions near Russia and Ukrain where mostly of all population is not of Albion origins. There are still fights and attacks on representatives of our organizations. We should leave those regions!

5)Whats your religion? - Don't follow any celts, believe in reformed Kran'et.


Golden Youth of Megapolis/Pepsi Generation


Goruskoev Egor Genadievich, born in Pizen in 1988, lived for most of his life in Pizen. Works in "Media Group", largest media corporation in Albion and Hiigara (Controling Hijaran Vesti). This is the generation of deep cultural problems and religiouse. Has a girlfriend.

1)Where do you live? - Guys you really need this information? I live in Central City on Tvorskaja, no more stupid questions.

2)Your favorit place to visit? - Hmm, all the night is mine. Love to go to the Syldavian Tiger, best food, best caviar, best drinks. I love to visit the shore cafe of Alzur Cattala, a old place but still very popular. At day, the restaraunt Pushaka Tzarskaja is one of the best places. I like to go for holidays to Nogovicka Beaches and shop there.

3)What would you like to improve in Pizen? - I think the city needs to be more modern and to keep its politics of expantion the Pizen Citi Project has created a new and improved business area in the city. We need to make the city as the golden heart of Hijara and AIN.

4)Your stands on economical growth in Albion? - I believe that it will grow, but there is still problems with the region as it self. Blockade of any of Hijaran Major Ports like Al Garibat, Asmara or Sankt Amursk will collapse our economy quickly. And war will begin in the region if our politics continue with this.

5)Your religion? - I am Kran'etian, follower of the cult of Sajuuk of the White Sect.


Simple Life, Cute Girl


Ukovova Katia Wislova, born in 1989, Pizen. Right now working in a small office of traveling agency. Had a boyfriend.

1)Where do you live? - I live near Pricistenka, a small apartment, but its pretty good rent and near the center of the city.

2)Your favorit place to visit? - I love to with friends to walk around the city, found different places like the Red Square, Parks and Squares. There is so many amazing places in the city!

3)What would you like to improve in Pizen? - Hmm, nothing, i love the cities rythem and the streets. Its an amazing city to visit and live in.

4)What are your plans for the future? - As any Pizenvite will reply, to live well. Hope to move out of this apartment and buy a house in the suburbs.

5)Your religion? - I am Kran'etian, follower of the cult of Sajuuk and Slavic Sect of Ir'slo.


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lol...I was listening to Moskau by Dschinghis Khan while reading this entry. :P

I love the city, it looks really great! The interviews are nicely done, as well. :thumb:

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