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  1. Starcraft

    Belated but relevant; StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void is out, featuring the Protoss, as well as the conclusion of the StarCraft series.
  2. Civilization VI

    Firaxis will be releasing Civilization VI on October 21. Civilization VI brings back some features from Civ IV and combined it with Civ V. Civilization VI's map looks like those classic maps from the Age of Exploration, aka the Golden Age of Cartography.
  3. Background: A Tale of Two Worlds

    It is great that there would be double buffering. Even mid-end computers nowadays have large amounts of RAM, making this much simpler.
  4. A Music Update From Dane

    It would be interesting if we could get sheet music if Citybounders spend a little extra.
  5. Evolving World

    The Kickstarter failed. It only had 10 backers and €203 out of €250,000 was raised.
  6. Evolving World

    I hope you do well, Nivvdiy. The premise looks very interesting.
  7. Simpsons Tapped out - opinions

    I played it and unistalled it ten minutes after installing it. It gets boring extremely quickly; much of the game involves not doing anything.
  8. Extension of Right-Of-Way Road System

    It would be interesting to have three different mailboxes implemented in-game. The driveway (aka the classic Joroleman curbside mailbox) ones would be located in rural and exurban communities, as well as other small towns located very far from the nearest metropolitan area. SimCity and the Sims only use this kind of mailbox. The super-boxes would be used in some rural or suburban communities (or even urban areas), especially if those communities have a tight budget. Finally, there would be wall-mounted mailboxes that would be primarily used in urban areas, as well as suburban communities that have a door-to-door mail ordinance. Wall-mounted mailboxes can be replaced with a slot on the front door or on the side of the house.
  9. Extension of Right-Of-Way Road System

    The roads in Europe are usually not well-defined, and change depending on many factors including who built the road, who maintains it and in which town it's located. Having a standard street length is more common where there was or is undeveloped space to build them, otherwise there would be a lot of demolition and/or one-way-schemes (not that this ever deterred Bonaparte from building streets all over Paris) It was Haussman who ordered the construction of the boulevards of Paris, not Napoleon himself. Oh, and some places don't have mailboxes on driveways; some have mailboxes bolted next to the front door of a house instead.
  10. Combining my ideas (6 wealth levels, complex economy, growth stages)

    Sports often have advanced statistics as well. Dedicated baseball fans for example enjoy using advanced stats to compare various players; some of the advanced stats include Wins Above Replacement and such. Advanced statistics are used to calculate the odds a team would win a major championship series. Many good general managers are statisticians as well. Those statistics can be implemented in the game to see which person prefers which sport for example.
  11. The Road to Alpha, Week 89 - Theory and Practice

    At first you didn't want it. What changed your mind? I meant to say "out of place" in a good way.
  12. The Road to Alpha, Week 89 - Theory and Practice

    I would like to have AE add in more random nature clips at the end of his future videos, because they are very entertaining.
  13. The Road to Alpha, Week 89 - Theory and Practice

    The squirrel at the end of the video is very out of place.
  14. Ideas- Social Divide, Ilegall Occupation, Tax Evasion

    There can be political alignments as well (though that can be controversial, especially since you play as the mayor).
  15. LucasArts's Afterlife now in gog.com

    Here is a screenshot of Afterlife: