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RULES! and Week 1: 8/15/11-8/21/11




Welcome! Each week, you get to vote for a new and current CJ entry that you would like to see win one or more of the 26 "Best of the Best" categories, from A-Z!


Each week, a new entry will be added to this CJ that showcases the winners in each category from the past week. In the comment section of that entry is where you vote for the current week's categories. Leave a comment saying which category and CJ entry you're voting for. Voting for each week lasts from Monday through Sunday. Remember you're not voting for a CJ! You are voting for a new CJ entry from that week, so please include the title of the entry as well! You can vote a single CJ entry for multiple categories, any day you want that week. However, you can only vote for a specific CJ entry for a specific category once. But, you can vote different CJ entries for the same or different categories any day of the week. For example, if you voted something for category Y on Monday, and on Thursday someone posts a new entry that you want to have a shot to win category Y as well, you can still vote that specific CJ entry for that specific category. As of 12/29/13, the 26 categories have been retired. Tied entries will win based on how many comments individual users comment on that entry, and a user's comments must be unique solely to that entry (as of 8/26/12) has received on its actual CJ entry page for that week, not including comments by the author. If the number of comments are tied, then the winner is determined by the number of views the CJ number of views the entry (as of 4/2/12) has received. As of 10/3/11 11/24/13, you may vote for yourself, but only if that category already has another nominee. If it doesn't, you must nominate someone else's entry for that same category in order to include your own. All nominations, including your own entries, must be of worthy quality. An entry's quality will be assessed when determining the winners, runners-up, and honorable mentions. A nominated entry of unacceptable "Best of the Best" quality will no longer be recognized as of 10/17/11. CJs receiving 6 or more wins at the end of each 26 week period will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.


Atmospheric (this CJ entry transports you to another time and place, or creates a certain mood and truly comes to life)

Believable (this CJ entry is so real it could really be real)

Commercial (this CJ entry makes good use of commercial lots)

Destruction (this CJ entry destroys all others with its depiction of destruction and decay)

Excellent (this CJ entry is, just simply, excellent)

Freaky (this CJ entry is freaky or scary or weird or something like that)

Gritty (this CJ entry is so gritty, run-down, low-class, or crime ridden that it's awesome)

Historic (this CJ entry is historical because it takes place in the past, or features historic architecture)

Industrial (this CJ entry makes good use of industrial lots)

Jaw dropping (this CJ entry makes your jaw drop every time you look at it)

Kool (this CJ entry is plain cool, with a 'k')

Landmark (this CJ entry makes good use of landmarks or lots that should be thought of as a landmark within the context of that CJ's city)

Mosaic (this CJ entry has one heck of a mosaic)

Nature (this CJ entry makes good use of nature)

Outlandish (this CJ entry is wild, crazy, or otherworldly, but in a really awesome way!)

Photoshopped (this CJ entry makes good use of photoshop or other image editing programs)

Quizzical (this CJ entry is odd and strange, but in a good way!)

Residential (this CJ entry makes good use of residential lots)

Story (this CJ entry has a really good story to go along with the pictures)

Transportation (this CJ entry makes good use of transportation networks)

Unique (this CJ entry is like nothing else, in a good way!)

Vivid (this CJ entry is full of beautiful color)

Water (this CJ entry makes good use of water, water lots, beaches, etc.)

Xciting (this CJ entry is exciting in more ways than one)

Yikes! (for whatever reason, this CJ entry makes you say 'yikes!')

Zip code (this category is for a CJ entry with a neighborhood or distinct part of a city that truly stands out)



Recommended Comments

[quote name='k50dude' timestamp='1313434903']
Uh... what's a "Quizzical" journal? :P
a quizzical entry is one that is odd or strange, but in a good way!..........glad you asked..i'm going to add a description for all the categories above so that they make more sense :thumb:

[quote name='escilnavia' timestamp='1313435499']
alright:Atmospheric for Anilam4 from alien worlds
thanks for voting for alnilam4 :) but it doesn't count cause it's from last week..voting is for new entries for this week 8/15-8/21 :thumb:

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[quote name='111222333444' timestamp='1313441251']
Believable: Hong Kong 2.0 by TowerDude!!!
i agree with you about Hong Kong 2.0 but you can't vote for a whole CJ, you can only vote for a new CJ entry published this week (8/15-8/21)

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[quote name='10000000000000' timestamp='1313460695']
Can I vote twice?My other vote was for Chinatown(BRISTOL,England)Excellent
yes, you can vote twice! you can vote however many times you want, and you can also vote a specific entry for multiple categories..just don't repeat your own votes and no voting for yourself!

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I vote for the the "Delta Flight 56" entry of "The Tropical Venesian Kingdoms" by 10000000000000 under the category, "Atmospheric".

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[b]Believable[/b] - "Chinatown" in "BRISTOL, England" by [b]Mike The Mayor[/b]

[b]Mosaic[/b] - "Cheung Kong Center" in "Hong Kong 2.0" by [b]TowerDude[/b].

[b]Transportation [/b]- "Bandar Sabah Intl Airport" in "The Sultanate of Kalu Sabah, by [b]SkyGuy[/b]

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[b]Nature, Believable[/b] - Terraforming : Eastern Middle, Cape May County, New Jersey : Postcards from the Jersey Shore by [b]Jetty Jockey[/b]

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For "Believable" Blue Moose's Cumberland - Bergenside
For "Nature" Blunder's Powell Geyser Field
For "Excellent" Bipin's Cape Coronado
For "Water" Jetty Jockey's Terraforming: Eastern Middle
For "Gritty" TekindusT's Factories, Wall-to-Walls and Projects
For "Atmospheric" Paeng's Covington Part II (West Bank)
For "Photoshop" Schulmanator's Experimental Software Playhouse

If I think of any more, or I see anything fun this weekend, I'll be sure to play again!

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Thanks spursrule14, alright p for photoshopped, I think goes to Experimental Software Playhouse in Schulmania by Schulmanator. Aug 16

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I'd like to also vote for Update 30 - 8/19/11 - Parquart, Southall, and Highland Neighborhood by packersfan for [b]Mosaic[/b].

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[b]Believable[/b] - Chinatown, "BRISTOL, England" by [b]Mike the Mayor[/b]
[b]Believable, Nature, Jaw dropping[/b] - Gassian-The wine town-The monastery of Sacre Mariae, "RONDNOIR ~ the small Principality ~" by [b]Framly[/b]
[b]Unique[/b] - Turn 12 - New Mosque and Church!, "The Dunya Project" by [b]nedal2001[/b]

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