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Im getting depressed

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  • I find Sim City 4 too much difficult... I know I'm a starter (I bought the game one week ago) but I can't get many eveloptment in any city I create. I don't understaind what I'm doing wrong, I aslo get out of cash and I don't want to cheat. In sim city 300 I always made my cities with any problem...
    So I'm asking for some tips for beginers, what did you usually do to make your fist cities get big, clean and developped... For example, did you start to built big or just with small towns?
    Please answer, I'm getting mad28.gif

    Thanks and sorry for the bad english

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    Check the Omnibus (<--- left frame in your browser). Lots of articles there to help you learn how to play the game.
    BTW, you don't have to re-size the pic in your sig. A moderator will eventually delete it.

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    The point is your not alone.Most here have hit a brick wall and some have walked away and others kept trying and trying with many mistakes.

       I have been at this for a long time and boy do I suck.Terraforming is to much a pain and the only way I can keep a balanced budget is to cheat.
       There is a world of information on this site plus a room full of nerds.If you need help just ask nicely and in time someone will help.Gooodluck

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    You start small then go up to bigger and bigger cities.First do not put civic stuctures then expenses go up early in the game. Put residential then commmercial then industrial.

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    Date: 2/18/2006 9:42:39 PM
    Author: coolotter88
    i'm sorry, you have to have dirty industry somewhere.

    This is NOT true. While I-D is the first thing to build on your first city, I-HTs would be easy to get on any subsequent neighbors. I don't like I-D at all, I don't make any in my cities, and they're all doing fine.

    Bluesence, your question is too general. As previously mentioned, read the Omnibus first. The key to SC4 is patience, you cannot expect to master it in a city or two. If you hit stumbling blocks, do a forum search instead of asking a new round of questions. People have been asking the same questions for years; you only need to find them in the forums.

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    Date: 2/18/2006 9:52:02 PM
    Author: BubbaGump
    There should be a manual in the box....
    There is, but it isn't very helpful if you have problems with maintaining a city in good condition. It just explains the basic features of the game.
    As people have said, you need a lot of patience. My first cities were just downright crappy, and I'm still not a master in the real game. But instead, I have found it fun to build nice-looking cities with money 'cheats' (not the best word when speaking of SC4). I've never accomplished a real metropolis, but I still like my towns very much. I have practiced over the years (yes, I said years), and with the nice bunch of tricks that I have, I'm able to create very nice cities, even if they wouldn't function at all without the extensive use of money... ...let's say 'methods'.
    Don't be depressed, you will get better over time. You won't master anything perfectly in a few days. 48.gif
    BTW, I cropped that oversized sig image for you. Here you go:


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    The main problem I had when trying to actually play the game (rather than using it to build beautiful cheat cities) was inpatience - I would stick in massive infrastructure before having the population to support it.

    Sim Cities are like real cities, they take a long time to develop.

    I finally cracked it by using a model of building many little self sustaining villages on a map (which use low cost services )and slowly letting them grow into each other.

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    Hi Bluesence,

    like the others said, it takes time... I mean the sims have tr grow up. At first they are all sick and stupid, but they are young and ready to learn. It takes about 60 or 80 Years to be able to let sims live in skyscrapers. Sims have to get old to earn much money, like in real life. Various old sims can afford various expansive buildings. The young fellows do not.
    First industry makes the money. Later commercial even makes more of it. Just always remember, don't get blamed of the early raising of your income. For example, if you do not need enough energy to use a large powerplant, you can't buy one and lower the money to maintain. The same about water. Keep good neighbours, and sell them what you can't consume yourself. And let the time go by, as said before.
    If you do change cities often, it's need to be said, that selling goods to the neighbours brings more money with every year the deal is hold up. Never set a deal to zero, just to the smallest hights available. That's no cheat, is it?
    Highways are expensive. Use them sparely and late in time.
    As anybody's mayor ever died before?
    See ya

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    BB- Use streets for cheap terraforming on land. Over water, Only God can help you, if you know what I mean 2.gif

    I'm working on a mountain city tutorial which goes through my ideas of how to use streets, roads, civic buildings/power plants, and the bulldozer to terraform land for a lot cheaper than the 'add lumps of dirt' and 'remove lumps of dirt' option.

    The best advice is, don't build something until they demand it. They don't demand water? Don't build it. Don't demand health? don't build it.

    Also, the coverage for your services need not be complete- just enough to satisfy your sims. For the clean, perfect pristine cities it should be, but they come a little later.

    Also, when building cities, I find it is very help to sprawl a lot early on. This means, not building a buttload of zones, but building seperate R districts within the map, and spreading them out, leaving like 9x9 or 8x8 tiles of blank for services.

