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In 2011 the US learned that the crust of earth was quickly being melted away by the mantle. This would cause great earthquakes that would sink the entire world into water. The USA and other...

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janslaven: Thank you for the Ideas! I will definatly have a close up pic of each island soon...

figgy: :rofl:

usfighter15: Thanks for the ideas!

Just to let everyone know, I downloaded PEG's RES Replacement Mod, I know it looks odd, but I'm using it for my other Regions :yes:

Well now, the next group to populate the Islands were the Japanese and Chinese. Here's a shot of their Islands:


The Japanese have the Island on the left, the chinese on the right.

The Japanese go to work right-a-way building A building for the richer citizens, and a medical clinic.


The Japanese find another small pond near their setlement, and amazingly find a dead tree! This must mean that this area was once somewere above water,before the great earthquakes. The citizens decide to plant some crops their. In the next picture you can see that the have flatened some land. They just have to remove some rocks and start planting! :ooh:


And in this next image, They have planted some corn and wheat.


Meanwhile, On the chinese side, here is a helicopters view of the settlement: 8)


One other thing that the Chinese do, is build some industrial buildings. they think it will give them an economic advantage in this new world. Do you think it can? :???: Leave a comment in the comment section below: :thumb:


Well that's all for this update! I hope you enjoyed it, And if you have any ideas, questions, or comments, please post them! :read:




Hi everyone, Really sorry I haven't updated this in a while, I've been busy with other projects :uhm:

Anyways, thanks for commenting on my previous updates! I'll give some of the questions replies: :D

K50dude: Thank you, They are intentionally that way, I mean, Islands that pop up after an Earthquake probably aren't going to be big and flat! :)

Dylan7Keck: :lol:

Thanks for the comments! Now on to the CJ!

The next ship to arrive at the Islands were the English/French. They Colonized on the Island next to the americans. Their colony is pretty similar to the americans.


Just some simple shops, homes for first comers, and a wheat farm. The first thing the new colonists do are to discover their new home! They find what is a giant boulder field. :O


Yikes! wouldn't want one of those to fall on you! :dead:

The English as build a small pasture for cows, as shown here:


As the richer people want to get off the boats, the towns start to build biger houses, and places for people to relaxe or get medical help. As you can see in this next photo, the rich people now have new homes, and the less wealthy are in smaller home on the other side of town. The boats the people were living in were not the best living areas. Sanitation and garbage disposal were very bad on the boats, and becauseof this, many people became sick, and 27 people unfortunatlly died due to a new disease called the "Water cough". Anyways the senate desided to start building new medical buildings on land( in the pic it's the small 1x1 cabin), so people could be treated. the first one is in New London. Although it is small, it suites just fine for now. a bigger one is planned to be built in New Washington. ANYWAYS, here's the pic:


Also their is a new Town Meeting Center. This is were debates and elections will be held.

Or will it.....


Well an Earthquake struck the island today. It was a minor one, 5.9, however, the newly built Town Meeting Center couldn't hold it. :rage:

It was destroyed in the earthquake. This deeply troubles scientist and citizens. Most people thought the Earthquakes were over, but now this happened. In a press release, a well know Scientist said " We believe that Earthquakes still will happen, however they will occur not very often, we may see small ones every 3 monthes, and major ones every year and a half."

It was also discovered that a new Island rose out of the water right off the coast of the Brit's Island.


Well that's it for this Update, Please leave comments and suggestions! :read:


The USA ship was the first to discover the Islands, and first to populate them.

Before Populating, the ships put together the new constitution of the United Islands. Under the new country, Each ship/ past country gets an Island to themself, which are the states. Each state will elect a representative (most likely the original leader of the old country) for their State, which will be part of the Senate. Their will be no president, or main leader, just the senate.

Now that the constitutuion has been put together, the USA will start populating the island. Here is the first image after construction.


The first residents to move in were the president of the USA, and some other mid wealth people. The richer people are staying on the ship till better houses were built.

Time for some discovering of this new island! The President hired men to look around and discover the new Island. Since their are no trees it makes it much easier.

One Important thing they discovered was a small pond on top of a hill.


As you can see, they built a path to the pond. They named it "Rockland Pond."

The New Senate needed a place besides the crummy boats to meat in. New Washington, As the USA's town is called, offered to build a meeting building for the senate. The construction began by moving rocks and clearing land.


Next they moved the gravel and dirt and placed some grass and pavment, were the building would be built.


Finally the build was built!


Well that's it for this update, A new one will be up soon! If you have any tips, feel free to post them!



First Discovery

In 2011 the US learned that the crust of earth was quickly being melted away by the mantle. This would cause great earthquakes that would sink the entire world into water.

The President of the United States Quickly started a program with other Conutries to start build gigantic boats that would be able to withstand the waves, and earthquakes. France, England, India, Australia, China and Japan joined the cause. They had untill 2013 to create massive boats. France's boat colapsed in a minor earthquake in September 2012, and join with England to build the boats. By April 2013 the ships were finished.

Now the countries had till September 28th to gather pasengers. To keep this opperation a secert, the goverments sent Top Secert officals out to gather the people straight from their homes. Unfortunatly on August 21 a rumor broke out about this and quickly spred. from then till November 16, (The estimated day) Their were mega riots in the streets, Cities in flames, and assinations of goverment officals. On November 17, The mega earthquakes started. All the boats were sucsessfully launched, and began to search for any land. During the one year voyage, The India ship broke down, and many passengers were left stranded.

 After a year of searching, the boats finally found a group of Islands and started to populate it. Here is a picture of it.unitedislands1289512687.png

I will begin this CJ hopefull soon. Please Enjoy! Since I am new to CJing, If you have any tips, please bring them up! If you ever saw my Other CJ, "Pinewood Mountains", that Region was deleted. :(


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