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City of MIDGAR

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Welcome to my new CJ!

I left Spira alone for a while and started up playing with a new city.

This is MIDGAR, the CAPITAL CITY of my region!

Even if it's smaller than Spira (about 1/4 smaller), I consider this city one of my best so far! This is confirmed by the sims living here, and the fact that there are no unemployment problems! It seems that everybody has got a job and so far no buildings have been abandoned yet!


First of all, a few informations on the city.

This is a very particular city for many reasons.

First of all, as I've already said, it's the Capital City of the simnation.

The second very important thing is the fact that this city HAS NOT A MAYOR: it's controlled and governed by a big company that, from here, controls and governs the entire nation.

It's the SHIN.RA CORPORATION, that has its main building in Midgar (a huge skycraper with 100 floors). The president of the company could be considered the mayor, even if people not even know his name (he's just known as President Shinra).

This company was born many many ages ago... at the times of Final Fantasy 7, they owned and controlled the energy of the planet. Next to Midgar there's an area with no houses nor industries, just full of power plants and water pumps that Shin.Ra is managing to connect to the entire nation, shutting down all the other plants in the cities, and controlling this way the entire nation power and water distribution from Midgar (that area is called Sector 7 and will be explored soon in this CJ).

At the time of writing, Balamb Garden and Spira are the two satellite-cities of Midgar. Their mayors are members of the Shin.Ra company too.

However, Spira is mostly a city of commercial and affairs, while Balamb is a most likely a militar city.


The only area in the region that Shin.Ra is not controlling is the "Emerald City" (a very strange place I've talked about at the beginning of the SPIRA CJ... we will see it later). However Shin.Ra is planning to get a base in that city too.

You can see the Shin.Ra Building in the north area of the map, on an elevated plate-area, blessed by fences and a toll allowing only authorized people to access the area. There's also a railway that can enter the area, but not all people are allowed to jump on those trains.


A view of the Shin.Ra building by night


A view of the city from the Shin.Ra building


In next post we'll see how we reach the city by plane coming from Spira.

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  • Original Poster


    From Spira, we took the plane and it's now landing in Midgar, at the main airport of the city, in the north-west corner of the map.

    We can see that there's a big station in front of the airport exit, with a big parking, a bus terminal, and a monorail that probably will connect to the center of the city.

    There are also some small shops under the monorail, and a small residential area.

    Off the plane, we head to the exit of the airport and take one of the small brochure of the city, that contains a map of Midgar, the public transport system and some more informations on the city and its points of interest.

    This time we won't be entertained by the mayor: president Shin.Ra is almost unreacheable. So we need to sit down for a bit and read the map of the city to understand how to move and reach our hotel.


    This is the map of the public transport system, found in the brochure.

    As we can read, it's managed and maintained by Shin.Ra.

    The F.S. company (that we've already met in Spira) is owned by Shin.Ra too, and manages all the railways of the SimNation. (F.S. means Railway of the Simnation in italian slang - Ferrovie della Simnazione).

    From the JUNON AIRPORT we can reach the Monorail by feet and take it heading to the Central Station. We know that our Hotel is on Via Corel 741 (741, Corel Street), in front of the COSMO Subway Stop, so we can take the subway from the Central Station and get off after two stops.


    Here's a closeup pic of the JUNON Station, in front of the AIRPORT


    From here, we enter the Monorail Station and wait for a train. We buy a ticket for 2,5

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    Awesome! 44.gif I especially like the Gold Saucer. Nice way of incorporating that.

    I hear there's a place somewhere in Midgar where I might find a flower girl who sells the most beautiful flowers for only 1 simolean. Where might I find her?


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    Wonderful start! The nuclear reactors look awesome next to the Chrysler Building... (yeah, that does sound wierd to say.) The city looks incredible. Great job! Can't wait for the next update.

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    Originally posted by: Micah

    Wonderful start! The nuclear reactors look awesome next to the Chrysler Building... (yeah, that does sound wierd to say.) The city looks incredible. Great job! Can't wait for the next update.quote>

    Ha! I didn't even notice that! You're right, it is weird to say, but perfectly reasonable in context, isn't it? 3.gif


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    Very interesting....looks like you have a little of every thing when comes to transit...WOW.....I bet you don't have any traffic jams here. Great work.


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    This city is looking great!  Very unique layout and your transportation network is well planned out.  Great work so far, I look forward to seeing more!!  44.gif

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    Very nice ride! I see the surrounding area of the Central Station is full with transportation that could very good be re-developed in the future maybe with some new modern offices etc...?

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    Hey, I like your city! And I like your public transport system. It is the classic star system (one center where the lines come together).

    I just have two questions: You are using Deadwood's nice underrail shops. And it seems it works fine with you. Can you look (and maybe make a screenshots with the traffic ways) if traffic passes them?

    Because whenever I place a 1 tile wide on Rail or el.Train (I don't use Monorail) no more traffic passes there - I had situations when the sims used busses for travelling from one station to the other when I placed Deadwoods Underrail shops or other similiar Lots. I do not believe this is a problem of Deadwoods lot but within my game.

    Second one: Wher dide you get that nice busstation from you plopped in front of Midgar Central station?

    Keep on with your great work!

    Bernhard 44.gif

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  • Original Poster
  • Hello everyone!

    Long time I'm not writing this CJ, 'cause I've been pretty busy with my job last weeks.

    First of all thanks to all people who stopped by and looked and posted in this thread!

    For Nardo69: traffic regularly passes through the underrail shops. However I've got the monorail underrail shops, I've never tried the ones for El-Train so I couldn't tell if that could be a problem of the shops for El-Train. I will try to figure it out 4.gif

    For petriknl: I've followed your suggestions and re-developed the area surrounding the Central Station, by building offices. It looks nicer now, thanks for your opinion that has been very useful to improve that area.

    Pics of the new Central Station area follow:


    As you can see I've changed the bus station with a smaller (and yet nice) one, changed the tram roundabout and rebuilt everything around the area. Close-up pics follow.



    The new tram roundabout close to the depot. It left space for new offices/shops.


    A view of the new bus station in front of the FS.


    A view of the Metro/Subway station next to the bus terminal and in front of the F.S. station. The Jutlander one I used before didn't worked well since it didn't get used by the sims.


    Another look of the area rotated by 180 degrees.

    The characters enclosed in [] are useful to understand what kind of public transports are available at a certain station.

    Fs - Railway - F.S. is the name of the company (owned by Shin.Ra Corporation) that manages the railways of the entire simnation.

    M - Subway / Metroliner

    Mr - Monorail

    T - Tramway

    B - Bus

    P - Public parking

    In the next post I will continue the CJ as it was suspended, with our tour continuing from the Hotel.

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    Interesting way for the GLR terminal loop although I would have used the smaller Morifari station and added the loop right behind it. The advantage would have been a nice plaza next to the station.

    By using the NAM pedestrian tiles you could connect the busstatin to the GLR station

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  • Original Poster


    So we left the CJ taking some rest at the hotel, after our arrival in the city.

    The night has come and it's time to take a little tour of the city by night. In the brochure we took at the airport there are written lots of points of interest for tourists.

    It's written that there's a large area full of clubs and entertainments in the downtown. It's easily reacheable by subway, heading for the Tifa stop.


    Out of our hotel, we enter the subway again. Luckily the subway stop "Cosmo" is just in front of the hotel!

    We have to take the train for Gongaga and get off at Tifa.

    After about 4 minutes the train enters the station, the doors open and we jump aboard. It's about 9:00 P.M. so there's not so much people on the subway. We easily find a sit.

    The train passes through some underground stations. Each time it stops we read the map on the brochure to clearly understand where we're and how many stops remain before we get off.

    We get through the following stations: Cosmo (we took the train here); Mounts Corel; Caith Sith (this is the subway stop to reach the gold saucer, that unfortunately is closed at night.. we'll visit it tomorrow); Wall Market..... then we see some lights.... the subway train leaves the underground tunnel and run on the ground! This is pretty cool because we can see what's around from the car windows!


    After the Wall Market subway station the train comes to the ground.

    As you can see, the train is different from the subway in Spira. It's a more modern train, and more comfortable too. However the monorail was really more technologic, fast, and comfortable.

    In the pic, the train is entering the Eleanor station.

    We're in the suburb here. Later I'll show you some daylight pics of this area, that is really nice, full of small villas. There's also a stadium, a country club and lots of parks. A very nice place to live in.

    Some years ago, there was no subway here. There was a tramway. Then the tram service has been discontinued because was too less people living here and it was not much used. Some years next this area has began to get very populated, and Shin.Ra is planning to build even more houses and offices in this zone.

    Because of this, they connected the subway to the old tramway. This is why the underground light trains run on the ground here.


    "Mideel - Next stop is Don Corneo"

    This is what we hear from the speakers on the train. Yes, we entered the Mideel station. We look out of the car windows and see a lot of nice houses and the country club! I would really like to live in a place like this, surrounded by parks, trees and hopefully with small traffic.


    "Don Corneo - Next stop is Rocket Town"

    The car-doors close. There are all young people on the train.. they're going to enjoy as we are!

    A few meters after the station, the train stops again. We look outside to understand what happens... one of the boys on the train says that there's nothing to worry about, because it's normal that the train slows down a lot in this area and stops at the crossings with the road.

    Yeah, as said before, this was an old tramway, so it crosses the roads and the train must pay HIGH attention in order to avoid crashes with cars running expecially at night!

    Shin.Ra is working hard to solve this problem, that really slows down the entire subway line and the commute time.

    Their idea is to build elevated rails in this area, so that the trains won't have to care about cars.


    "Rocket Town - Next stop is Cid Highwind"

    After the Rocket Town station, the subway crosses also the railway!!! It really goes slow in this part.


    We can't believe how slow the train is going... but look at this pic... after the crossing with the F.S. railway, the train has to cross two more roads!

    Here is where the old tramway ends.

    In fact, after crossing Via Tifa (left of the roundabout) the railway begin to raise and it becomes elevated. The elevated rails have been built at the time of connecting the old tramway with the subway. The connection with the underground was made on the eastern side of the old tramway. Here in the western side, the old tramway has been connected to elevated rails that will bring the subway to the Gongaga terminal station, as shown on the map.


    "Cid Highwind - Next stop is Tifa"

    The train is now running faster on the elevated rails! We're about to get off at the next station. However we can see a lot of pubs and clubs from the car windows, on the left! That's the area we're going to!


    "Tifa - Next stop is Avalanche"

    Time to get off!

    We're in a very moder yet big station!

    In this area Shin.Ra built larger stations, thinking of next future upgrade of the trains (they plan to build and run longer trains so longer benchs).

    In the pic you can see where are we as soon as we exit the station. To reach the clubs we've to go right on Via Avalanche (Avalanche Street) and then right again on Tiny Bronco Street.


    An aerial view of this area - look how many clubs and pubs around here! There's also a big Casin

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  • Original Poster
  • It's 9:40 P.M.. The subway journey took about 40 minutes. It was slowed down by the intersection between rails and roads, as we've seen before.

    Time to eat something, we decide to have a Big Mac menu at the local Mc Donald's!


    It's 10:20 P.M., we left at the Mc Donalds for a while just talking and studying the map a bit more. We left it satisfied by our diner, and decide to go to the Hard Rock Cafe: we read there's a concert by a local rock music band tonight. After the concert, we'll be able to decide whether we prefer the dancefloor or the pub area!

    Around this area we see lots of flyers of the upcoming concert!


    Dark rock live band

    Opening at 10:30 PM - Entrance fee is 15

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  • Original Poster

    This is the suburb around the Eleanor station, where the subway train exits from the underground.


    As you can see it's a very nice area to live in! Many parks, schools, nice houses!

    The subway ensures a quick and affordable connection with the center of the city.

    There's also a nearby connection with the freeway (the freeway network will be examined soon!).


    The area along Via Mideel (Mideel Street)

    In the following pic: the Country Club and the Rocket Town area.


