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  1. Gotham City

    What a plot! Beautiful visuals and excellent dialogue.
  2. Gotham City

    Stunning port area! One ofthe best I've seen.
  3. Gotham City

    What a beautiful update. Touching twist in the end.
  4. Gotham City

    Merry Christmas!
  5. Gotham City

    A stunning building. Not to mention the surroundings! That's city building!
  6. Gotham City

    She-Bat ftw!
  7. Gotham City

    Great snow effects! I'm feeling cold all of a sudden. Excellent winter-themed updates!
  8. Goths to be banned from UK shopping Mall

    Goths buy 70% of the stuff in the mall! This is economic suicide!
  9. Gotham City

    Great story, and snow effects havenever looked better!
  10. Gotham City

    Beautiful update and aweseom SC4 scenes. Cliffhangers for the win!
  11. Gotham City

    Phenomenal dialogue and visuals! The buildings look great--quite a funny update. Just what I'd like to see from the Joker.
  12. Gotham City

    That is expert building matching right thurr!
  13. Gotham City

    Nice to take a break from the city every now and then!
  14. Gotham City

    Another spectacular update. Happy thanksgiving!
  15. Gotham City

    Nice transitioning frmo the gun to the open door with doctor and orderlies! The poems and captions were particularly creepy as well.