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BTT (CJ section): 11 August 2011

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Hi, ggamgus. Yes, Ben's Top Ten +10 represents the top 20 out of approx. 150 CJs.

Hi, TekindusT. Gulp, a shocking sight in this week's BTT+10.

Hi, TheHaso2011. As others mentioned last week, the +10 is the group of CJs in positions 11-20 in my ranking.

Hi, 11223344. The formula used for BTT+10 is objectively based on replies and updates.

Hi, Skimbo. Good work last week... did you hang on for a third week or not? Check below...

Hi, canadiansim. See my response to 111222333444 above. Also, I am not in the business of deciding what constitutes a good CJ or not. To me, one of the great things about CJs is that they can be whatever the author wants them to be. Just because one doesn't care for a CJ, doesn't mean that it is 'bad' or necessarily needs to be improved. The appreciation of CJs is very individual - some CJs that I think are outstanding and choose to comment in are often ignored by most other members here.

Hi, NMUSpidey. This week was particularly crazy - scores had to be 20 points higher than previously (around a 25% increase!!) to be in the BTT+10.

Hi, 10000000000000. Hopefully the number of negative comments for any CJ is small, mostly I see constructive criticism.

Hi, escilnavia. Lucky 7 goes to a different CJ this week - but the competition was fierce. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Ben's Top Ten

Some wild moments in this week's Top Ten. Scores were very high this week, and it was impossible to predict who would come out on top during tabulation. In the end we had a brand new number one - congratulations to Republic of Insulo, which storms into the top slot as a re-entry.

Only four CJs from last week's Top Ten managed to hang in there. Selbring City is a high new entry at 2, and Rock Creek City is new at 9. There are three additional re-entries for Imperial Kingdom of Posillipo, Journey through Paengia and Republic of Onubis at 3, 6 and 8.

For the first time since starting Ben's Top Ten for the CJ section, Tenements & Rust is down in the +10. Congratulations to TekindusT for spending 33 consecutive weeks in the BTT, with 15 of those at number one. I'm sure T&R will be back in the Top Ten soon...

Happy CJing, and I'll be back next week.


Ben's + 10

sunken highway's by Fbi123

Alien Worlds by spursrule14

The Sultanate of Sotoa by escilnavia

Auburn by Greekman

Tenements & Rust by TekindusT

Grand River City by Mithokey

Schulmania by Schulmanator

Non-professional SimCity by ggamgus

New York by IAMAJAK

Bristol by Mike the Mayor

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Recommended Comments

Awesome, finally cracked the number one spot after stopping at number two twice. Some incredible CJ updates by a lot of people this week, I'm a bit surprised I came out on top.

And congrats tekindus on staying in so long, that truly is an incredible feat, seeing as most of drop in and out on an almost weekly basis.

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Wow. Congrats, 2b2gbi. Though, I can't believe Tenements and Rust got pulled all the way down to number 15... Schulmania's down to 17... BTW, Benedict, your top 10 updates each get 10-11 replies, why isn't this CJ on your list?

LOL! I put "Tekindus and Rust" in the first time, but you know what I meant, and I edited it.

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and then lol, I get put at unlucky 13 :rofl:
no but seriously congratulations to all on the top ten, these entries were hard to beat. Thumbs up to everyone :thumb:

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Awwww, off the Top Ten!! :cry:


Now seriously, it's been a very interesting week in the CJ Section, 4 re-entries and 2 new entries demonstrate this; and most (if not all) the CJs in this week BTT are really excellent. Then, it's time to be excellent as well!

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[quote name='TekindusT' timestamp='1313422138']
Awwww, off the Top Ten!! :cry: ...[img]http://3.bp.blogspot.com/__d2B9sUpUVU/STIQnqPQSLI/AAAAAAAACHk/pg5QKXIkoO8/s400/I'll%2Bbe%2Bback.jpg[/img]Now seriously, it's been a very interesting week in the CJ Section, 4 re-entries and 2 new entries demonstrate this; and most (if not all) the CJs in this week BTT are really excellent. Then, it's time to be excellent as well!

LOL. You thought you'd stay up there forever with the awesome new CJ's? LOL. Yours is good, but others deserve those spots, as well...

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