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Hijaran Nationalities and Minorities Part 1. Asian Hijara

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Hijaran Nationalities and Minorities

At first there was a Pre-Hijaran Tribes. United by one fate and one culture. In times they wore conquered or became a self nationality. But all from new comers to the originals, wore united by the Pre-Hijarans tribes. The idea of unity of course came only in 20 centuary, with first summits made to create the Hiigaran World. Here i will try to explain some of nationalities in Hiigara. You can ask any question you like. Here we will show the Asian Hijarans Main Groups. This topic is made to give understand to you all that Hiigara is not one nationality, that term Hiigaran/Hijarans wore only started to be used in 20 centuary, with the start of understanding of common starts and live. This is Hijarans Asian.

Asian Hiigara

Tatar Hijarans

Tatar Hijarans are the "newest" tribe of Hijarans, they came only to modern Hiigaran in times of Golden Horde and founded the Melk Kingdom (Modern Melkian Empire). They mixed with Pre-Hijaran Nationality Melsovka (Slavic Origins, probably came from Albionical Lands). Not many in AIN now that there are Mongloid Hijarans or as they call themself Melkians. They are Kran'etian, followers of the Blue Wolf Cults and of the Burner Sajuuk. They live mainly in Melkia, but you can see Tatar Hijarans in border towns of Everon.

Moor Hijarans

Mulat Hijarans/Afric Hijarans/Moor Hijarans. One of the oldest tribes in Hiigara, comers from Africa and mixing with tribes of Pre-Hijaran origins. They wore heavelly influenced by Ottoman. This Hijarans call themself Moors, there are information that many came at the same time as did Spain been invaded by Arabs. They mainly live in Genosha, Argindia, Rhodes, Asmara, Acirifia and Yri-Laim, small communities are located in Everon. Followers of Kran'et, main God is Kap'Tak'Ie. Brother God of Sajuuk.


Saju Hijarans/ Kartobian Hijarans/ Arabic Hijarans. Original settlers of the island, the Kartobians are similar to the Arabs. They are the first to found the religion of Kran'et. This nationality call it self Saju Hijarans, coming from there word of Saju (God), people of God. They are influenced by Arabs and Turkish Traders. They mainly live in Acirifia, Rhodes, Asmara and Genosha. Followers of Kran'et.


Marmara Hijarans/Iberican Hijarans/Argindians. Original settlers of this lands wore Argi, they wore taken b N'Dian Tribe and they merged in a new tribe - Argindians. They are one of the largest nationality groups, they look close to Catalonians. They live in Argindian Republic, parts of Malden and Kushan Empire. Followers of Kran'et.


Asmarans. Traders of Asmara, one of the original Hijaran Tribes, never mixed. Live only in Asmara Republic. They wore heavelly influenced by traders from all over the sea. They are followers of Kran'et.

Turki Hijarans

Turk Hijarans/Turki. Minority of Turki, they are Turkish, mixed with larger groups of Hijarans and adopted Kran'et as there fate. They have small communities and live in coast of Black Sea in Malden Republic. They came with Ottoman armies trying to take over the Hiigaran Countries but failed and stayed in Malden under demand that they adopt Kran'et. The live in Malden, Everon and Argindia. Followers of Cult of Sajuuk.

Other Minorities

By Religion

People of Book/Coptic Hijarans - Small minority, followers of Christianity, wore persecuted by Kran'et for adopting Christianity, now they are living in small mountain regions.

Followers of the Moon/Islamic Hijarans - Small minority living in boarder towns with Turkey. They left Kran'et after the start of Islamic invasions. Wore persecuted.

Jewish Hijarans - Small minorities, mainly living in large cities of Malden, Argindia, Kushan, Genosha and Acirifia. Wore seen as trader and close to the words of Sajuuk.

Muaki People - One of the last and oldest tribes of Hijarans, they never created any country and wore taken by Malden. They are right now living in Nija.

There are more minorities living around Asian parts. And many more nationalities, so we have given the main 6 nationalities living in the region of asian Hijara, not saying of course about Maldenian, Everonian Nationalities as they are closer to European Hijarans not Asian. Of course there nations are located in Asia. Next update we will also give information on European Hijaran Tribes.

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