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Developement of New London

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Hi everyone, Really sorry I haven't updated this in a while, I've been busy with other projects :uhm:

Anyways, thanks for commenting on my previous updates! I'll give some of the questions replies: :D

K50dude: Thank you, They are intentionally that way, I mean, Islands that pop up after an Earthquake probably aren't going to be big and flat! :)

Dylan7Keck: :lol:

Thanks for the comments! Now on to the CJ!

The next ship to arrive at the Islands were the English/French. They Colonized on the Island next to the americans. Their colony is pretty similar to the americans.


Just some simple shops, homes for first comers, and a wheat farm. The first thing the new colonists do are to discover their new home! They find what is a giant boulder field. :O


Yikes! wouldn't want one of those to fall on you! :dead:

The English as build a small pasture for cows, as shown here:


As the richer people want to get off the boats, the towns start to build biger houses, and places for people to relaxe or get medical help. As you can see in this next photo, the rich people now have new homes, and the less wealthy are in smaller home on the other side of town. The boats the people were living in were not the best living areas. Sanitation and garbage disposal were very bad on the boats, and becauseof this, many people became sick, and 27 people unfortunatlly died due to a new disease called the "Water cough". Anyways the senate desided to start building new medical buildings on land( in the pic it's the small 1x1 cabin), so people could be treated. the first one is in New London. Although it is small, it suites just fine for now. a bigger one is planned to be built in New Washington. ANYWAYS, here's the pic:


Also their is a new Town Meeting Center. This is were debates and elections will be held.

Or will it.....


Well an Earthquake struck the island today. It was a minor one, 5.9, however, the newly built Town Meeting Center couldn't hold it. :rage:

It was destroyed in the earthquake. This deeply troubles scientist and citizens. Most people thought the Earthquakes were over, but now this happened. In a press release, a well know Scientist said " We believe that Earthquakes still will happen, however they will occur not very often, we may see small ones every 3 monthes, and major ones every year and a half."

It was also discovered that a new Island rose out of the water right off the coast of the Brit's Island.


Well that's it for this Update, Please leave comments and suggestions! :read:

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I guess Im first. Well it would be cool to see some farms. But I don't know what your plans were for the island though.And a picture showing the whole island. I like the connection of Big Island to Smaller Island :) :)

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Either that island appeared due to earthquake or the Brits have REALLY bad eyesight! :rofl:
Awesome CJ!

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The Brits have a new island, they really should put it to use. Such as plopping a lighthouse or building an airport..

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