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3. New Developments

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Replies copied over from previous update:

@Adrianor - Thanks, to me a semi realistic layout is key, though in honesty power plants are probably bigger than this in some cases. For example Sellafield in the UK is the size of a small town. I'll be showcasing more power facilities in later updates.

@escilnavia - Thankyou, I really like the JRP river kit, and you will definitely see it in later updates :)

@Zulu - The powerplant is from SOMY's site - here is the link http://members3.jcom...my000/index.htm ;Scroll down past all the images and you will see the download link. The water treatment buildings are by NOB - here is the link http://www.simtropol...3-water-system/

@Exla357 - I block some maxis content, and I am in the process of trying to block the maxis houses, however I actually want to keep the highrises and apartments. In theory this should be easy, but reader isn't playing ball at the moment.

@MamaLuigi945 - Yes they are, the link can be found in this very comment:)


I've been hard at work (hah, if only work was as fun as Simcity) creating some more areas in The Spire, I've also updated and redone some, but you won't see to much of that just yet. These areas are generally high density and more urbanised, but without becoming skyscraper forests, see what you think :)

First here is an overview of the city as of today. The new developments should be pretty clear, but I'll also repost the previous city shot for comparison.





This next picture shows the new developments in more detail. We'll look at each area respectively, later.


The first new development is dominated by several large tower blocks, the nearby pleasant green scenery, wonderful panoramic views and proximity to a small growing high tech industrial park have made this area prime real estate, the sims here are generally well to do, they know it and they'll make sure you know it to. Much to their horror however the regional government also elected to build some affordable housing here, but no tensions have broken out other than some stiffly worded petitions. The burgeoning population also made a rail connection to the area neccessary, it was hoped to be able to tunnel through the mountain and then bridge the river but this wasn't cost effective so instead a new spur was built, work has already begun on extending it further, in preparation for further developments to the west.


This next development is centered on the Masshouse Rail Interchange, the existing railway station to the West was upgraded to 4 platforms and building restrictions nearby lifted, additionally to encourage further investment the regional government cut property taxes for the area and gave smaller companies which started up, tax incentives. The land just to the south of the new railway station was allocated towards government funded affordable housing, the area immediately to the south and east of this was sold off to developers. The commercial area has expanded rapidly in just 12 years and it is planned to form part of the Masshouse-Bexley Circus employment corridoor. Bexley circus is to the west, no development has yet taken place.


1km to the east of Masshouse is the main commercial centre for the area, several companies have moved regional headquarters here and Pedriana Pharmaceuticals has even moved its world headquarters here. However the majority of the office space is on lease to many different companies. Over the past 10 years office space in the CBD has increased from 3.2million sq ft to 9.7million sq ft. The railway still has no connection here, but a new station is planned to be built over the car park in the next 9 years. Other proposals have involved demolishing the existing industrial buildings to create more office space, this will likely go ahead in the next decade or so, with the industry relocating to a new out of town site.


For many years the national government had been looking for a site to build a small regional airport, the growth of The Spire meant it was put up as a possible location for the new airport. Thanks to it's huge growth and excellent transport links The Spire won the contract, currently it serves the rest of the region and also has some short haul international flights.


With that all out of the way now here are some general pictures of the city.








I hope you have enjoyed todays update, comments and criticism welcomed.

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Recommended Comments

Fantastic update! First of all, I love the look of your terrain mod. It looks incredibly lush and green, and the snow capped mountain is the dot above the "i". Also, I'm amazed by your rail network. I am a train geek, and your use of viaducts and the mix of standard and wide radius curves is great. The NSB skin is nice too. The diversity in high and low rise BATs is interesting too, and they make the skyline look varied and realistic. Finally, the airport is small, but great. May I ask what runway pack you are using?

Great work! :yes:

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OoooOOOooo! I do love me some new dvelopment, especially when it is as good as your's. This CJ is difinitely one of my top 5 favorites out there now, and it's moving up the list! Great job Ion_Cannon, this is a really great CJ, and you deserve a pat on the back. :thumb:

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@heitomat - Thanks, I've really enjoyed creating my rail networks though at times it has been frustrating when the puzzle piece I wanted, simply didn't exist :P I'll be showing the development of the central station in a forthcoming update. The terrain mod I use is the Meadowshire terrain mod, another cycledog creation and I love it. I would love to take credit for that airport, I really would but that would be wrong of me. It's actually an AC functional airport. It replaces the maxis airport and has 9 stages, each one requires more passengers. I stumbled upon it and had to have it. Here is that very thread - http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?PHPSESSID=fb953ba2e0907c7eed1e9621e6bab969&topic=3316.msg199200#msg199200

@MamaLuigi945 - Thankyou :)

@Exla357 - I would imagine it is located in one of the dependencies for the AC Functional Airports, but which one I have no idea, sorry. Here is the link for the download http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1664

I've also just realised I haven't copied the replies from the previous update, so I'll do that now.

Thanks for your support :)

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This is a really great job. I love the realism on that mountain (and the cliffs to the river - I've been trying to pull that off forever). I'd love to see an airport as realistic as your power plant, but that Reliant Stadium in that setting looks spectacular!

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