    As you can see there's also a small F.S. Railway Station at Tiny Bronco. It's reacheable by feet or bus from the Don Corneo subway station.



    An aerial view of the area: you can see also a part of the Freeway Network.

    As you can see, north of the freeway there's a tramway.

    This is an example of how my TRAM MOD works!

    In this city I have the VDK Budapest Tram running on the tramway you can see north of the freeway (signs with the T mark) and in the meantime the subway train (skinned with the NSE skin) running on the network south of the freeway.

    Both TRAMS and SUBWAY/EL TRAINS DOES ***NOT*** GET MIXED! They run on their own networks without mixing. No el-train runs on the tramway, while no trams run on the Elevated rails (nor in the part where they're at ground level).

    I'm working on a Tram Mod that would allow to keep trams on a separated network without the needing of disabling the el-train, nor skinning it! This will be possible by making the tram stations acting as subway stations, so it will be possible to have el-trains on a network and trams on another one.

    For more informations on this mod, please visit the GROUND LIGHTRAIL MOD - SUPPORT thread HERE, or check my illustrated readme file at THIS URL.

    I'm currently working in order to publish it on the STEX. I just miss to get the authorization from two people that created some models. I would really like to include everything in one package to make the installation even simpler.

    Should I be unable to get those authorizations (people are not answering to the private messages), I will publish it without some models, making them be requested as dependencies.

    Budapest Tram VDK on its network: (thanks to Vester_DK)


    Trams are available also in U-D-I mode without loosing El-trains!


    El-Train running on its network without interferences by the trams!



    Some other pics of the suburban area!



    Schools are very important here in Midgar! Shin.Ra really wants its citizens to be very cultured.



    In the western area, there's the Gongaga Disctrict full of hi-tech industries that offer very good jobs to the sims!

    It's reacheable by subway (there's the line terminal).




    NEXT POST: we'll tour the center of the city and have some shopping at the Gold Saucer huge mall!

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    I really love your transportation system...You seem to use all the different kinds of transportation!!! Great job!

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    Wow, your CJ's are always so much fun! It would be great if we could see some more wide shots of your cities. Perhaps point out the spots where you do your tours.

    I hope you don't mind, but I stole the whole tour idea from your CJ's and did a monorail tour in my own CJ. It was just too good to pass up.


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  • Original Poster
  • Originally posted by: zelgadis

    Wow, your CJ's are always so much fun! It would be great if we could see some more wide shots of your cities. Perhaps point out the spots where you do your tours.

    I hope you don't mind, but I stole the whole tour idea from your CJ's and did a monorail tour in my own CJ. It was just too good to pass up.


    I'm glad that you liked my tour idea, and would really like to read the one you've written in your CJ! What's the url of it (or your city name)? 4.gif

    Thanks everybody for the comments, more shots soon!

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  • Original Poster
  • Visiting the Gold Saucer huge Mall!

    Finally I've some time to continue writing this CJ!

    Last time we toured Midgar by night, and today it's time to have some shopping at the huge mall that all the Simnation talks about: the GOLD SAUCER!

    In order to find our way to the mall from the hotel, we have to read again the brochure of the city we took at our arrival at the Junon Airport, in order to know the road to the mall and/or the bus line that would bring us there!

    ShinRa Road Map

    ShinRa Midgar Bus Lines

    As we see Midgar is very well-served by bus! The second page reports the path of all the bus lines, by writing just the main streets the buses transit through.

    From our hotel, we can take Bus 111 and get off just in front of the Gold Saucer mall!


    Waiting for the bus....


    Finally Bus 111 arrives to the stop and let us hop aboard.


    Looking outside from the bus we can see the Convention Center on our left.


    Now we can see the mall!


    The bus reaches the stop in front of the mall so we get off. Look how many people are around here!


    An air view of the Gold Saucer Huge Mall!

    More than 1000 different shops are distributed in the 4 buildings of the Gold Saucer, plus games, restaurants, services and offices.

    Many products are made by Shin.Ra Corp.!


    While having a break at one of the many restaurants in the mall, a guy hear us talking about out previous journey in Spira where we met mayor Tidus. So he approach us and asks if we're tourists and if we know mayor Tidus, since he's a close friend of him since the time of high-school!

