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4. Spires University & Hollin Cross Rail

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@heitomat - Thanks, I've really enjoyed creating my rail networks though at times it has been frustrating when the puzzle piece I wanted, simply didn't exist :P I'll be showing the development of the central station in a forthcoming update. The terrain mod I use is the Meadowshire terrain mod, another cycledog creation and I love it. I would love to take credit for that airport, I really would but that would be wrong of me. It's actually an AC functional airport. It replaces the maxis airport and has 9 stages, each one requires more passengers. I stumbled upon it and had to have it. Here is that very thread - http://sc4devotion.c...99200#msg199200

@MamaLuigi945 - Thankyou :)

@Exla357 - I would imagine it is located in one of the dependencies for the AC Functional Airports, but which one I have no idea, sorry. Here is the link for the download http://sc4devotion.c...php?lotGET=1664

@SkyGuy - Thanks, plenty more lush greenery with urban touches today :)

@Equilibria - Thanks, I plan to create a massive regional airport at some point, but that will be many updates in the future, unless I get bored of building urban/suburban.

@7891122562059523 - Thanks, though as already mentioned the airport isn't my doing.



So on to todays update which will showcase the new Spires University, the new Hollin Cross Central Railway Station and various other bits and bobs. To begin with a comparison overview shot.



After, the new university is clearly visible.


Spires University has been looking to move from it's overcrowded outdated maxis designed facilities for over a decade now and thanks to some generous donations from former alumni, has pooled enough funds to begin construction of a brand new state of the art campus. Building work took 7 years and employed several contractors and specialist building agencies. The campus opened up 4 years ago and it was another year before all departments had been fully transferred there. The building gives the impression of that is has been around for years, but this is an illusion, underneath the period brickwork is high tensile steel and concrete. Likewise this allows the university to get around the hassles caused by using older buildings. The looks of a beautiful older building, with none of the drawbacks. (They've actually done this at my university)

First an overview of the entire facility, though the university isn't finished yet, it has big plans.. oh yes. In addition to the new campus a railway station was constructed on the nearby line to deal with the 28,400 students, 7,900 academic staff and various other university staff, this was built in the same way as the university buildings.

The entire university campus and surrounding developments.


The university in all its lush green glory.


Now a few closeups.





The other major development in the region is the Hollin Cross Central Railway Station, which is located on the site of a former carpark. The station now handles half of the traffic demands for the entire CBD, which has drastically reduced the strain on the road system and encouraged development. Among the first of these developments is the Network Rail HQ and administration buildings, which are located in very close proximity to the station.

Before construction.


After construction.


In the 5 years following the building of the station, office building boomed drastically, most of the older factory units once present were sold off, demolished and redeveloped. Office space in the area now stands at 12.2 million sq ft, up from 9.7 million 11 years ago.

The area before redevelopment.





An overview of the CBD today.


And the current CBD in a citywide context.


The old university site was bulldozed and put up for sale, it didn't take long before developers snapped it up. Interestinlgy enough one of the main developments on the new site, Spire Biomechanics, was founded by a university alumni, they specialise in the kind of research which made the Stanton Hydrogen Electricity Generating Facility possible, the main labs are located in the much larger city of Hazel Grove, some 25km to the north east.

The old university quarter, redeveloped.


Now some general pictures.

More affordable housing developments.


Coxburgh Swimming Centre.




I hope you have enjoyed this update, comments and criticism welcomed :)

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I love the fact you made a CJ, its actually inspiring to me even though I have my mind made up on how I will build my city. Great city.

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Absolutely inspiring! I love your infrastructure and especially the work you have done with the train network. And also the fact that your downtown doesn't look like a plopolopolis. [img]http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/3.gif[/img]

May I ask how you blended everything in so well, I'm quite curious to know how you did that. Is it all growable or semi-grown? [img]http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/1.gif[/img]

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@ Zulu - Thanks, and I'll be looking forward to seeing yours finished, Pineville looks very nice.

@ELEMENT - Thanks, I really enjoy creating my networks, nice to see others enjoy them as well. Downtown has 4 plops total, 1 Five Ways, the small brown office building below the main station and two of Il Tonkso's high street shop buildings. Funnily enough all of those are by him actually :P I try as much as possible to only use growables, but I haven't yet got around to making 1 Five Ways and the small brown office building growable, so this was the only way. The shops can grow, 3 of them did, but I wanted a full set and despite zoning the correct area and bulldozing for several minutes, they never grew.

Blending in is a result of a few factors, luck, planning and patience. I have been very lucky in that at times stuff has just grown how I want it to be straight away, this happened with Masshouse in particular, and when I like how something has grown I make it historical pretty quickly. The planning comes in, in that before I have even started to grow I know what I want it to look like and which BATS's will achieve it, sometimes there is also a bit of improvisation though. Such was the case with the first housing estate, which I think you saw in my forum thread. That was intended to be something else but once it grew I realised I could make it look quite nice. I also play around with wealth levels using taxes, zone different size plots specifically in the hope building X or Y will grow, zone different densitys and yes there is still quite a bit of bulldozing, but not as much as you might think. I also tend to build my public spaces and carparks/filler areas, after the buildings have grown, then I can somewhat adapt it to fit the surrounding buildings.

If even after all that and waiting a long time, the specific thing I want hasn't grown I will then plop it. I have about 8 plops total in my city. 4 in the downtown, 3 stubborn industrial buildings which wouldn't grow (despite growing all the time before that :P) and I also have 1 Toyosu building by Deadwoods that despite my best efforts, refused to grow. The other one in Masshouse grew, first time I've managed it :)

The last thing is just having alot of plugins, so that you can get as much diversity as possible. That of course wouldn't be possible without all the dedicated BAT'ers and lot'ers, so if I have used some of your content in my city and you're reading this, you have my eternal thanks :D

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Wow, this is so great! Your city is varied, colorful, has a nicely integrated and organized infrastructure, beautiful, and lush scenery and MMP's. This CJ is truly amazing, Ion_Cannon! Well-done!

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