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Another "Should I Buy it?"

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Long time player of SimCity game's....


Jumped the boat on buying at launch when a friend literally called and tolled me not to buy, while I was standing in line.... he got it Two days earliyer...


But the wife has been pushing for it as of late, as she is a big fan. I can get some new copies real cheap, but is it worth it yet...??


From what I can tell, they only just added terrain tools and full screen.... Can someone please put the pro's and con's in writing so I can make the right choice, and show her why I've waited.....


After what.... 5 update's, it should be close to being fixed...

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They haven't added terrain tools and full screen has always been there (at least when I play it).


The next major update is set to contain the ability to make under/over passes with the transport network - I THINK this is scheduled for the end of this month - probably to coincide with the Mac release.


I personally haven't played it for a while but I do know they seem to regularly keep updating it/bug fixing though the one thing most people seem to be crying out for is the bigger maps. (I am waiting for the Mac Release as I can't be bothered with having to keep boot camp it).


DRM though some people make a fuss about it doesn't bother me as I always have an internet connection.

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There are a TON of Let's Plays on YouTube - check out some of the newer ones and you will get a sense of the newest version of game play. I think that might help you decide if you want it.


Also waiting for the Mac version here, so no personal experience. Hopefully some other people will be able to weigh in.

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Curvy roads

Overpass/underpass/tunnel (coming in Update 7.0)

Houses of Worship (coming soon after Update 7.0 or around that time)

Great graphics




R, C, and I don't mix well together

DLCs cost ten dollars each

Traffic is a problem (but not as much with Update 7.0 coming around)

Small maps

Great Works don't work

Trading between cities always a problem

Casino and Tourism cities always end up losing a ton of profit, even with thousands of tourists arriving every day


And right now, that's all I can think of. So I would say: wait until 7.0 :) which comes out in a couple weeks.

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If you do buy the game buy it at a store. You are bound to get it a few dollars cheaper than on origin.

Also I wouldn't worry too much about when you buy the game. The updates are going to be continuing for some time, I have heard talk of updates 9 & 10 before 7 is out. What I mean is that with update 7 out at the end of August you will still have plenty to keep you occupied for 2 weeks!

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I also would like to know if I should get this game...

I got it because I enjoy this type of game, and well getting away from WoW at the same time.. lol


In the end only you can decide whether you should get it or not..   As for me I love it and the latest update has made it so much better..

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As I said many times over the past year, it will be disappointing.  The map size is still too small, the forced online connection is still there, there is still no large-scale terraforming, and such.


It would be best to wait for a few more updates.

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