    He's Theodore McGinty, 39 years old, living at Orange Point apartments in Midgar, and working as CEO at the local Dr. Vu's Headquarter in Midgar. Working for Dr.Vu means working for Shin.Ra. Corporation. In fact he says he has full access to the Shin.Ra area, and since we're friends of Tidus (Mayor of Spira and his childhood friend), he offers to bring us to tour the Shin.Ra restricted area and much more! In fact he says that he can give us a room in the Shin.Ra building for tonight!!!

    We didn't imagine that there could be apartments in the huge building of Shin.Ra. He says that there are 5 floors full of apartments for guests and very important people in the Shin.Ra building. The entire palace has more than 100 floors!

    We leave the Gold Saucer at about 7:00 P.M. It's evening out there.


    Theodore will let us go with him with his car, that he parked at the near "Wall Market" metro/subway station (the parking of the Gold Saucer was full at the time he arrived, and as a Shin.Ra employeer he's got a special permission that allows him to park for free in all the public transport parkings. This is why he left his car in the subway parking).


    Here we are, in Theodore's car, leaving the Wall Market subway station parking.

    Theodore has a very expensive and wonderful car, all black and with a powerful engine.

    It's very comfortable in the inside. There's also a TV screen!


    Driving nearby the Gold Saucer in Theodore's car, heading for the Shin.Ra headquarter...


    Theodore continues going straight ahead along Gold Saucer street.

    We're near the library and under the monorail.


    Approaching RED XXIII SQUARE. On our left there's the university.


    An aerial view of the area.


    Theodore drives through the Cetra Roundabout and turns right there, along Cosmo Canyon Street. It's Midgar's Main Street!


    Important buildings are along Cosmo Canyon Street...




    Hey, we recognize this area! Cosmo Canyon Street ended up back the Midgar Central Station, where we got off the Monorail at our arrival in Midgar!


    The road is now called Nibelheim Street. Theodore drives straight, we pass under the F.S. rails. We can see a yard on our right.


    Red light, we're waiting for the green. Theodore will turn right on ShinRa Street, heading for the summit of the hill. Only authorized personnel is allowed to pass through. If we didn't met him we would never have been able to approach that area!


    We're driving on the ShinRa road! Two police cars are following us. This area is very well guarded.


    Still on the ShinRa road. You can see some more policemen watching around.


    Approaching the toll....


    Approached the toll, two Shin.Ra guards (members of SOLDIER) stop the car.

    They're armed, however they kindly ask for the pass and documents of us (they recognized Theodore but didn't recognize us). They call the headquarters and finally, after about 4 minutes, we get the authorization to pass the toll.


    We can see a train small terminal on our right. Still many policemen around here.


    The entire area is very nice looking!



    Driving in front of the Shin.Ra entrance! Theodore goes a bit more straight ahead to park the car.


    Theodore is parking his car. Being night, there are so many free parkings!


    From the parking, we're going by feet to the ShiRa building entrance. The Shin.Ra logo is printed almost everywhere!

    At the entrance, we've to show the special GUEST pass they've given to us at the toll.

    The SOLDIER that checks for it, says it's all ok for us and that we've been allowed to rest for the night. He gives us also the key of our room for tonight, at floor 30 of the building, room 51.

    We've diner with Theodore and his wife (that we met here, she works at the Shin.Ra building too). Her name is Aeris. It's a very common name here in Midgar because of the FF7 story. She's 32 years old and a very beautiful woman. Theodore is lucky indeed. 4.gif

    After the diner, and tired of the long day, we regard Theodore and thank him for all he did for us today. We'll meet him later in Midgar. We gave him our phone number, and he gave us his one.


    We're in Room 51 at floor 30th, in the back-left corner of the building. This is what we can see looking out the window.

    The room is extremely rich, with any comfort we could desire! Air conditioning, SAT TV, phone, computer with internet (!!!!), refrigerator, bar, flowers, moquette, wonderful bathroom and so many other stuff!

    We'll have some rest.

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