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  1. I hope you are well, I miss our chats.

  2. Radioactive Cafe and Restaurant

    Say, what's the half life of the best wine on your list? I want something that will leave an impression for a while the next time I have to wine and dine some clients. And does the dress code require mandatory lead pants?
  3. Desktop.. Everyone has one of these!

    Dual displays, optimal for my line of work/academics (Architecture). Desktop is of Jaffa, Israel, which was part of my Fall 2011 Architecture program studio. Taken with my Nikon D3000, once again. I need to get an app that allows me to have two desktops, or one big one. Don't care much for plugins tho.
  4. Mike Dixon-Kennedy, aka OnlyPlace4 or OP4

    I used to chat with him all the time. All around a great guy, and there are still times when I remember interacting with him. It's always sad when you lose someone you wish you could have gotten to know more. Rest in peace, Mike...
  5. Inappropriate Superbowl Commercial

    She doesn't even look Chinese. She looks more like she's either Vietnamese, Thai, or Cambodian.
  6. The airport lounge

    Are your runways and gates able to handle an A380? Just wonderin'. IAH is supposed to start accepting Lufthansa A380s in August, after some renovations.
  7. Hey, how are ya doing, eh?

  8. The Moose Factory - Virtual Bar and Grill - Version 3

    So, what kind of Hefeweizen do you guys have on tap here, eh? I'll take a liter!
  9. What grade of school are you in?

    Seems we're about on the same path, although you my friend are much farther ahead than me. It's quite the rigorous path academically, isn't it? I've barely just started but I expect the real hard work to hit pretty soon. That's an interesting statistic about the number of graduates who go onto graduate school, but it's not surprising. USF has a mere 45 seats available for their graduate school but every year around double that number of students will compete for it. Very competitive. You don't just slide into the profession of architecture; you have it or you don't. Oh yeah, it's very rigorous, and competitive; why do you think I stopped participating on this website when I got in? There's no free time at all! XD In a 5 year B ARCH program, first and second year in B ARCH are somewhat rigorous, but are nothing compared to say, 3rd 4th and 5th, with 3rd and 4th being described as the most difficult/rigorous years by many (YMMV). Expect many all-nighters, lost sleep, abuse of stimulants (your choice; I do not condone the usage of illegal stimulants!), weight gain and or loss, loss of social life outside of school, etc. Basically, you're going to have to be an absolute devotee to the cause, much like a monk or soldier. Oh, and all your other classes will have to take the back seat of the bus relative to STUDIO. You don't "work" in studio as much as LIVE in it. I've known people who don't leave the studio for several days in a row, especially near finals. There's a bunch of other stuff, but I don't want to frighten you away from architecture; the program itself already does a good job of that! And yes; architecture and archi schools are quite competitive; Rice University, for one, only accepts 30 students per year total, compared to say, 150 or more for typical middle to upper sized B ARCH schools. When it comes to portfolios, some schools are more demanding than others, particularly grad schools. Entry requirements for B ARCH are not as stringent, although some sort of academic portfolio may be helpful (along with other things, such as art, etc). So yeah, best of luck to you, and I hope you're not in for a surprise once the later years roll by! You're either "IT" or OUT!
  10. What grade of school are you in?

    Eleven months from graduating with a B ARCH/Bachelor of Architecture! Going to study abroad for a bit this year, as well. Went to community college for two yrs before attending for my B ARCH. Gonna be a total of 6.5 yrs in school for me once all is said and done. Damn, it's been a long time...lol And then, it isn't over yet. After you get your B ARCH, you have to do the IDP, which involves the internship years, and the actual Architecture Registration Exams, of which there are like 7. Most people with a B ARCH never take the exams to become a registered architect; they just continue on with their careers with the title of "Intern Architect". I do intend to become registered, and perhaps even attend graduate school for an M ARCH. Who knows; we'll have to see what happens over the next few years.
  11. Architecture school has a way of doing this to people.

  12. Yes, it has been a long while.

  13. Been a while, eh?

  14. Sheesh, I remember when this site had like 3,000 members or something like that...when I joined, almost 9 yrs ago! *feels old*
  15. The My Little Pony Association of Simtropolis (MLPA)

    Ok, forget everything I said before. The Seinfeld reference in the new episode alone makes this damn thing worthy.