    This increases commute times, but you can put in roads to help, and also bus stops. Mainly, if you make a ring of R with a ring of C around it, you will keep the sims pacified for a while.

    My first city is a farming city for a new region. I can cram about 1400 people into a small area, but my mayor rating is typically like 2 bars (something like 15 I think?).

    Key facts about the city-

    no water (remember the rule is, you are providing PUBLIC services. So water is still available to your sims, its just well water 2.gif)

    optional dirty industry- spread out

    power only as needed, and power funding is cut until it is around 70% usage to capacity. (This is just my rule of thumb.)

    no health until around 1100- and even the health is
    small-radius low funding- just gets rid of that pesky red message. This is in fact totally optional, but it has the neat effect of spontaneously creating some $$ jobs, which invites a few $$ cits in.

    fire- well, it's okay, but really unneccesary unless you have a fire. Even then, like some folks say, you can just bulldoze the wreckage. It could hurt your mayor rating or fire could spread pretty nasty on farmland.

    optional 'green zone' - will make sure that the desirability for your R$$ is sufficient for them to remain pristine-looking. I read Fargus' desirability for R$$ in the green zone at 60%. Not too bad. The clinic has 0 funding for ambulance, and seemed to get me around 50 ish R$$ folks. (prolly more.) I adjusted its funding to make sure I wasn't wasting dough.

    You could place a park near them to raise desirability (try open grass, paved, or small park.)

    No other amenities- NONE.

    Good thing, wait a month for stuff. Most stuff takes a month to have an effect... this took me a while to figure out. For instance, you build a new school. Often it will auto-fund based somewhat on your population. Note the month, and next month come back and check on it.

    Farms produce wacky/mad water pollution, but most of what is in this city doesn't care.

    Do read the omnibus. But this is what forums are for-- you want to talk to some folks about the issues you are having. Perhaps in the end it will improve the omnibus.

    Here is an image of good 'ol Fargus, for your edi-fi-cation.


    Good idea- build streets here, and look at data views->traffic and find red areas. You can build a small cross of road to make a traffic light, and it will handle the traffic problem probably forever, if this city won't get much bigger.

    Here's my mountain city, created at a larger cost due to terraforming, but also quite profitable...


    They both contain optional I-D, which is zoned in sizes of 1x2 or 2x2, which limits its pollution. 2x2 looks neat, because it creates a full foundry- the foundry building, a shed, and either a yard or burner. Good job yield, pollution is not felt.

    Small farms make slightly more jobs and a lot more cash, but could make it harder for your sims to get to work.

    Hope this gives you some idea of what is possible...

    The next step after these cities is to build a larger city (for me) which might have 20k pop. If i use my 'low density' idea where i spread out, it keeps me from running into impossible problems.

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  • Original Poster
  •     Hi everyone!

    Thanks a lot for all the help, there's nothing better than hear some good experts!2.gif
    I really have to take some time to reed the omnubus29.gif
    I'll try not to give up!
    Thanks again!!
    Thanks for the image, Zeddit48.gif

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    i start with rural and work my way up but i use a money cheat that way i find i can build and destroy what i want without the cash running out ,and yes you need a lot of patience to play this game and once you get the hang of it you wont want to stop its awesome i lost most of my work recently i had to format my pc but i backed up a lot i have to reinstall and start again but i shall enjoy doing it caus i have lots of new ideas good luck and keep trying dont give up its fun trying and learning

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    here is a quick way to a profitable city.

    You need to think about where cities come from. They all origin in some rural village or at a transportation nexus. The nexus can be a main cross of roads or highways, or a port on a seashore.

    Let's take a simple example of a land situation and create a nexus.

    1. Pick a small tile and put a wind power generator in one corner.
    2. Press Z (I-Ag) and do a click and hold next to the wind station. This creates a default size farm.
    3. Press Alt+R (Street) and put streets around the sides of your farm that don't bleed off the tile.
    4. Create two more default farms on the legs of your streets.
    5. Surround these with streets too.
    6. Continue until you have six or seven farms. You may have to wait until you get them generated. If you want to hurry the process a little, put the game in Rhino mode (Not Cheetah: Things move too fast).
    7. Press Q (R Single Occ.) and place some 1 x 2 lots directly on the farmland at a cross street so that you get three short streets of lots.
    8. Press A (Single CS) and place one or two 1 x 2 lots at the cross.
    This should produce a profitable village when construction stops.

    From here, you have many choices. Save this initial village (CTRL+S) as a check point. You can now experiment. If things don't work out, reload the village.

    You don't need other services like water, fire, police or schools until you start zoning for higher density or industrial. Save your pennies until you can afford the Oil power plant for your new industrial subdivision (I needs lots of power).

    Hope this helps. Have fun.

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