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Flora Work in Al Aauim



Alright. There was a large amount of comments about it, so I finnally decided to do this. I hope you all appreciate it. 

This is NOT A TUTORIAL. This is simply showing a area being made, from start to finish. 1.gif

Custom Content: -All the MM-plops that I use.

JRJ Transparent Plopable Water
Transparent plopable water

Flora Set by Sorchin
This come with water which I use a lot, as well as rocks too.

HBS Ploppable Chihuahuan Desert Mod
I use these A LOT in my Wild West region.

GDV Mayor Mode Tropical Tree Set
GDV Mayor Mode Tropical Sea Set
Awesome stuff for tropical areas.

SimFox TreePack #2
I think everybody has these. 

Simfox's Chesnuts

PEG PPond Terrain Props Pack 1
Again, think everyone has these. Nice plopables PEG made.

RRP Pasture Flora ChrisAdamas3997
Nice pasture flora.

PEG MTP Mayor Menu Scrub Brush Mod
Maxis scrub for mayor mode.

HBS Tropical Flora Pack
Nice trees, as well as plopable sands which are really awesome.   The trees are a bit too green. I usually use them mostly for small areas.

HBS Ploppable Volcanic Rock Mod
HBS Ploppable Sandy Rock Mod
HBS Ploppable Mossy Rock Mod
HBS Ploppable Maxis Rock Mod
HBS Ploppable Gray Marble Rock Mod
HBS Ploppable Grassy Rock Mod
A bunch of rocks by Heblem.

nbvc - Grey Rocks

JRJ Plop a Garbage

So today lets all build a river.  10.gif

I am building this river in a tough location. On the side of a mountain. Not much flat ground up hmere.

Lets run a street (hopefully you have a slope mod) up where we want the river. This will help make the terrain around the stream easier to make, and the water will look much nicer too because it is on ground only sloped in 1 direction. Where I am building mine, there is already a eroded, canyon, of sorts. So it seemed like a decent place to build it. (I am using a real-world based map.)


...ran it up almost the whole mountain...


Now. What water shall we use?
I am going to skip PEG's because it's too dark for what I envision.

Scorchin's water?


Love the color on this one.
Lets see jeronij's transparent water.


Nice, but lets see something first.
I tried out random plop-flora on each of them. jeronij's, being transparent, is above the ground some ways so that smaller things will appear under it.

In most cases I would use scorchin's water, but I think for this particular thing I will use the transparent water.


Although lets fix 1 thing. Lets use the 1/2 tile sized water rather than the full-tiled sized one. It will make a smoother shoreline.


Onto the flora. 2.gif  ... kinda...

An important thing is to work with the terrain. You can easily cover up 100% of it and have JUST ploppable flora, but I don't like that.


And yes, I use many different MM-plopables. Even on areas this small.


Now for some small grass?

Here I just plopped some of heblem's grass from his tropical flora pack, and chrisadam's grass. (hard to see here)


Here I've added simfox's trees. I'm not going into immense detail for reasons. You should place this stuff on what you feel is right. Not randomly, and not uniform. There may be types of trees in one area, but not another. In real life the same types of trees are not everywhere.


You could although.... use this shortcut....  3.gif

I've tried making a tree controller using simfox's trees. Not THAT divers, but it works for me because it works as a good filler for large expanses.
I've atached the file to the bottom of this post for anyone who is interested.  2.gif

You need simfox's tree pack as well as Heblem's Tropical Flora Pack. (Links at the top of the post.)


THIS however is not a large expanse of land. So let's continue using the MM plops and not a god mode brush.


Adding various flora along the shoreline.

You can see more then 1 type of flora that I add. There are actually a lot of different types of grass under & near heblem's desert flora.



Thats all for today.

Next update I will show the finished area and more. (It will look a lot better.)


And for those interested,

Simfox's tree controller - Linkie
You need Simfox tree pack and the HBS Tropical Flora Pack.


Recommended Comments

I love it! It looks very lush and tropical. I'm wondering where you got that one big palm tree... it looks very familiar, but I don't have it in my game.

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Interesting look at how you make your terrain, but that tree controller is just  amazing! I've been wanting a Simfox tree controller to replace my Cycledogg's controllers I use. You have saved me an immense amount of time and effort! I salute you

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 Thank you very much for sharing the controller with us. However, I have both the Simfox trees and HBS Tropical Flora Mod, and I get the occasional brown box when using the controller. Are there any other dependencies that I may have missed?

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