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2. A big region needs a big powerplant

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First off I'll copy over replies from the previous entry, and add some further comments.


Thankyou, I imagine I'll be updating pretty frequently so you won't have to wait long to see more suburbia :) Although the next update might be something completely different.

You know, that's probably the only maxis thing I haven't changed, I'll have a look around for something better, thanks for the advice. (I now have a train mod, you'll see it in a future update)

I already have all of Mattb325's houses I believe, though I suppose I should say I don't let R$$$ grow in alot of cases, which reduces the variety I guess, however I am not prepared to make every single R$/R$$ home historical just to get a few R$$$ sims.


Thanks, I'll show some of the larger cities at a later date although to be honest they're not very nice - yet :P


Your comment is appreciated. I love Mattb325's stuff, can't wait till some of those suburban bats he has shown in his thread are released.


I have some closeup shots, though generally I prefer to have larger shots as they show more of an area. I'll have some closeups ready for the next update.

Anyway, onto the update :)

15 years ago it was decided to move all power production for the region to one central location. After looking through the various options the regional government decided to build a large modern nuclear facility. At the time the location chosen would have been many miles from civilisation but the spread of the city surpassed projections and the sprawl started to creep dangerously close, this led to local opposistion to the plant, although the building work continued. Additionally it was feared the new facility would not be able to provide enough power for the entire region, as it had been designed to provide power for 20 million sims but the projections signalled it would need to support 25 million. However a number of developments throughout the planning and initial construction phase provided the way forward. Thanks to a scientific discovery The process for splitting hydrogen from water could be sped up massively due to the genetic engineering of biological catalysts, this made the prospect of a large scale high capacity hydrogen power plant much more feasible, the only drawback was the cost

Thankfully after the regional government held talks with the regions prime technology companies an agreement was formed. The government would put up half of the 10 billion cost, while the technology consortium would provide the remaining half. Shortly after the plan was amended and the regions first large scale high capacity hydrogen power plant was underway, 12,000 people were employed during the construction and now the site is home to 10,500 permanent workers. The development has also been a huge bonus for the technology industry with 1,300 startup companies forming in just 5 years.

The location of the plant is Stanton, and the plant is very originally named - Stanton Hydrogen Electricity Generating Facility

Power is transferred around the region primarily in huge underground conduits, which also carry high speed fibre optic cables. This is one facet of the deal between the government and the technology consortium.

A day overview, the plant requires a huge supply of water to function, the primary intake is underground.


Here is a night overview, the plant operates for 24hrs, each day there are three shifts of workers to make sure the plant is running at maximum efficiency 24/7.


The plant is not open to the public and security is tight, there is also a research facility onsite which conducts more research into the hydrogen process, it's all very hush hush though.


Each of the four reactors operates at 1650MW, over a year the plant will produce 57.8GW of power


The region continues to expand at great pace however and plans are already in the works for more power solutions, proposals for a giant hydroelectric dam have been floated and one of the major technology companies is in talks to build another, though smaller hydrogen plant.

I hope you've enjoyed todays update, comments and criticism are welcomed.

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Recommended Comments

That's lovely! Actually in regard to the houses, I believe the packs are all 2x2 R$$, so a few Maxis blockers should do the trick. Just install some block R$$ files and let 'er rip :)

This CJ definitely deserves five stars! Your use of custom content astounds me. I will ditto all of those comments ^^^

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@Adrianor - Thanks, to me a semi realistic layout is key, though in honesty power plants are probably bigger than this in some cases. For example Sellafield in the UK is the size of a small town. I'll be showcasing more power facilities in later updates.

@escilnavia - Thankyou, I really like the JRP river kit, and you will definitely see it in later updates :)

@Zulu - The powerplant is from SOMY's site - here is the link http://members3.jcom.home.ne.jp/somy000/index.htm ;Scroll down past all the images and you will see the download link. The water treatment buildings are by NOB - here is the link http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/files/file/17563-water-system/

@Exla357 - I block some maxis content, and I am in the process of trying to block the maxis houses, however I actually want to keep the highrises and apartments. In theory this should be easy, but reader isn't playing ball at the moment.

@MamaLuigi945 - Yes they are, the link can be found in this very comment:)

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