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My First SimCity Journal

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Hey all! So if you're interested, here is a previous journal of mine from CitiesXL:  made that in 2010... but yes now onto SimCity...!


City of Bensville

This is the city of Bensville...



The humble beginnings of a small suburb outside a much larger city that provides coal mining and nuclear power...


Bensville will be a cultural, education and commercial centre for the region. As well as the regional time-keeper! (Big Ben hohoho  :rofl: )


The city has a number of wealthy residents. Their streets are lined with fountains and stone statues.

Bensville is a very green city... for now... 



Part Two.


As the city continues to grow - so do the job opportunities. Workers from neighboring cities catch the train or bus to get to the offices.
'Town Square' is a central open space in the city that divides East and West. It will soon house a university for the region's students.
Mister Mayor lives in a giant mansion at the rich-end of town. Down his avenue is the city church.
As traffic begins to increase, the single green avenue that leads from the city entrance to the commercial district is slowly clogging up... some new transport alternatives are in the works!

Part 3


Whilst modern skyscrapers burst into the skyline, the city's Eastern end tries to maintain its heritage roots with low density.
The university is constructed in 'Town Square'. Business and traffic picks up!
The once slow-paced city of Bensville has turned into a bustling metropolis. The West End provides luxury apartments whilst the Eastern end supplies a number of high-wealth office jobs. An old-city in the middle maintains the historical buildings from earlier on.


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Coal mining and nuclear power - what an odd combination! 


The shots look great, I particularly like the one with Big Ben in the foreground at night. 


Like your region choice too - Horizon Archipelago is a personal favourite. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the development!

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    • By Splime

      Hi all, I wanted to share a new project I've been working on, Piedra Verde. The idea is to try and build up a city organically, over time, with some backstory - hopefully this will result in a neat creation with some realism as well. I've started this in the early 90s - early enough that I have plenty of time to grow the area before reaching the present day, but late enough where I can get away with using most of the vehicles and buildings from the game. (Of course, some vehicles will look a bit too modern, and some buildings a bit older, just go ahead and look the other way  )

      Piedra Verde (a.k.a. Green Stone) is a set of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Although it was sighted a few times before the 20th century, there was never any settlement. All anybody knew was rumors about a faint green glow coming from an island in the Pacific. (It turns out that glow is due to rare radioactive ores, but more on that later.) The islands somehow remained unknown until around World War II, and then during the Cold War it was agreed to keep the islands as a mostly secret neutral uninhabited area. Once the Cold War ended, the existence of these islands became more widespread. In the new spirit of international cooperation, an organization was formed to settle this area and investigate the glowing rocks... and profit off of the ores if possible.

      In 1991, the territory of Piedra Verde was born. In the rush to settle it and construct the original facilities, not that many photos exist of its first year. Here you can see the main settlement - a small port, a couple of factories, and some basic housing. They did at least have a nice football/soccer field though.

      Here's a closer look at the port area, including the main fuel depot for the settlement.

      Of course, the main reason for this new territory was the mysterious glowing rock. So far the mining operations haven't actually found much of the glowing stone - the reports of glowing were probably quite exaggerated. There was, however, plenty of coal and iron to dig up, so there was plenty of profit to be made in this new land.

      With all the new hype, the island's infrastructure is being significantly expanded - construction is probably the second biggest industry on the island.
      So that's a little preview of Piedra Verde, in the future the territory will get some actual government organization, and they'll be sure to take plenty of pictures.
    • By Robban040
      Current project:
      Malmö Airport, Sweden (ESMS/MMX)

      (go to the last page of this journal for more screenshots)
      So I decided to start a new project, mainly due to the fact that my last city kept on crashing since the last patch.
      So anyway here it goes!;
      We start on small scale with a small village in a tropical mountainous landscape.

      With such hot climate there quite alot of power demand keeping all those AC's up and running!

      The railyard with the power plant in the background.

      One of the highways going through the area. It aint cheap building those bridges!

    • By HKzOMG
      ~⛥ ~ Private Region ~⛥~
      DLC: Cities of Tomorrow
      Server: North America East 1
      Region Type: Viridian Woods
      Region Name: Fantasia
      Origin ID: HelloKittyZOMG
      Hopefully this region will end up lasting a good while with lots of active players.
       *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
      Region Rules:
      1. If you add me as a friend, don't add me and then bail out on me later.
      2. Please only claim 1-2 Cities. Leave room for other people who would like to join. 
      3. Be active, friendly, and sociable like I am. 
      4. Don't make a City and then abandon it to make another because you messed up. If you mess up just ask for help.
      5. Everyone is welcome to join! let's build a wonderful and fun region!!!
    • By RandyE
      Public Region:  WithoutCoT2
      Started by: Randy22E, on Dec 1, 2017
      Server: North America West 1,  Region Map: Viridian Woods
      This region is a public region for limited use of DLCs and CoT, focusing on using clean energy.  (no sandbox) 
      NOTE:  This is not to mean 'not having CoT' or 'disabling CoT', but using it minimally to enjoy the stock architecture and basics of the game. 
      Consider playing with random disasters disabled, as well you can find a reliable mod on this site that will disable the day/night cycle so you can focus on gameplay. You can enter and view cities from the main menu without having to claim a city. 
      All welcome to join, always! 
    • By zero7
      Elizabeth Falls
      "When is the level going to settle?" - Every conversation in town gets there at some point as it's what everyone wants to know. The contractors are waiting on the architects, the architects are waiting on the town planners, the town planners are waiting on the mayor and the mayor is waiting on his advisers. But no-one knows when the water level is going to settle.
      The assumption is that much of the flood water will clear, the place was named based on that assumption - Elizabeth Falls - but unless this water goes somewhere, there won't be anything worthy of the name.
      So here we are, 500 people living alongside an unpredictable torrent of water - waiting for it to settle. We have a number of things in abundance: water (obviously), ore, timber and hope.  We also have sizeable financial backing from the Zero7 Foundation, which has allowed us to put in services for a city much larger than our present little town. 
      So we wait a lot, and build a little. And hope, always ...
      Welcome to my first Cities Skylines journal. I'm going to try to keep it in the style of the old traditional SC4 storyline journals, with the direction set mainly by the organic growth dictated by game dynamics. I'm new to Cities Skylines (but and old SC4 campaigner) and will be learning about what's achievable in the game as I go along. 
      So far we have power, water, a little industry and a growing population. Google has mapped us, so that makes things feel more real.
      The highway into town needs some attention with Move-It once I open up those tiles. Rail branch to the ore district is a possibility. The 'road to nowhere' currently heading into the water will become a riverside road once I get the water position finalised.
      The mayors advisers are out in the chopper every day surveying the waters, seeing if we've got a final position, but it's still draining away - good in some ways as we'll end up with more land to work with.

      One thing that makes predicting the river bank's final position so hard is that it keeps raining, so just when we think things have settled, the parameters change. It rains a lot ...

      But, on the rare occasions that it does stop raining, we've got quite a nice little town - let's hope we can keep it that way as we grow.

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