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The Canal at Faraquouh




North of Moubasa exists a small spit of land, less than one mile across at it's thinnest point. This portion of the island is still largely barren desert, but much use has been made of the existing space since the discovery of the island by the Japanese. During the Japanese occupation of the island during WW2, a small earthen canal was dug through the strip of land for Japanese submarines to pass through should the need for African conquest (or a forward naval base) arise. The Japanese determined (and it was later confirmed, to great dismay, by American naval forces at the now famous naval battle of Foquodah Reef...[if you would like details just ask :P]) that passage through the canal saves a day's journey around the southern tip of the island.


The canal resembles the Suez Canal in that canal locks do not exist. Passage through the canal is watched over by a small guard shack and radio tower that transmits all ship data to a nearby naval base. Should an unauthorized ship approach, Okumaran Coast Guard ships can quickly arrive and escort the ship out of the area.


A small city named Faraquouh exists directly behind the canal that houses many of the canal's workers. The city is small, but provides much of the manpower and resources that keep the canal in commission. The city is also home to a large police/military tower that provides much of the backbone of the region's security. Much of the police force, however, has been committed elsewhere to fight the country's growing drug trafficking problem, and security in the area has been greatly diminished. Hopefully the problem will not be exploited....


The city still moves at night. Ships are sailing through the canal at all hours of the night. "Fe Faraquouh", the city's largest hotel/nightclub, provides much needed distraction for the cities workers. As the night ends, the work day begins again....


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Thanks guys :golly:

Just in case anyone was curious.... The Battle of Foquodah Reef was a naval battle in March 1944 between the Japanese and American navies. Japanese-American spies, who had spent two years at the naval bases on Okumara Island, uncovered plans for Emperor Hirohito to visit the island, to survey the newly constructed prisoner and "medical" facilities to ensure that they were up to "Imperial code". American warships, after hearing of the Emperor's visit, moved into position to strike the island once the Emperor arrived. As the Emperor landed, the battle began. American warplanes bombed the island, while destroyers and battleships pounded away at the Japanese warships. However, Hirohito was able to re-board his ship and head through the canal towards home. American ships, unable to access the canal due to stout Japanese defenses, had to sail around the island instead of through the canal, and thus lost Hirohito and the ability to end the war early.

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Towerdude: Yes, I think that I did a pretty good job. Some of the pictures turned out small for some reason, and the second picture is a tad too blurred >.< ...but ill get it right next time :golly:

KleanUpGuy, pielover94, and Evillions: Thank you! :D

rileyskioo: the sand is not plopped, but is a result of the Chihuahuan Terrain Modd:
Good luck (I think this might fit in fairly well with the Las Vegas CJ your doing! :thumb: )

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TimEpke15.... they are from Frogface's MEB set....just type in frogface in the STEX and you'll find them relatively easily :thumb:

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snoiprocs16: Its the Chihuahuan dessert mod. It's not completely white, its just the photo effect. I love the modd. I would however, like to inform you that it doesn't look very good using DarkNite.

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